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Description of JPay

The JPay App is the easiest way to stay connected and support your incarcerated individual.

JPay allows you to quickly send money to a trust account, send and receive Emails, photos, eCards and Videograms.

Purchase a tablet for your contact and fund their media account.


- Create your JPay account

- Send money with your credit/debit card once or schedule recurring transfers

- Purchase stamps for Email, Snap n’ Send® and Videograms

- Send and receive Emails

- Get new Email notifications

- Send emails to multiple recipients

- Prepay for an Email reply or transfer stamps

- Attach and send photos

- Send just a photo with Snap n’ Send

- Send a 30 second Videogram

- Setup a low stamp balance reminder

- Purchase tablet fir your contact

- Fund media account for tablet content

- Add/edit payment options and option to save card for future

- Manage your profile

Service availability varies, not all services available at all facilities

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More Information Of JPay

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:21.6.7 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Jpay Mobile

User Reviews


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Kat A 2021-01-26

Almost a month after my last review, I\'m still unable to log in to the app most of the time. I receive an error message stating, \"Login failed can\'t connect to network server\". This isn\'t a problem caused by my network connection as I\'m able to log in to JPay through the website. It\'s purely a consistent failure of the JPay app. Even when I can log in, I\'m not able to purchase stamps. I also keep receiving new message notifications when I don\'t actually have any unread emails.
Gail H 2020-11-20

I have given you 5 stars BUT that was before your update on 11/16/20!!! I cannot get to service through the icon it just keeps spinning and spinning!!! Someone has made an error in your program. I can however reach my account if I go through Google online. Not as convenient because it is very, very tiny print on my phone. Get those magic programmers working on this. The holidays are here and Santa is watching!!!
Denien Brown 2021-01-03

Suddenly stopped working! My app was working just fine. Did an update and now I can\'t get past the blue screen! I can\'t even get to log in screen, just spins and loads!!! This needs fixed and now! UPDATE:1/2/21. It\'s been 6-7 weeks since I have been able to use the app. There has been NO update in all this time to fix it. My daughter has an iphone and can still use app, but only because she has NOT done the update yet. This is ridiculous!
Daniel James 2020-10-21

Usually works fine, but now I can\'t login. I think it updated, I\'m not positive though about it updating, but usually that\'s the only time it prompts me for my login again. I entered all of my info correctly, and every time it says there is no network connection and my data and wifi are connecting just fine. Every other app that uses a connection works just fine. This is not good when this is my only form of communication with my loved one. Please fix ASAP
Brittany Holland 2021-02-12

I have been using this app for 6-7 years. I have never had issues until recently. A few times my messages get stuck in drafts after I made sure to hit send and then confirm. I also think it would be awesome to add a \'resend\' feature on emails. A lot of times emails dont go through and there is no copy and paste. It would be even better if the incarcerated individual had that same \'resend\' feature as well.
Lauren Hawk 2020-11-17

Ive been kicked out of my account multiple times, but have always been able to sign back in without a problem until now. I know my username/ password are correct, I used the same exact ones that I always have earlier today and was successful. But now, when I tap the \"Log In\" button a red-highlighted message appears at the bottom of my screen saying, \"Error: Login failed, cannot connect to network server. Check your network connection and try again.\" Again, this has never been an issue until now
Tess Rose 2020-11-08

Until recently this app was working great. Now for some reason they decided to change it so you can only purchase more stamps when you run out and now I\'ve been trying to send an email for over a week and this stupid ass app won\'t let me! I just want to send my email but oh no, they just had to change it so you can\'t get your stamps any other way and no matter what I do all I get is \"purchase in progress\" yet it never buys the stamps and it never saves the card! You people need to fix this.
Nermina Harris 2020-10-08

Since the most recent update (10/5/2020) my camera on my app states that it\'s disconnected. The camera is dim. Even with my screen brightness turned all the way up to 100%, it\'s saying the same thing and the pictures turn out dark. This needs to be fixed. I shouldn\'t have to go to my phone camera, take a picture and them go into JPay and send it from my gallery. This is crazy.
deidre barnett 2021-03-01

With this app, I\'m still able to send pictures and videos, buy and transfer stamps, and send and receive emails. It would probably allow me to send money too but I use connect network app. However, after this last upgrade, notifications are not working at all. I have to look all day to see if I received an email, literally all day. There are days I receive an email dated 2 days back. Not sure what\'s happening with that either. Otherwise, it\'s an OK app.
N 2021-01-23

This app always freezees up and kicks me off constantly as well. I have had to uninstall a few times and reinstall just to get logged back in. Also sends very delayed notifications or not at all. Since it is currently the only way to communicate with someone locked up, its better than nothing but they obviously take full advantage of that and don\'t bother to fix any technical bugs since you have to use it.