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Description of Karmic Astrology

Most easy and Accurate access to your Future predictions, Horoscope, and the Path to your Destiny.

Karmic Astrology is an application based on the basic principles of the Vedas, Karma, Astrology and Spirituality where you can get your own personalized reading and predictions from our team of Truth seekers, Gurus and Spiritualists. Such readings are based on your unique birth chart and help to not only address your current troubles and hindrances but also in you becoming a better version of yourself as well.

We at Karmic Astrology seek to extend such authentic readings and to spread the Karmic energy, so that, we can guide people on how to move forward in their journey of life and attain their destiny. This is where Karma Meets Destiny!


--Detailed Love compatibility and Synastry comparisons using the extant Vedic Astrology.

--Get yourself a Tailored made and personalized reading addressing your core issues and queries. Know the best time for your opportunities to come and be warned of the critical time of caution to evade the negatives.

--Spiritual guidance for a deeper exploration within yourself. Our experienced Spiritualist shall help you answer the esoteric questions about life, and help you remain in harmony with mind, to being about the soulfulness in you.

--Timely Daily and Weekly Horoscopes for your needs. Based on your birth chart you shall be given viable horoscopes for either your daily, weekly and monthly sessions.

--Predictions are narrowed down using Dashas, Sub-charts, to the minutest Naxatra level.

--Know about your transits ahead of time. They shall help you plan for events accordingly.

--Periodic Astrology newsletters. Learn and Apply Astrology as you desire.

--Vedic and Spiritual techniques. They will help bring out the best version of you in our personal and professional life.

--Mind and Chakra Healings. Ancient Vedic methods to help synchronize your mind and body.

How to get started? Begin with a Karmic Touch:

i) Enter your birth details to create your Profile

ii) Ask your FIRST question for FREE

iii) A Guru makes a Detailed Reading

iv) Receive your Tailored Prediction for FREE

How does Karmic Astrology relate to me?

Karma is a universal force keeping checks and balances on our lives. If Karma relates to you, Karmic Astrology relates to you!

You can find this correlation within your:

Love life

• When am I going to meet my partner?

• Is my current partner the one?

• What can I do to make my love life better?


• When am I going to get a job?

• Which career is best for me?

• What is the best time to ask for a raise?


• How can I become aware of my own self?

• I have a good career, family, finances, but I always feel that something is missing. Why?

• I am a chronic procrastinator. It is affecting my life. What should I do?


• Is this the right time to embark on my spiritual journey?

• How deeply am I connected with my heart?

• What is my Karmic Predicament?

Why Karmic Astrology?

Karmic Astrology provides you the most comprehensive analysis taking into account your transits, personality, cognitive abilities, proclivities and temperament. Karmic Astrology follows the ancient but relevant, esoteric but genuine, traditions of the Vedas, Yogas, Shrutis, and Smritis. Our Gurus and Swamis have honed in their skills through dint of meditation and Yogic practices. Our mission is to enable people to come to terms within their self first, then their Karmic Universe. Allow us to be your boat in the Karmic Voyage!

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More Information Of Karmic Astrology

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User Reviews


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Nikita Gaur 2021-01-06

Just came to know about this app last week and i am absolutely amazed with their answers. Unlike a lot of other apps, they help gain better insights about the situation you are in. I have keen interest in astrology and they have piqued my interest immensely. Just one thing, they should nncrease the word limit of questions. Nevertheless, 5 stars.
Jurissa Sainju 2020-11-21

It was a surreal experience as I put them to the test first if they were legit. And they got it right and explained with much clarity. I would suggest this app for those seeking answers and not just pleasing sweet talks. Definitely using it further for guidance.
Vít Štefan 2021-02-26

This app looks very promising. However I would prefer not to fill my info at the start, but sometimes later. But the app feels good and intuitive.
Eco Commerce 2021-02-02

I love this. I read this daily for my astrology, I like reading it as a guide for some aspects in life, nice one. You could improve the layout even more.
Maxime Baracco 2021-02-23

Wow ok yes that\'s something. It\'s not great that registration is mandatory, even if they need these details for the calculations they should give an option \"as a guest\" or \"using an OAuth provider\". It\'s still a good app if you\'re looking for astrological informations 👍
ABDUL AHAD Dar 2020-11-28

Excellent & in-depth analysis. Very nice app. Predicted it very accurately. Will consider it for further analysis. Excellent job done by astrologer!!!! Seems very educated
Aleksa Djordjevic 2020-12-27

I was never optimistic about this type of app, but I was amazed how accurate and real this is, wonderful. Also very easy to easy and great design.
arya sainju 2020-11-18

Very insightful and friendly as well. Their advice sounded genuine and it looked like they knew what they were talking about. Bravo.
Sanjay Shrestha 2020-11-24

It helped me better understand the planetary factors and positions which were true. The language used was easy to understand and I could relate with most things from the predictions and loved the suggestions. Truly fantastic.
Apollo Campbell 2020-12-05

The readings are in-depth. I used to purchase readings on etsy and I will be using this app now for transit and natal chart predictions. Thank you Karmic Astrology team!