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Description of JoyScore: The Joy Of Self Care

About JoyScore

We believe that everyone deserves a life filled with happiness. That’s why we created JoyScore. We designed this self-care app to measure and improve your mood and overall happiness through personalized activities and exercises that make you feel better in minutes. It’s the perfect app to begin your personal growth journey.

Our activities and exercises are fun, easy, and quick to complete, but more importantly, they work. Our science-backed tool provides the motivation that helps you develop healthy habits that increase joy. Our tools integrate into your life and routine in just a few minutes a day.

Get started by completing the short JoyScore survey to create a personal guide with custom motivation, tips, tools, and fun activities recommended for you. Keep track of your mood with our “mood tracker” and see which activities have the biggest impact on your happiness. The better we get to know you, the more we can inspire you to grow, thrive, and take positive steps toward a life of happiness.

Industry-leading experts in science, movement, and mindfulness created our success and happiness tools and activities. These activities are fun to do at home, don’t require any equipment, and always offer various options customized for your personal growth journey.

Discover what it means to experience true joy and prioritize self-care. JoyScore allows you to tune out anxiety and negative self-talk and focus on creating the life you want. The JoyScore app is here to help you track your progress and keep you motivated on your health and happiness journey. Get the motivation you need to take charge of your life through fun, simple, powerful habits designed for you.

We've built a product that supports your personal growth through mindfulness practices. You can get happier, more at peace, and better able to deal with the hassles that life throws at you.

Joyscore helps you find success through a personalized measure of how joyful you are. It's a real-time metric that gives you a clear picture of where you are today, and the ability to track your progress every day as you work to be happier.

Unlock the power of mindfulness with Joyscore, an easy-to-use app designed to help you manage stress, anxiety, and more. Take pictures of what you see or do throughout your day, track how you feel after each activity, and learn more about your overall well-being. Over time, Joyscore will help you understand what makes you happier and healthier.

Joyscore is also a personalized online activity program that helps you sustain meaningful relationships. By practising the Joyscore method, you are one step closer to sustaining vibrant times in your relationships. Test your Joyscore today.

Our app helps you build satisfying relationships, nurture your body, and build meaningful connections. With Joyscore, you can assess your relationship risk levels with friends, rate your body satisfaction level, and track the number of times you've nurtured or built intimate relationships.

Benefits of using JoyScore:

✔️Feel happier

✔️Reduce anxiety and stress

✔️Sleep better

✔️Improve focus and concentration

✔️Increase motivation

✔️Improve your diet and nutrition

✔️Inspiration through introspection

✔️Improve empathy and mindfulness

✔️Learn the secrets of gratitude and positivity

✔️Become more active

Features include:

✔️Receive your personalized JoyScore for free

✔️Use your JoyScore to track and monitor your mood

✔️Get customized recommendations based on your JoyScore, mood, and current state of happiness

✔️A success-based program based on simple yet impactful habits you can start today

✔️Track your personal growth on your self-care journey.

✔️Healthy eating tips and advice

✔️ Know your mood through facial expressions

✔️ Take a stress test and uplift yourself

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.0.5 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:JoyScore Inc.

User Reviews


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Danjar Boy 2020-09-19

I love an app that respects the users by not badgering them to make in-app purchases. It is such a put-off! Joyscore has nailed the self-care game by grouping all factors (mind, body, and life) in a single place. Not only that, but the app also helps you simultaneously work on all 3 with scientifically chosen activities. The app begins by assigning you a joyscore based on a few responses, and it keeps pushing your joyscore up as you finish the suggested tasks. I think realizing the current statu
Pavlo Zhukov 2020-12-06

Can\'t complete Drawing by pressing Done, when time is out. Also, Fitness with Bobby is done, but not marked as completed. Progress bar was not smooth during playing that audio. Nice idea with app, but bad implementation which increases stress, when something is not working when it should. Also, not all exercise are appropriate for all people. Some have disabilities and can\'t do some of them. Need to be able to exclude some of them and switch to acceptable option.
Ria Sarkar 2020-12-13

I love this app. But I had to reinstall it twice. It suddenly hanged on my phone and then a double layer came, and then I couldn\'t do anything. I tried rebooting, reinstalling and still nothing. I initially saw the app and was loving it but suddenly this happened and there\'s no way I can make this work. Everytime I\'m opening the app a double layer comes and nothing can be done after that. Please fix the bug, I really do want to use this app.
Teresa McMurrin 2020-10-12

Just started out. The very first thing I am asked to do is jumping jacks. I am a disabled senior citizen with severe back and joint problems and you give me JUMPING JACKS??? That brought my joy way, way down right off the bat. Could you tailor your suggestions a bit, maybe give a *choice* of exercises so I could find one I *can* do, instead of starting me off with failure? I\'m feeling much worse now, thanks. Inexcusable.
Indrani Bhattacharjee 2020-09-17

I\'ve just downloaded the app and quite liked it... I\'m happy and satisfied that I can at last keep track of my life and what I am doing and actually channelize them. But the problem with this app is that it is very slow! Slow to open, slow to start a page, slow to do almost everything. Please mend this. Otherwise it\'s an amazing app!
Neva Vidović 2020-09-18

I only just installed this app, but I can see that it\'ll become a big part of my life. Everything I tried for now is free, and there are no ads!! All of the activities/trackers/challenges are EXACTLY what I\'ve been trying to get into the habit of doing! It\'s like they got their ideas straight from my brain! Anyways, thank you for making such an incredible app! ❤ ... spoke too soon, the app won\'t load 😒 😑

It\'s been a week since I started using this app and I truly love the unique features, but I am facing a quite annoying bug here... with \"Mood Tracker\", When I write how I\'m feeling today on the optional text box, sometimes it\'s submits it\'s self when I am not even done writing & without I click submit button which double the same \"mood log\", if I make a mistake in one of my mood logs I can\'t delete it or edit it. I hope you add the edit feature to \"Mood logs\", that would be so helpful <3
Varsha Kariya 2020-08-30

A perfect and a easy to use app. It\'s a first app I came across which focuses on mind,body and life. I can keep track of my activities and progress. It reminds me to complete the activities too. I love its morning motivational quotes.
Sandeep Kumar 2020-07-25

Beautiful UI, easy to use
Anca Aron 2020-08-27

Great activities and graphics, i can track my progress every day and the morning motivational quotes really make the difference.