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Description of Kemono Mahjong

No mere tile-matching solitaire game, this is a full implementation of Japanese Mahjong. A fun, strategic variant of the classic Chinese 4-player game!


* Real (4-player) mahjong! (you vs. 3 CPU opponents - or play online!)

* Japanese/Riichi style following European Mahjong Association (EMA) rules

* Unique layout designed for mobile devices

* Beautiful, easy-to-read tiles (with traditional and simplified tile sets)

* Colourful cast of characters

* Beautiful music

* Multiple languages! (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Thai, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese)

* Tutorials and in-game help, ideal for new players!

* No ads!

Online Terms of Service: http://cyberdog.ca/kemono-mahjong/terms-of-service/

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.15.03 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:CyberDog Software

User Reviews


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Sandro Massarani 2020-10-16

Very good app to learn and play. Well worth the price.
Mary Duncan 2018-11-14

An amazing app for beginners(like me), and one of the very few Riichi games in the store in English. Despite lacking a speedup option and being a battery hog, this is a great one!
Mark Okabe 2019-01-12

Hello from Final Fantasy 14! Thanks for developing this game and the tutorial option. There are so many rules and situations a player can get into. So providing a comprehensive tutorial, walking a player through the rules and having explanations for Furiten, dora and riichi all help. And these AI players are as cunning as some of the people I\'ve played against since Doman Mahjong went live in game. Keep up the great work!
A M 2019-04-16

Buff lizards are also nice.
Bianca Armbrister 2020-02-19

I really like this game and the characters. For people just getting into the game, it\'s a nice way to start learning.
Robby Sim 2020-03-13

Linear format needs a bit to get used to, would be nice to see a traditional square mahjong table layout while playing. Also would be nice to have other style of mahjong (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore) to play. Otherwise, great app that is able to fill short amount of time.
Riley Lungmus 2020-03-22

Fantastic for learning Japanese mahjong. Which as a longtime player of the Tianjin and Shanghai variants, is very foreign to me. But I love it and I love the animal people characters and the really concise UI. Edit: actually I do have a suggestion. You ought to add a tutorial for \"mahjong strategy 101,\" and talk about the basics of defensive play.
Zizi Bacchus 2019-04-23

Great game with really good tutorials. Was able to quickly adapt my knowledge of the Chinese style of play and felt comfortable after going through some of the tutorials and a full game. Well done. Plays well on my Galaxy Tab A from a few years ago.
Mikhail Bukhonko 2019-07-14

Kemono Mahjong is excellent for learning Riichi mahjong. it doesn\'t help you out much, so you mostly learn by experience. The AI is pretty good and diverse in playstyles. The stats are useful, too. The game has run flawlessly since I got it in 2018. No crashes or bugs as far as I can tell. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Kori Smith 2019-01-29

I love this game! Very good at teaching (taught me in more or less three mstches). My only gripe is the AI which I quickly found myself outmatching. I would suggest they handle honour tiles a little more carefully, particularly Dora tiles which have been fairly easy to consistently gather up.