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Just Money manager, Budget Bills & Expense tracker



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Description of Just Money manager, Budget Bills & Expense tracker

A complete financial solution to track your money, expenses, bank accounts & balances, transactions, cash flows, spending budget, store receipt photos and attachments, bills reminder & payments, recurring transactions / bills and many more.

With integrated Cloud data backup your data including receipt photos & attachments are regularly backed up onto the cloud storage. So you will never lose your data, receipts attached, even when you change your device.

This is a premium version of Just Money App, with all local features enabled. Available in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Thai languages.

Download now to experience the personal accountant and book keeping software that support multiple profiles, meaning you can manage your individual, household and business cash flow with-in this single App, respectively.

[$] All premium App features enabled:

➤ Transfer between different currency accounts, with exchange rate support

➤ Advanced budgets to support Day, Week, Month, Year

➤ Export & email transactions including receipt photos, for expense approval

➤ Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year

➤ Change category for multiple transactions

➤ Period wise comparison reports

➤ Generate PDF reports

➤ Reports filter

➤ Account balance charts and forecast

➤ Comparison charts

➤ Expense and income trends

➤ Custom date range selection

➤ Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year

➤ Restore data & receipts from backup

➤ App security: both PIN and Fingerprint based

➤ Budget planner

➤ Both dark and light theme

➤ Labels

➤ Contacts and contact groups

➤ Configurable start of the week and startup screen

➤ Unlimited profiles / accounts

➤ Built-in contact developer support

➤ Integrated Bills Reminder

- Bills search, list, reports & charts

- Daily reminder Notification for unpaid bills

- Recurring bills

- Link bill payment to a transactions

- Delete all related Recurring Transactions / bills in a single click

➤ Multiple profile support

[+] All features included in free version:

➤ Add expenses and income

➤ Accounts

➤ Fund transfer between accounts

➤ Categories and subcategories

➤ Integrated exchange rate, with different currency transfers

➤ More than 160 currencies supported

➤ Multiple attachments, receipts photos

➤ Transactions list, with running account balance

➤ Search, filter & sort data

➤ Transaction status (void, uncleared, cleared, reconciled)

➤ Barcode scanner integration

➤ Import transactions, CSV file

➤ Calender view & built-in calculator

➤ Daily scheduled auto backup of entire app data

➤ Backup entire app data, including receipts captured

➤ Cloud storage integration to backup App data

What is an profile?

A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.

For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: 'my off licence shop', 'my flower shop', 'all my personal money'.

Permission Required:

- READ / WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: To store backup files, import / export transactions, save receipt photos on your phone files

- CAMERA: To take picture of your receipts / bills

- INTERNET: To check for new updates

What's Next?

* Sync data between multiple devices & web access

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User Reviews


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Justin Hambleton-Jones 2020-07-13

The app seems functional, except for a crucial feature. There needs to be an option to specify a custom accounting period. Currently, I can only find an option to specify a calendar month. Another nice to have would be a dark theme.
Sal Sciacchitano 2020-08-04

Easy to use, quickly post expenses etc. Everything I need to keep track of transactions. I recommend it.
FreeER atubeacct 2021-01-21

Seems great. One suggestion though would be the ability to keep track of non reloadable gift cards. Sure you can create an account for it and just not add money but then you can\'t really archive it after you use it, only delete it and all transactions.
prasanna siva kumar 2020-08-12

It is lagging a bit(while viewing transactions and dashboard) in my OnePlus nord mobile. Please fix the bug. In my old oppo phone It was soo smooth.
Data Book 2020-07-18

Amazing application I love it. It\'s just a request if possible, Note / link column suggest option base on previous data, and last created tax can be searchable
Jomi 2020-12-07

Like that Tally function will come it is very good and wonderful.
Shaukat Jiwani 2020-05-05

Getting better with features and updates
Norma Shaw 2018-05-03

Good app easy to ue
ARUN VIJAYAN 2020-05-04

Thanks a lot for your Quick Response. No doubt you\'re the best Expense Management app available...
Anand Gangoni 2013-06-11

Very cool product Just Money is allowing my financial goals to be set, tracked and met with ease. The account reporting feature is intelligent for a quick glance at total assests, card transactions of mine. It is worth money spent.