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Description of Jump Ball Blast

Swipe to shooting give you an unprecedented thrill!

Unlock the cannons and experience the fun of different shooting!

Earn free coins when you leave!

Sitting shooting, standing shooting, lying down shooting, class shooting, sleeping shooting, subway shooting, park shooting, anytime, anywhere, 2 minutes in a game, come on!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Xchange Software Co., Limited

User Reviews


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Brent Krous 2018-11-01

This is not the game it appears to be. The actual objective of this game is: how many ads can you sit through. Game progression is so centered around watching ads, that it is near impossible to progress without them. I would bet a lot of money that this company gets paid by how many ads are watched. Plain and simple they\'re trash.
T-Wrecks 2018-10-08

I love this game and got addicted very quickly. People complain about the ads but without them it\'s hard to upgrade. Turn on airplane mode if that\'s your biggest complaint. My biggest complaint happened today. I was having the best game of my life and the game pretty much ate up all of my memory and crashed. I lost all of my progress including all of my coins. I had well over 1,500,000 points and I know I lost a ton of bonus coins. Other than that I\'m loving this game. Any chance that someone in customer service actually reads this and can help me out here?
Benjamin Sutas 2018-09-26

The gameplay is fun but the game itself is extremely laggy despite the simple on-screen graphics. No attempts at optimisation were made, that is clear. The game over screen is also unnecessarily slow and it takes a long time to restart your game.
Arianna Berube-Saunders 2018-09-13

It\'s good. I find it glitches a lot so your canon gets stuck or the coins get stuck and then you shoot over randomly. But it\'s a good time waister
Samuel Iorga 2018-09-25

Game was great when I started. After an update I wasn\'t able to collect offline money when I came back to play. Doesn\'t matter if I have WiFi enabled or not still can\'t collect offline revenue. Other then that it is a quick fun game to play. Hope the future update fixes the issue.
Don Hutch 2018-10-08

Wish it we\'re more varieties of cannons. Wish u could pick different ammo types. No power ups???? Like so much more can be done it\'s sad but it\'s a good time killer for bout 9mins. I gave 5 stars just to do it like Nike basically
Tony Valentino 2018-10-18

1.Game is simple and addictive 2. Score gone crazy when hit over a million point. 3. Suggest to have top score board. 4. Suggest to have different power or features in different tank. 5. I am not sure is there a limitation to the power yet, if not, it great! 6. Suggest to have dropping awards during game play. Thank you!
Sean Cantrell 2018-11-15

The pacing is awful. Upgrades improve based on a percentage of your tank\'s initial stats, but cost progressively more despite their effectively diminishing returns. When you reach higher levels, the incremental improvements are consequently barely noticeable, but you\'ll have to play for days to get enough good for them. Just poorly designed. Fun for a day, but not worth it after that.
Devon 2018-12-20

It\'s a really addictive game and really fun. There aren\'t too many ads which is a huge plus. The reason for four stars is because I haven\'t been getting my offline earnings for a while now and it has really slowed my progress in the game.
A Google user 2018-11-14

This game started out ok then just got worse it sticks wont move with my finger videos take to long to load then sometimes when it does load and supposed to put me back in the game im in it goes back to the home screen and it opens up apps in my phone all on its own it has major bugs that needs to be looked at if these things can be fixed then ill reconsider playing this game again but untill then it sucks!!!!!