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Description of Just Palette

Having trouble choosing the correct color theme for your next application, website, art creation, makeup or whatever you want?

Just Palette is the best color palettes manager app for your lovely device.

Look no further as Just Palette brings you a variety of random colors to choose from. A great tool to have if you are a designer, developer or an artist looking to find out how a great variety of colors combination.

- Generate random palette with one tap

- Lock preferred colors into palette while generate new

- Choose between different algorithms (random, warm tones, cold tones, pastels, etc. ...)

- Save infinite palettes into favorites

Thanks for installing, using and rating Just Palette.

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More Information Of Just Palette

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Guida Pasquale

User Reviews


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Noogie 666 2021-01-15

So far I\'m liking it. Even when you random, you might get really interesting unique color combos. The only thing I wish is that the app have the rearrange color function so that I can set the position the colors I already made where I want it to be. I\'m too lazy to play with the color sliders lol
Virginia S 2021-01-07

The \'clear favourites\' option does not work! I also couldn\'t work out how to generate a palette based on a colour imported from a photo, some instructions would be helpful. Apart from this, great app, beautiful colour schemes. Happy to change my review once the glitch with the clear favourites option is corrected.
john edward mercurio 2020-11-30

love this app! it\'s so useful, especially whenever i\'m creating art projects and assignments that requires creativity. 5 stars!
Sara Brown 2020-11-07

I LOVE this app! I am an artist and I have wanted something like this forever!! Save your favorite color combos, and seitch out colors that you want to change but keep the ones you like. Infinite possibilities... However only one suggestion- please make it possible to do a 6 or 7 color combo? Please and thank you!
Eva 2020-11-26

I love it..! Easy to use . simple but effective and elegant. And also palette size increase..! Thank you 😊
Lorry Kohls 2020-12-20

Fast easy & free color combinations, just what I\'ve needed. Will same a lot of time for my adult coloring hobbie. What\'s not to love, happy to give it 5 *
Nathan Flores 2020-10-27

Hello! I enjoyed the app. The minimalistic design of the application and the palettes were very charming. I hope that you add more features in the future like the ability to add more colors to the palette or the ability to save the palettes as photos. I think a color wheel or something similar will be very beneficial to the app because I find the current way of changing the colors very confusing. Overall it\'s a very useful app that has the potential to be phenomenal if it\'ll be developed more.
erica joi 2020-10-03

It seems like a decent palette app, & it is certainly aesthetically pleasing. But I can\'t figure out how to add hex codes, & the RGB slider doesn\'t even show numerical values, which seems imprecise. This combination of issues is a dealbreaker for me. Sorry 🤷‍♀️
Marina Korotchenko 2020-09-18

Fantastic app! I absolutely love the minimalistic design, \'color lock\' feature and the ability to quickly switch between modes (warm shades/cold shades/monochrome/etc). Random color combinations are just gorgeous. Great for coloring books. Thank you so much!
Lofa Aza 2021-01-04

This is amazing. I\'ve had so much trouble with colouring and I wanted to be an artist(digital) and I love this its so helpful in any way. 5 stars 👍🏾⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐