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Description of Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter

Johnny Trigger – International Man of Mayhem!

Stylish, deadly and smooth as a billiard ball, Johnny Trigger is a man on a mission in this non-stop platform shooter game where the action never ends.

Do you have what it takes to bring down the underground world of the mafia? “Less talk, more bullets” – that’s Johnny’s motto as he runs, jumps, spins, slides and keeps on shooting till every bad guy’s bitten the dust.

🔥 Trigger warning – Johnny’s on his way! 🔥

⚈ Thousands of levels of murderous mayhem to fight through, each demanding a unique tactical solution and speedy trigger fingers! Johnny never stops moving, so when the bad guys line up in your sights, you’ve got just once chance to get shooting.

⚈ Be careful not to hit hostages, though. After all you’re the hero of this game, not some crazed killer! Should you accidentally end the life of an innocent civilian, it’s back to square one.

⚈ Hit those hard-to-reach scumbags with the power of physics! Trick shots, ricochets, explosions and gravity are all part of Johnny’s crime-fighting arsenal…

⚈ ...along with guns galore! Cause serious havoc with 57 unique weapons to collect – 11 pistols, 12 SMGs, 9 automatic rifles, 10 superguns 🔫 and 4 Ultimate guns with fearsome capabilities guaranteed to give the bad guys a nasty shock. For the completist, there’s also 5 base guns, 3 bundle guns and 3 VIP guns. Basically, a shedload of guns to collect, cherish and slaughter gangsters with.

⚈ On the subject of sheds, collect keys to unlock Johnny’s 10 awesome base rooms and get hammering to turn them into luxurious hideaways. Turns out our action hero’s quite the handyman in his free time.

⚈ Sweet graphics and a banging soundtrack – Johnny’s world would be a great place to chill if it weren’t for all those pesky gangsters lurking round every corner. Just think how nice it’ll be once you’ve massacred every last one of them!

⚈ More than 20 different stylish skins to help Johnny go undercover in the murky underworld of organized crime, and then blast the living hell out of it!

⚈ Boss battles demand all of Johnny’s wits and sharp shooting as you take down the lords of the underworld in a leaping, spinning storm of bullets.

💣 Looking for action? Here’s Johnny! 💣

Dive straight in and get shooting! Johnny Trigger’s short but immensely satisfying levels make it the perfect action game to fill a short break between meetings, lectures or lessons. And if you’ve got a little more time, there’s so much to collect and a new challenge round every corner.

So what are you waiting for? Those bad guys aren’t going to beat themselves, you know.

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More Information Of Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.12.10 Publish Date:2021-11-21 Developer:SayGames Ltd

User Reviews


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Joshua Dunn 2020-07-23

This is a great and thrilling action game with so many attributes to it. Its addicting, fun, has minimum ads, and even has a backstory. I played for 3 hours on end, never getting bored. Also, when you get guns around $10,000, they begin to have really cool kill effects. Very cool game, I highly reccomend this to you. I have no doubt you will also get addicted to this game!
eman el-bedawy 2020-12-24

Ive been playing this game for 3 years and its AWESOME!!!.really good graphics and cool characters and too much weapons!...nvm the skins are also a little bit good and its really hard to tell if i will uninstall this game but i still enjoy it!...actually im at level 555....and i have a problem...that bar that when i finish a level gets more filled...it says that i need to watch an ad to get a new suit...*before* it wasn\'t working and im playing online and it says no ads available...*AFTER* works
DPSFSU 2020-12-22

I would give zero stars if I could. I had played this game since the beginning, paid to get special guns early on, acquire many many different character skins across all levels, all for it to be gone because I upgraded my phone. I still have no ads I paid for but all my cool amazing loot is gone. The guns I grinded for. Every single house and loft. Gone. ***Please get my stuff back! Especially my quad burst plasma guns.*** I don\'t even want to talk about the toxic \"vip\" they\'ve added.
Jayla Holder 2021-01-31

This Game Is Amazing!!! The Game Consists Of Doing Backflips And Shooting And Stuff, The Boss Fights Are Amazing And Its Not Really A Pay To Win Game. Its An Amazing Time Waster, I Spend At Least 30 Minutes Every Time I Open This Game. There Are Almost No Ads At All And You discover More Things As You Go On, Like Who Johnny Trigger Was And Who His Parents Were. Just An Amazing Game... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Matthew Moore 2021-02-21

(Original post 040420). Now in at nearly 1630 levels. They are ALL pretty much the same! Some angles come/go faster/slower than previous but there is not anything new. Most all levels seem to be repeats. As one progresses through missions toward secret, they take more to do it; kill 3 bosses, fire 200 rounds pistol, etc. But STILL nothing new. (edit 18Feb21) Game now nearly unplayable due to advert over advert for SAME game w/no way to back out. And you want me to PAY for VIP?.??
Joseph Kersey 2020-10-14

Not a bad game. There\'s quite a few ads, but that\'s expected from a free game. Gameplay is repetitive but still fun. My issue is with updates. It\'s been months since there has been an update to story mode, hideout, or gun skins. There hasn\'t even been new guns or outfits to unlock in the weekly challenge. It\'s just hammers to unlock, which is pointless when I already have the hideout built completely.
Spencer 2020-10-25

Great for those idle moments at the various jobs I\'ve worked. It\'s a fun twist of a platform runner type of game. The different gun sounds are also quite entertaining. Not to mention hearing \"HEADSHOT\" the way the game does it is satisfying. Wouldn\'t recommend if you\'re looking for something complex, but other than that I enjoy it.
Mike Higgins 2020-12-27

This is a single dimension game. You only control one thing, when the character shoots. It\'s not really that engaging. Add the advertisements and it quickly becomes tiresome. On a side note, game developers should be concerned about ads that are 25 seconds of video then an additional 15-30 seconds of \"demo play\". I get ad revenue games and continue to play them, but I stop playing when I run into one of those.
Jon Dita 2020-10-19

The game is very fun. The ads are reasonably spaced out, about one every 2-3 levels. The gameplay is fun, and you are able to pick how you want to play. The different guns don\'t have that much of an impact on the difficulty, allowing you to pick your favorite gun, regardless of how much damage it says it does, because everyone except the occasional boss goes down in one hit.
Airhead X-Treme 2020-12-04

This game has waaayyyyy too many ads. I would have given it a five until these ridiculously amount of annoying ads would just pop out of my screen out of nowhere. If only there was a zero rating cuz of the ads that keep popping. Also, the game is too fast to think to shoot the enemies. Please, enough with the ads and update this game😡 do not download this, if you think it will be a good game, just delete it. TOO MANY ADS