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Description of Jurassic Monster World

The game is still under active development. We carefully read all your comments and feedback to make sure every new update counts. Thanks for your support!

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS is a mobile game like you've never seen before. Battle metal-plated monster dinos in a post-apocalyptic world! A synchronized 5x5 PvP free-to-play action shooter with different modes! Control beasts on land or in the sky, fully mechanized, augmented or organic: the choice is yours!

Tame and command dozens of blood-thirsty metal hunters ready to destroy anything in their paths to win!


Unique setting!

A harsh new world where only the strongest survive!

Game mechanics variety

Chew through enemies in melee attacks or strike from a distance, sabotage on the sly or hurl headlong into battle!

Tons of different creatures

Metal, organic or augmented: take your pick!

Land and air battles

Sky battle fans rejoice! We've got flying dinos and more. Pick your battleground!

A wealth of weapons

Equip your dino with any weapon you want, from traditional guns to next-gen energy blasters!

The game has 3 main dino types, including:

1. Full Metal – AI machines devoid of any biological tissue and mercy. Specially equipped with an energy shield against weapons from the old world.

Tyrannosaurus is at the top of the metal jungle food chain. He can jump from place to place with super speed and stun several enemies at once. Deadly in melee battles. One false move and the enemy is toast.

2. Organic – Life is evolving in round 2 upon the ruins of the destroyed old world. Now monsters from the Jurassic Era are out to kill, not to live.

Spinosaurus is an insatiable hunter killer. Dino butchers preying on lesser animals, spinosauri can hold their own in melee battle and against enemies with superior strength. Their jumps give them unmatched mobility, and their mighty roar can stun a whole group of enemies, leaving them open to deadly attacks.

3. Augmented – On the border of human and machine, they are the best of both worlds. Human intellect mixed with advanced tech form a deadly combination.

Triceratops – You don't want to get in his way when he's charging. Triceratops are always on the hunt for their next victim. Their razor sharp horns are tough to dodge in melee battle, and these beasts can even restore their own health if they need to.

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS is free to download and play, but some in-game elements are available for purchase. The game requires a stable internet connection. Mobile internet will do, but Wi-Fi is best.

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More Information Of Jurassic Monster World

lable: Action - Games Current Version:0.15.1 Publish Date:2021-10-13 Developer:Azur Interactive Games Limited

User Reviews


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Pacer Harmon 2019-12-13

Still some issues but nothing that takes away from the fun of the game. It\'s like War Robots but alot faster, it may make me stop playing War Robots to be honest. Anyway there are alot of dinosaurs to choose from and weapons as well. The prices in the store are relatively cheap with a few big ticket items for the big spenders. As long as they keep good balance and even match making up the way they have been this game is a keeper.
Vale Stone 2020-10-21

Loving the way things are coming. I know you said it wasn\'t in the works, but the option to pick match modes would still be nice. Lastly, it\'d be super to add friends without needing a special code, or a chat feature that would allow for those to be shared for team building. Thank you so much for the added methods of collecting d crystals. Can\'t wait to see what you do next. Just had the thought of maybe allowing as many items or dinos to be upgraded as the player has riders. Or Engineers?
Angel Rodriguez 2020-11-16

This game is great! I do have a few suggestions for it though. Their should be hiding places like climbable trees for you to sneakily hide in like the true predator you are(unless you are an herbivorous dino). The nametags should disappear during this. Only certain dinos should be able to hide around in these places. Also, the maps should be a bit larger. Another suggestion is their should be an aquatic map where only dinosaurs that can live underwater can battle and choosing gamemode and maps.
Mr Memeboy 2019-04-18

I like the game but I hate the forced ads. Just make an option for us to watch ads and by doing that give us rewards and not forcing us to watch ads that dont give us anything .... its just wasting our time. The only thing for the mean time that will make me delete this game from my phone is the forced ads.
Weasle Mcgnarly 2020-10-23

I\'m curious as to if actual people play this game, or if it\'s all bots. Good game, but the bots just walk in circles. Usually its 5 v 5 but with the bots it takes forever for a match to end, which usually it\'s a person thrown in at the end of the match and they come sweep your game. Gameplay is good, but the shop items are too expensive and it takes a long time to upgrade things. Needs less bots, better matchmaking, and maybe a guild system to find actual people.
Sean Brauer 2019-04-03

What! If you don\'t know, you better ask somebody! awesome graphics, controls take some getting used to but thats every game. Full Metal Monsters, if you love kick ass games, then my friends this is the rpg for you. and of course if your device doesnt have an exceptional video card then sure it will blow. shi**y video card, sh**y game play. awesome, awesome, awesome
Luis Montano 2020-07-17

Good graphics and good gameplay. Really cool concept and awesome arena game. Where they really fail is the controls. Have lost countless matches because the controls alone are terrible. In a MOBA game, that is monumental. Save your money until the BETA is done. Trust, not worth it.
Haider Ali 2019-05-31

(reposting as I Accidentally deleted my old one)I\'m disappointed in myself that I didn\'t find this game sooner. I downloaded it yesterday night and so far I\'m very impressed with the graphics, gameplay and the controls. I\'ve been playing War Robots for nearly 4 years now and this game makes me want to quit War Robots and start playing this instead. Thank you for an amazing game.
M 2020-07-24

Several things make this game sub-par. 1). The controls for moving should be stationary. Also several buttons (zoom) on the bottom right are constantly being pushed because of where they are located, i.e. right where my hand is holding my phone. 2). Matches are too quick, and after every match you return to the \"not owned\" screen, just a way to make you buy things and is very annoying. 3). There is no clan option so it is becoming boring. 4). As usual, the free route is ridiculously hard and
DxNxRdrag0n The dragon lady 2021-01-01

I really love this game. It is really fun. Especially when u can get new Dino\'s with the crystals. I never get tired playing but 1 thing, could you make the dinos have roars to have while your battling? Like being able roar while your battling and could you lower the prices of the robot dinos for the gems? I would really appreciate it if you do, otherwise, great game!!