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Description of Kelle

Meet Kelle, your Keller Williams personal assistant. Kelle is the first AI partner who knows all about real estate and YOUR business. Manage your database, find info quickly, track your goals, check your schedule, and grow your referral network – anytime, anywhere.

Kelle simplifies your life, helps you run your business, and doesn’t take vacations.

With Kelle, you can easily:

- Get questions answered (e.g. “What is CGI?”)

- Find and follow an associate on KWConnect (e.g. “Find agent John Davis”)

- Discover new content on KWConnect (e.g. “Show me new videos added to Connect this week”)

- Watch the latest Red Report (e.g. “Show me the latest Red Report”)

- Manage your agent-to-agent referrals and grow your network (e.g. “Show me the status of my referrals”)

- Check your progress against your CGI goals (e.g. “How close am I to reaching my CGI goals?”)

- Manage your database and nurture efforts (e.g. “Add John Smith to my database”, “Add a quick note for John Smith”, “Show me contacts not contacted in the last 3 months”)

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI)

User Reviews


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Dallas Realtor 2019-03-10

Button choices don\'t route where they are supposed to. Clicked on my GCI ytd button and it took me to a referrals tab. Got a referral network request and clicked the check box to confirm acceptance and it just went away. The other agent asked a question about one of my primary areas and I couldn\'t answer because all record of their request is gone. it doesn\'t show in notifications, etc. Very frustrating. Suggest stop adding new features until the current ones are fixed. No value if not reliable.
Osvaldo Beltran Real Estate 2018-06-02

For everyone complaining, this app is in LABS. Currently being improved, so beta stage, if your not looking to continue trying it and breaking app, dont download it, currently it\'s a work in progress.
Diallo Stevens 2020-10-29

Crashes a LOT and doesn\'t respond to input properly. It\'s very hit or miss.
patrick hawkins 2020-07-02

I don\'t want to give this a 1 star. I have a Galaxy s9 and the app is very slow and integrates with Command very poorly. This app is supposed to be intuitive and make our lives as agents better. It\'s faster to not use it and find a place to pull out the lap top. When will these things be corrected?
Niko Apostal 2019-06-21

The ongoing improvements to this platform have been so quick and so robust it truly is impressive.
Beatrice Doose 2019-09-28

Kelle is becoming more intuitive! Great Information Hub for Keller Williams Agent!!!
Frank Godfrey 2019-01-31

KW Realtor in Labs - app is being updated at a high rate and currently providing my favorite. Knowing my profit share and market snaps. Can\'t wait to see what\'s next.
Sam Palser 2020-05-22

Notifications are inconsistent and there is limited ability to sync with Command and consumer app. Slow to load the information it will provide and sometimes will not load anything at all. Kelle needs many updates before it will be consistently useful to agents. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved as KW is usually a leader in technology.
Kristina Farrell 2019-06-05

Right now, I do not like it! I have tried for days to access on my phone. It will not accept my username and password, keeps asking for fingerprint to log in. I have tried every finger on my hand and none work! Uninstalled and re-installed - still the same. Tried to get tech help, no one answers my requests. Very frustrated. I may have to divorce Kelle.
Nathan Robinson 2018-05-08

Great app! Automates a lot of tasks agents do on a day to day basis and provides an easy interface to do those things! Also gives me additional insights and functionality that aren\'t available via other apps. It\'s a good, central, location for many of the things agents do on a day to day basis.