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Description of Jyve!

Flexibility. Freedom. Income. Jyvers get work done in stores and earn money on their terms.

Jyvers complete work in stores like stocking, shopping online grocery orders and assembling products like bikes and grills.

Use Jyve’s app to find and choose the work that fits your life. Work only when and where you want. Get paid weekly.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.57.1 Publish Date:2022-01-09 Developer:Jyve.com

User Reviews


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Kimpell Richardson 2018-12-18

​This is an amazing app. Jyve is a self employment type job and I love it. I have several other jobs that I do and when I have a date open I will pick a jyve ahead of time to cover for that day, it\'s awesome to supplement for income when your self employed. I make an extra $200-$300 per week and it helps a lot with caught​ing​ up on bills and saving for a home are trips. I see previous comments about the job and the app itself, all companies have issues when they first launch any where and things take time. I started in June when Jyve first launched in the DFW area, it was hard with more workers than jyves, but as the company grew, there is now plenty of jyves you just need to be up in time to claim and assignments by 8am. If your looking for a self employment job Jyve would be great for you. Good thing is also if you happen to get a full-time job, as long as you do a jyve every 30 days, your account stays active, should you every need a job or extra income. No, I am not with the company trying to make this seem better than it is, I am a normal person that enjoys working for myself, when I want to work. Great app and great job, try it before you judge it.
Ms. LeMon 2019-09-09

Horrible experience. So,I wasted four hours of my time for a \"Jyve along\". ( UNPAID ! ) Plus the \"guru\" was late! Support is slow and or non responsive. The app is not working properly, instead of Jyve correcting the issue, they \"deactivate\" me. Also, they should disclose you will have to download additional apps to work your jobs. The market manager Monica is rude and unhelpful - even in cyberspace! This SLACK app they use to communicate- SMH. They are a POOR ---
Makela Sky 2020-12-22

I really love this app. At first, I thought it asked if you need a car since most gig jobs are asking; but then I found out that they didn\'t and that the jobs are just stocking shelves. The more I did it, the more fun and relax I am then I was at my last job. It helps me understand of what we do and the support we get if we are stuck. The people that I work with are great and helping me reaching my goals in life. I hope people like me, that doesn\'t have cars, would appreciate working with us.
Amy Magee 2020-07-10

The newest update with \"finding jyves\" with all dates on one page is a horrible idea. I have to click not once but twice to figure out what day a jyve is on is frustrating. It was so much more convenient to go to the day I want to work and see what\'s available then having to click through what could be 10+ jobs to see if I can work any. Only blessing for me is most of mine are \"just for you\" but there are days I would like to know what\'s out there, so I can pick up more.(Love the \"just for you\")
Alyson Huth 2019-04-28

Hello I have worked with Jyve for a week now and I love the Independence of it no boss standing over you. It is not complicated but it is physical. The one change I would like to see them make is to update the arrival time in the app if your truck is delayed or early. They also need to get better about delivered notification. I have found calling mission control is the best way to know what is going on with the truck.
Em Jay 2020-03-27

Takes a while to get started and the job claiming process needs to be less competitive (it literally is how fast you can spam click a button). Other than that the jobs are pretty reasonable.
Mr. Kelso 2019-04-26

Obsurd you think im going to travel 200 miles to one of your orientations near NYC, then likely for Jyve to tell me most opportunity is in that area as well? I took your online entry webinar and trivia questions all to get to this point...\"please pick one of the 3 dates at one of the locations all over 200 miles away.\" You need to make it known sooner upon application that there arent many if any opportunities in my area. For \"smart\" people its amazing how lazy you are for not showing locales.
Gangshxt_318 2019-03-05

need to actually pay us after we finish jyve. not next week after. the point is to make quick money.
Shar Foster 2019-12-17

This app is good for picking available merchandise jobs for grocery store. This allow you to see what available on the map surrounding areas.
Niccole Aldrich 2020-07-09

Most recent update removed days of the week for claiming jobs. 👎👎 Please put this feature back as it is easier in planning what days you want/are able to work.