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Jump Drive: Get Away

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Description of Jump Drive: Get Away

Have you ever wanted to feel what it's like to navigate your space ship through falling debris, closing gates, moving laser beams, and lots of other deadly space obstacles? Can you fly through and survive?

✦ Jetpack and shield power ups to boost your run

✦ Gather energy cells to advance

✦ Beat all star zones

✦ Challenge your friends and unlock new ships

Universal App with HD and 4K UHD optimized graphics



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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:No Six Five

User Reviews


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Naiyer Asif 2018-01-14

Jump Drive is a great example of how a game should balance the gameplay with IAPs and ads; they don\'t feel intrusive. You never need to stop or wait to continue playing. Gameplay is short enough to steal between commutes. Hopefully more modes/ships will arrive in future.
Nikos Karytianos 2018-02-01

Nice game plagued by annoying ads. The developers must realize that the time of serving ads like that to consumers is long gone! The controls are disappointing. Many touches missed driving you crazy by unfair loss. More disturbing than of a joy.
Thomas Glebe 2019-03-28

This is my favorite free game on the Google Playstore. I really like almost everything about it. The concept is very simple and the graphics and audio effects and minimalistic music are first rate. Ads are not that many and not that often. My only negative comment is that I would not mind at all paying a little something to eliminate ads all together. But overall a great game. I have it installed on several devices and play every day. Kudos to the developers. A real winner...
Ilan Sherman 2018-01-25

Unique game in which the rewards for the ads are merit based. The better you perform on a round the more gems you get for watching an ad, and you get to choose if you watch the ad or not. Very clever and a lot more fun than the way other games place ads. The game itself is simple yet well designed, challenging but not frustrating, easy controls yet fulfilling play. All around great game.
Vanio Ivanov 2017-12-21

Beautiful, exciting, addictive!
Johnathan Lee 2018-09-03

Jump drive is a foray into space tap action with minimal distractions and a straight forward point. Drive jump and collect. Fun!
A Google user 2018-01-02

This game is really fun and addictive. I really recommend this game!!!!!!
Cntrl Optics 2017-12-23

It has great graphics and controlers it\'s the best game I ever saw
Ahmed Habeila 2018-11-08

This game works against human instinct which is very infuriating, you see 7 tiles coming up, they open one by one but the last one will not so that you hit it, you have to memorise how every tile works to play, it\'s boring and absurd. Not to mention the horrendous amount of ads it shows while playing, to get lives to play the game and even as a currency to buy ships!
neal patton 2018-08-26

It\'s always the games your not looking for and trip over that suprise you the most and Jump Drive is no different ! Such a simple yet challenging game and rather pretty to look at :) thank you for the hours of fun and keep up the good work !