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Kardia works with the FDA-cleared KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaBand personal EKG devices, which can detect the most common arrhythmias in just 30 seconds. The Kardia app is designed to make managing heart care from home easier than ever, giving you the ability to seamlessly record EKGs, share heart data with your doctor remotely, keep track of your health history, and more.

Capture a medical-grade EKG with your Kardia device anytime, anywhere—no patches, wires, or gels required. Get an immediate result from Kardia's Instant Analysis of normal, possible atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, or tachycardia. For additional analysis, you can choose to send the recording to your physician or to one of our partners for a Clinician Review by a cardiologist (US, Australia only) or cardiac care physiologist (UK, Ireland only).

The Kardia system is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate EKG recordings. Track your heart health data from home with the medical accuracy your doctor can trust.

NOTE: This app requires KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaBand hardware to record an EKG. Get your Kardia device now at alivecor.com.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.22.2-c71f7d2e2 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:AliveCor Inc.

User Reviews


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D Feldman 2021-01-19

Like so many others, I bought the KardiaMobile for the singular purpose of taking my EKG. I do this using the Kardia app twice per day. Simple. Except that it takes 8 clicks to do this: 1-Open program, 2-Record your EKG, 3- Respond to “Did I Take This EKG” (Of course I did, it’s my phone, just like it was yesterday and the day before that!), 4-Email EKG, 5-Do I want to Password protect the EKG (No, just like I didn’t want to yesterday and the day before that!), 6-Share, 7-Click the ✓, 8-Close the program. Every Day, 16 Clicks. Whoever worked on designing this app might want to try using it to get a better feel for what a user might want, and believe, me it isn’t to see how many clicks one can do in a day, it is to take and record an EKG! AliveCor: do better! After a couple of months and at least one update of the App, I figured that I\'d revisit my review: Yep, the App still stinks. Still takes 16 clicks to get 2 readings per day, even after the App update. If you check the reviews, you can see a general pattern emerge: The Device is great and the App is something that the developers should be ashamed of and should fix immediately!
Jim Herron 2020-01-20

Update 1/19/20 customer service is worthless! Paying for premium features and unable to use all of them. Developer says to contact them, but no one there is even close to knowing how to fix the problem after months of communicating with them. Waste of time! Updated review 12/25/19 For the past couple months, the app no longer downloads report in premium version, unless you back up in the timeline and then it\'s spotty at best. I pay for premium and should be able to use the premium features.
Phil Regier 2020-03-28

I like the device I bought, and what it does, but I\'m very peeved that this app refuses to operate the device without running Google\'s location services. In addition to the privacy concerns, and the fact that it is so badly wrong that it incurs notifications for locations I\'ve never been to, location services will overheat a phone, drain its battery, or worse if it ever finds itself in an area with insufficient tracking data points, so I keep it OFF at all times. Except now, apparently, when I\'m taking an EKG, in which case I have to turn it back on, take the measurement, and then turn it back off. Pretty sure Kardia didn\'t have to do this.
Anthony and Orsi 2020-11-29

Device is great, APP is invasive, clunky, irritating, and customer-hostile. Immediately you need to create an account. I don\'t need another \"account\" - do you? BUT, I already spent $140 on the 6L - so NO CHOICE. Annoyance begins with the verification email and quickly gets to \"Hello, welcome to this new spam you never wanted but were FORCED to sign up for...\" emails. I unsubscribed. Now into the APP. It asks for name, height, and date of birth. Makes sense, it\'s for heart monitor recording. Yippee - I can finally use the device! NO. Next the APP COMMANDS me to share my location or I can\'t take a reading with the device I just dropped a $$$ on. I enable location. It asks if I want to share my location ALL THE TIME, or just when running the APP. So they want to use people who PAY the money for this device to collect MORE data and make MORE money. Great. Why not just pay us to use it? Functionality - you can only enter ONE person in it. It won\'t let me enter myself and my wife. NONSENSE. But - behold - there\'s a PREMIUM version of the APP you can pay even more for, and I\'m betting that one includes the ability to save more than one person...say your OTHER family members, perhaps? It is $9.99/month or $99 a year for the upgraded app. Just what we all need, another monthly bill bleeding us dry. This is a customer-hostile/predatory company. The moment a similar device hits the market I will replace the 6L. I\'m keeping it due to it\'s fast, simple functionality. I hate companies which behave like this toward customers.
Selrahc Dad 2020-10-26

Additional Edit: Once again they have \"improved\" this app by making it impossible to save the results with one step. Formerly, you could just hit EMAIL and direct it to (in my case) a DropBox folder. Now you have to download the PDF and from your PDF viewer save it to (again in my case) DropBox. At least they removed the annoying Asian Font and the files are back to a manageable size, again. Thanks for that, at least, AliveCor. EDIT: Unnecessary addition of Asian Fonts to all PDFs problem solved, for the most part. If you Save As Optimized PDF, you can reduce a 1 lead file from 2500 KB to about 280 KB. It isn\'t as good as it used to be at 60 KB, but it is still a vast improvement over what we have been struggling with. A better option would be to allow us to opt out of this \"feature\", but that isn\'t happening soon. I own and use the 6L version of the device. This device and app take a pretty good EKG when used correctly. For me, I need to have some electrode gel on the pads to get a clear reading, but I have some fairly substantial calluses on my fingers, so I don\'t hold that against the device. Although it only claims to detect atrial fibrillation, it also correctly detected tachycardia the one time I checked what seemed like a fast heartbeat. Taking an EKG during an episode is very desirable to have your doctor know exactly what is going on. It was easy to set up and sending the results to a folder in DropBox is a snap. Sending the EKG directly to my doctor was not an option due to the Hippa (?) laws, but I was able to send a link to the folder on DropBox that they could access quite easily, along with an entire slew of previous readings for reference. I hope that they are working on getting clearance to detect other things as they become proven to be effective. So far, only the first line of the 6 line EKG seems to be used by the device, but the other 5 lines are there and must have some info, too. I would recommend this app and device for the peace of mind alone, if you have unusual feelings from your heart. Additional info from July, 2020: After using this device for over half a year, I still like it. It is fairly easy to use, but sometimes I need to add gel to get a good reading. There are a couple of things I\'d like to see added to the software. When I have an unusual reading, I\'d like to be able to have that included in the file name, if possible. Perhaps have it end with a \"T\" for tachycardia or \"U\" for unclassified. Also, as mentioned above, sometimes I have to use electrode gel and sometimes I don\'t. If it were possible to set up 3 or 4 custom, but ready-to-go notes to add to the comments without having to use the phone\'s keypad (hard for us older folks), that would also be nice. I\'d do something like gel or no gel, personally. Still love the app, though.
LEE TURNER 2020-09-12

This has been a fantastically useful device. But the August \"update\" wrecked it. Its worthless. I wont even discuss the inferior UI. The only good thing is that customer service is responsive. They say an update is coming to fix it. Still waiting. I give it 2 more days then I\'m throwing it in the trash and buying a different brand that works. UPDATE 9-11-2020: Installed the update, and the device works again, so I\'ve changed my rating to 4. Deducted 1 star for not fully testing the software.
Danny Chapman 2020-10-25

Device is good. App does its job but in a really awkward way (latest version is even worse). So many clicks to do the basic action of record/view/add notes. Also it is constantly nagging me to subscribe. I don\'t want to or need to (and have paid for the device) - nagging like this makes the experience worse than it should/could be.
David 2020-11-11

(Must read) Really great device, the app is not so good it needs improvement! The device itself rocks! however the app makes you go through three different screens to get a measurement. 3 different screens when you are checking your regular heartbeat is too many possibly very dangerous if you are checking to see if you having real heart issues and should be calling an ambulance. Why can\'t there just be one button to push so you could check your heart rate, or at least make it an option?
JC Cantrell 2020-04-03

Have had this for several years. Have been thru several SW upgrades. Sometimes it is twitchy but most times is right on. Very happy with the device and software. Good to show the cardiologist after an episode. Would buy again if I didn\'t have it. It appears that whenever the software is updated, it get real twitchy and becomes unusable. I contact support and get the same script: replace the battery, download the latest version and then, buy a new device at our special discount. Then, it\'s fixed.
Josh Miller 2019-02-14

This is a great tool to monitor your heart rhythms and pulse. In my experience I had an arrhythmia that was difficult to catch, even on monitors provided by medical facilities. This actually caught it and I was able to email it right to my doctor. Anytime I feel something off, or just want to be proactive and check my heart, this tool will do that quickly, effectively, and accurately. It\'s affordable too. I can\'t say enough great things about this, and I\'d love to be a sales rep even.