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Description of Jotun ColourDesign

Finding the inspiration for your paint project has never been easier.

Introducing "ColourDesign” from Jotun: the app that allows you to see, experience and find the perfect colour for your space.

Start with browsing through Jotun’s latest colour trends and collections to be inspired. When you’re ready to try on colours, simply upload a photo of your space and experiment with different colours to see what you like.

Every space is different, so being able to see a colour in your own environment will give you a great idea of how it will work for you.

Calculate your rooms dimensions to learn how much paint you’ll need and browse through different options to find the perfect paint that suits your needs.

You can even share your selections with friends and family.

Colour Design lets you save your choices for one-step easy shopping, easily locate the closest Jotun dealer and share your shopping list with them.

Colour Design from Jotun makes finding your perfect colour as simple as a tap of the screen.

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More Information Of Jotun ColourDesign

lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:1.1.9 Publish Date:2021-10-30 Developer:Jotun

User Reviews


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Gary Speed 2018-12-04

YOTUN have a chaotic colour coding system that defies any obvious logic and scrambles hues and colours in a meaningless structure .. absolute horror to compare colors and find harmonies.. unfortunately their Online websites are even worse.. Also very intrusive access requests.. want my contacts.my photos..ability to make calls.. take photos
Safa Alani 2020-04-11

Working well for me , but it\'s shocking that they don\'t keep it updated?? Couldn\'t find the last colours collection 2020 , although it\'s out since months...they should update with latest collections otherwise , it could be a nice marketing way , as well but they are not using it.
Harish Sawant 2018-12-15

I fill very nice experience while working with jotun paints .. All though am an artist am always using jotun paints . In my creative realistic art work.
abdullah quran 2020-08-09

Couldn\'t load the app, tried to uninstall it and reinstall it again multiple times with no lock. It keeps loading non stop. More details: Mobile: pixel XL 3 Software: Android version 10 (latest) Theme: dark theme Internet connection: both wifi and 4g and was connected to internet.
Philip Mason 2019-10-28

A great idea poorly executed. Rarely detects wall edges, doesn\'t factor manual brush strokes in area selection. The \'My Colours\' section is hard to find and it constantly moves away to show other colour libraries. But most importantly the real painting result looks nothing like the impression from the app. Even on virgin white primer every colour is much darker than indicated, making the whole enterprise kind of pointless.
Mamji Sue 2020-05-18

I especially didn\'t like how the colors I selected came out duller or lighter when I was colouring my space. It also hang momentarily and I had a hard time saving my colored space ...was really time consuming waiting for the app to confirm save. The app indeed needs some upgrading .
Kholoud Talaat 2018-04-03

Great app but very limited colours, I\'m looking forward to more colours to be added.. and it would be very useful if you let the user control the color hue and shades
Shaikha Yasser 2020-12-24

I like it because it really helps me find the colors I want it for my house 🏡. and I highly recommend for you to install this app 🥰...
Patrick Myrseth 2020-04-30

The app opened once and now it does not go past the first loading screen.
Aouss Al-Twaijry 2019-01-02

I\'m totally disappointed with Juton, I chose the colors which looked matching on the cards but looked a joke on the walls.