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Description of join.me - Simple Meetings

Stay connected everywhere with join.me! join.me includes audio and video conferencing by phone or internet (VoIP) so you can see and hear anything in real time… on your time. Share your screen with participants while using audio and video at the same time. You can zoom in and see the details of every discussion - even on your phone. Whether at home, at the airport, in the coffee shop – everyone can join in the conversation with join.me.


Host meetings with a single tap! join.me lets you host audio calls, video calls, and share your screen* and any of your apps. Just one tap starts a scheduled meeting, a spontaneous meeting, or a conference call.


Join a meeting, call, or video conference instantly from anywhere. Just type in the meeting code and you’re on the same page, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.


When you’re ready to share your screen*, start your meeting and tap the screenshare button! Now your attendees can see the screen of your Android phone or tablet. Open Docs, Sheets, Slides, websites, or whatever! Attendees can follow and see everything you do. Want to share the spotlight? Pass the presenter role off to another attendee from your phone or tablet.


Unlimited conference calling. Whether presenting during a meeting or just using join.me audio, there are never any limits or hidden charges. With join.me PRO, take your calls to the next level with a dedicated conference line and local dial in numbers in the US and more than 45 countries.**


• In-meeting chat with all participants at once or individually

• Talk to attendees using VoIP

• Zoom in and out of the shared screen

• See who’s attending

• Meeting lock for extra security

• Schedule meetings right from the app


• Create your own personal link (join.me/yourname)

• Video conferencing for up to 10 participants

• Set your personal, branded background image

• Swap presenters during meetings

• Includes full access to join.me desktop version too

* Screen sharing is supported on Android 5.0 and higher.

** Roaming, data and other applicable operator or carrier charges/fees may apply.


Optimized for Android 4.4 and higher.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-07-10 Developer:LogMeIn, Inc.

User Reviews


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Kyle Ciotti 2020-07-03

Great technology. It needs a little improvement, hence the 4-stars. During group calls there needs to be a \"smart mute\" feature that will auto-mute when you\'re finished talking. And, a \"smart mic alert\" when talking to alert you if your microphone is turned off. You\'d be amazed at how many intelligent people forget to mute their microphones during a roundtable discussion when not talking. Join.me is user friendly even for those who aren\'t tech savvy.
Christian T 2020-03-27

I installed it an hour ago to join a meeting. I\'ve had to stop using it on my computer, as it made my computer crash multiple times. Now I\'m on my phone. It also made my phone crash, but after the first crash I\'ve managed to be in the meeting for ten minutes. JoinMe has absolutely no recommendations from me.
David Pattillo 2020-05-23

DON\'T DO IT!!!! I reluctantly give them one star because we have used join.me for several years in our business - and we WERE very happy (like 5 star happy). However, since COVID, the service has been VERY unreliable. We can use screen share and talk - but the camera feature has been 50/50 available AT BEST. That\'s understandable - but their support has been to continuously deny they have a problem and to blame it on my system. We have tried with my entire team and a client that we referred to join.me. Totally embarrassed - and investigating options now to move providers even though we paid for a year of service. (I have also had to refund the client their annual subscription.)
Royal Nappiness 2020-06-06

Horrible!!! The only reason i gave it. One is because it allowed me to login. It makes my phone overheat, the videos aren\'t always clear, and the chat box isn\'t on the same page as the video. Definitely get Zoom!
Marisa Mahato 2020-04-11

Very choppy for only 10 people within 2 neighbouring cities in the meeting. We wasted more time trying to connect and hear each other than we did on the meeting. Also this isn\'t a very user friendly platform which caused a plethora of problems on its own. I won\'t be using this service again.
Vijay Punde 2020-04-25

Not sure if I will get any reply, because none of the previous comments have been answered by the company. When there is a tough fight from zoom now a days, there should be free version with more features as compared to free version of zoom. Also many times during presentation host might need to annotate something. So annotation features should be provided.
Steve Lipofsky 2018-11-15

I was on a conference call using this service, when I realized that I had to download the app in order to see the visuals. I downloaded while on the call and was able to see everything in real time without any glitches or problems. The app really exceeded all my expectations.
Sir Donald Todd 2020-08-03

This app is not ready for prime time. First it would not take my password for the longest time. Then when I got in I didn\'t find any contacts to invite. So I could not set up my meeting.
Tiffany Branton 2019-04-27

I use this a lot for work, great time saver! it lets me see and talk to clients who live a distance from me, saving time, gas, and kilometers.
SAHIL PREET 2018-11-03

I cant listen to the person voice in meeting. I can see what he is doing, and presenting but just can\'t hear what he is saying. And i cant even call on internet. It says error in the end.