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Description of Job Search by ZipRecruiter

1. Install the ZipRecruiter Job Search app.

2. Tell us about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles

3. Find jobs you like!

4. Apply with just one tap!

ZipRecuiter is the employment app that gives you the best results because it searches for you automatically!

The Zip job board helps you find a good job nearby fast. It learns what kind of employment you're looking for, searches for you, and automatically notifies you when there's a new job that is a good match for you! Other job finder apps make looking for a job hard. Not ZipRecruiter!

If you want to find a good job this employment app will really help you, because it searches automatically across 100s of job boards. "No pain, no gain" has never been less true!

You'll receive notifications about local jobs that are a good match for you. YOU will be the first to know when local jobs become available!

The ZipRecruiter job search app also includes jobs from other employment apps.

And many more. So you don't need to search using other job applications, because ZipRecruiter includes those employment opportunities too.

You can find almost any kind of job in the Zip Jobs app.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:22.0.0 Publish Date:2022-01-25 Developer:ZipRecruiter, Inc.

User Reviews


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Beverly Mary 2020-04-11

Loving, loving, loving this app! I have used this app more in the last month than any others I have, and most of my interviews have been because of them. With the corona virus in full force and millions out of work this is the app that you CANNOT do without!! The ability to apply to not one, but hundreds of jobs all at once, with just a click...well, that is magic indeed. This app is a MUST HAVE!! 👍👍👍👍AAA+++
Alex Tarbox 2020-10-24

The app is worthless in my experience. The only jobs it ever suggests are trucking jobs even though I do not have anything in my profile to suggest I have experience or the license to drive a semi. When I search for a specific job, it shows me jobs completely unrelated. Indeed is considerably better and more user friendly also. Do not use this app if you really want to find a job.
Mike Levy 2019-10-13

Applied for what sounded like a great position using their 1-tap apply feature, only to review the listing on the website and found out that the posting expired over a month ago. Not only did I waste my time, but also that of the recruiter who just received my resume. In the mind of the recruiter, I look like an idiot who can\'t read that a position is closed. If it\'s closed, it should not show up in the app. I tried to reply to an email from \"Phil\" at ZipRecruiter telling me how great a match I was to the position, only to find out that \"Phil\" is just a bot, even though the email doesn\'t disclose that, only when you try to reply. I will not be wasting my time with this company in the future.
A Google user 2019-03-30

Trying to use the app versus the computer login website to upload a profile. I find that there is a large gap and the information does not upload properly. As well as the questions being asked when offered the option of uploading a resume are completely redundant and unsatisfactory. It causes for unnecessary burdens and stress when you\'re trying to maximize your day. When you have to continuously write and rewrite the same information out.
Kizzy Harrison 2019-12-22

Consistently receive relatable new job offers. It\'s one of very few apps that actually save my resume so I don\'t have to retype it everytime I apply for a job. The quick apply for jobs that I\'m interested in is all that and then some! I have to say from my experience this app is very organized. Editing your profile couldn\'t be easier. last but not least I\'m very impressed with the fact that it saves your previous jobs applied for which definitely helps me save time. Thank you ZIP Recruiter.
Beautiful Gift 2019-04-20

I have had this app on my phone for less than a week & already had 2 interviews offered! The one tap apply button is my favorite feature! If you are looking for employment, this app is a great assistant in getting started & actually making progress! So, if you are ready to get out there & find something for you, I would give this app a try; you have nothing to lose & your career to gain! (P.S. I haven\'t been hired yet, but as soon as I am I will post another review as proof of success!🙏🏽💖
Annie Lane 2019-09-24

There aren\'t any filters to use besides one for location so all of the positions that are popping up are from months ago or even a year, and the only way I know this is because I also apply via computer. And there isn\'t any way to see how long the posting has been posted, so you can fill out all of these applications, but it doesn\'t matter because they\'re months old.
Dan Galietto 2019-10-10

I love that this app is customizable and that everyday I get new notification for positions I am interested in. It is like having a plethora of recruiters and headhunters seeking positions for me. The other things I like are: the one-click to apply, confirmation your resume was delivered, the update when you are a good match, another update when the employers have looked at your resume, the update and feedback from the employer (a thumbs up when they like your resume) and ultimately the offers
Adam Welch 2020-01-10

Very happy and excited to have an app that really does work for me. This makes looking for a job or starting new career so easy and puts jobs right in front of you. It\'s so very simple to get the most out of job hunting right where you stand without having to run around looking for a new job or new beginning for your future endeavors. Thank you Phil, and the entire zip recruiter team members for this great app, and individual help with finding the right job for the right person.
Sierra Di Pinto 2020-03-15

A very helpful service with a user friendly interface. However as a Canadian, the inability to change the salary denomination to Canadian dollars and the distance calculator to kilometers, I can\'t give this app a perfect rating. For a service that\'s meant to be used in Canada, it\'s very clear that no thought was put into altering the experience for an international audience, which harms the usability of the service.