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Description of K-Culture Amino

Fans of Korean culture can share their love and passion for K-style, idols, food, language, and more!

-JOIN international fans who appreciate the culture, music, style and artistry of Korean life!

-SHARE your projects, outfits, challenges, collaborations, videos, and photo edits

-FIND friends who also keep up with K-culture and news

-DISCOVER the hottest and newest K-Pop, style tips, tutorials, edits, and more

-PARTICIPATE in quizzes and polls on all things K-Culture!

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More Information Of K-Culture Amino

lable: Social - Apps Current Version:3.4.33514 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Amino Apps

User Reviews


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Nik 2018-10-24

I joined about a month ago and I really like it. I\'m working hard on here everyday, but I wish there was an option to search for certain posts. Whenever I\'m trying to help someone I have to Google a post to send them, which takes quite a while because I can never find the right post
Tolu 2017-07-16

Came from Kennie J.D.\'s video, I love this app, and you should subscribe to her.
jasmine delsol 2019-12-27

It\'s a good app. My only problem is i can\'t really figure it out. I have no idea what I\'m supposed to do. And it doesn\'t have an I\'m depth introductory guide so it\'s a bit confusing.
E L 2017-07-17

I\'m really enjoying this app! If it wasn\'t for Kennie J.D, I would have never found out about it. There\'s some really helpful stuff on here and some very nice people.
Park Y/n 2020-09-07

I like all your app but my only problem is I want a guide to show me how to use it I really really love korean culture thanks for making the app.. I hope you fix my problem
伦玉雄 2020-06-24

I like this game but when I ever talk to then in Korean why they don\'t answer and when I ever open this app only too many ads come and then it\'s just close pls fix ur app anyways I love ❤ this app 👉📱
jd hilly 2017-07-16

Kennie J.D thank you for recommending this app! It\'s so helpful!
A Google user 2018-12-23

Its an AMAZING way to learn korean def recommend!
Toriu Logpond 2020-01-28

This is a very good app..it can help u to learn korea,much better..and improve u..
• PeachyJin • 2019-04-08

its honestly a great app to use,i learned alot from this app.