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Description of Kaleidoscope Lime PRO

It has been almost 200 years since the invention of the kaleidoscope Scottish physicist David Brewster, and he still fascinates the viewer versatility and originality produced with the help of pictures. One can endlessly look at the flames, waves in the ocean and the pictures in a kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope can not only give pleasure to a variety of patterns, but also to assist artists in the creation of designs for fabrics, wallpaper, ceramics, creating ornaments, etc.

The "Kaleidoscope Lime" – a tool for creating paintings in the art kaleidoscope. You can do it even if you do not know how to draw. The picture is created from fragments of the base image that reflected from the virtual mirror, according to the selected optical system, will make a unique image. Just as in the usual kaleidoscope of you probably will not be able to get the same picture a second time, so do not forget to save the results on the SD-card. Perhaps some pictures you want to show on the desktop. Animation mode allows you to unwind and relax while watching a continuously changing picture. In "Kaleidoscope Lime" has a variety of options for creating random base image (styles, palettes, etc.), as well as the possibility of obtaining a basic camera image from the gallery or from additional institutional collections: Collection «PATTERNS»

Version "Kaleidoscope Lime PRO" contains a greater number of optical systems, more palettes in the "Autogeneration", allows you to save pictures in high resolution, and contains no advertising.

Free version "Kaleidoscope Lime PRO".

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:2.13.14 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Sergey Polyakov

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-09-30

It is not saving higher resolution (more detailed) images! It is just making bigger pattern, tiling the same screenshot square, adding more of it around. I can do this myself... And even pro has no vertical-horizontal auto orientation. Very difficult to align squared tiles by fingers. Conclusion: no reason to spend money, better use the free version.
Phylene Amuso 2015-05-20

Mesmerizing, limitless, brilliant! The ultimate in visual engagement, talk about living in the moment. The best part is being able to freeze and record the images (and live in the past) Unlimited possibilities, a great way to create a moving meditation mandala or just space out in a waiting room. Fun fun fun without words and chatter. Love it!
netartifacts 2015-02-20

Great App! 5★★★★★ Great customer service! Also the ability to save on sd card! High resolution images. The only app of this kind on Google Play...
₤εë Castro 2017-06-09

This app has no orientation options or save options. Very difficult to get the zoom right Terrible. less than novelty. I don\'t understand why app programmers make garbage like this. Bring something real to the table.
Katrina Leiter 2016-10-22

A must have for anyone who loves kaleidoscopes and mandalas! This is, hands down, one if the best app purchases I\'ve ever made. All the shape variations, the download sizes, plus the ability to use imported images as a base make this app unparalleled. I\'d love to see a few new shape choices added. Even if they were offered as DLC. Regardless, this program is awesome, as is.
Crystal A Murray 2015-08-21

It doesn\'t take long to decide that you want to go pro on this just to keep the designer in business. Great app, and so fun to create beautiful images from your phone\'s picture gallery. For anyone who loves kaleidoscopes and colorful images, I highly recommend this app. Works perfectly on the Samsung Note 3.
Essy C 2015-04-01

I want this for Windows! 5* app This is the best kaleidoscope app. The free version works fine, I just bought this to support the dev :). I want this for Windows, I want to be able to save my images as dot tiff, and I\'ll cheerfully pay actual money. Use any image, loads of settings to tweak the angle and style, save a high res image on your device or to the SD card. Runs smoothly on my Hudl. Perfect.
Robert Schwendenwein 2016-01-02

My favorite app for relaxing! It rememers me to my childhood. Thank you for your very quick response in order to move your nice collections to the sd-card.
Elizabeth Stevenson 2015-02-17

Beautiful Thumbs up 👍
Todd Hartman 2015-02-10

Best app hands down I\'ve tried all the other apps that presented the most promise & the Pro version of Kaleidoscope Lime wins hands down. Biggest factor for me was saving in the highest resolution, but the ease of loading images from gallery or camera, setting mirror numbers & layouts & saving out my creations really made it a winner. But, one of the best features is the smooth animation that even keeps playing while I\'m changing the source image. Very cool! Maybe we\'ll be able to record and save the animations some day?!?