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Description of Jump Us

The answer is, you have to compete for your survival, in a series of minigames, where you have to get the 100 ⭐ points of each game, jump, skate and fly to avoid the obstacles that eliminate you ❌ , if you are agile you will know how to use the power-up obstacles 🔋 blue arrow and green arrow.

No matter where you are, at the edge of the universe in some unexplored world 🌍, if you are ejected from your ship you will have to be ready to float in space and not die.

Even if you are red or green, you will have to float and jump until you find a surface to rest on.

With these minigames you will spend hours of fun, always looking to beat your record.

25 is not enough, 50 you can still do more, 75 don't give up it's just the beginning.

You will reach 100, you decide, play over and over again with the different characters and collect all the coins.

Minigames and scenarios:

🔴 1

Fly over the towers, collect the coins between jump and jump, use the boosting clouds to jump higher "green arrow" or cancel the jump "blue arrow" every time you jump a tower with the X is a point to your record, reach 100 ⭐ points and show that you are the most agile crew member.

🔴 2

Skate 🛹 on the platforms and jump over the obstacles 📦 boxes containing the power-up substance, but be careful, with substance X 🛢 dodge, jumping on it, from one platform to another, show that you are the best skating, using the “arrow” power-ups green” to jump higher or do a double jump and “blue arrow” to cancel the jump, gaining stability, reach 100 ⭐ points and break your record.

🔴 3

Jump from one floor to another frog style 🐸 leveling up in the endless tower, be careful with the drums with the enhancing substances, these can make you jump "green arrow" when you don't want to or cancel your "blue arrow" jump, the floors move from left to right, just jump until you reach the 100th floor and get the 100 points that will show that you are the best.

🔴 4

Jump and collide with the wall, that will make you turn, to collide with the other wall, wait, now the power-up substance comes in a parachute, hit the boxes and they will propel you slightly upwards, if you collide consecutively, you will manage to get high, some boxes have substance X don't let them touch the ground, or they will destroy it and you will fall into the void, touch the walls to get points and increase your global record.

🔴 5

Obstacles now move! We jump waiting for the golden obstacle to come out, hit it and the coins will come to you, plus the surprise cube can give you a camera. The power-ups will help you jump if you hit them, but be careful, the more obstacles jumped, the faster they will have and the X substance can run over you.

🔴 6

An easy task, break the ice with the laser beam, using the spheres with the enhancing substance, be careful with precision, because the laser has substance X and it paints the ice red, contaminating the cuts, add points with each cut and wait for the sign sphere, maybe you will have a lucky surprise.

New photography set 📷

Take a photo and collect the best images of your characters.

Use the camera points to take a self-portrait, DAMN! you already took this photo, try again, until you have all the self-portraits of your characters.


Check the dash of card and you will see interesting geometry, different performances for each actor.



For each level you climb, you will have access to fun colors for each character 🌈

This adventure game of just one touch on the screen to control the character will make you want to play more and more, until you break your record.

Visit our website: darioco.com

Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/D_A_R_I_0


If you want to leave us a comment, send us a message!


we accept suggestions for new characters and new games.

DOWNLOAD NOW! and start this 2022 to master all the minigames. 🚩

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Darioco

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