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Kick the Buddy

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Description of Kick the Buddy

Kick buddy arrives on Google Play

Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don't even think about stopping. You now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even a nuclear bomb!

We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than just a relaxing game it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactive action game. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxing game where you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's a fun game to play when bored.

Do you want to beat the boss, or maybe slap and bash the ragdoll?

Want to smash all around you in this destroying game?

Want more kicks?

Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to chill out at some point in stress games like ours.

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More Information Of Kick the Buddy

lable: Action - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-12-26 Developer:Playgendary

User Reviews


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Philip Jenkinson 2020-10-20

This game is full of potential, though it has some issues, some big some small. Here they are: 1.too many ads. This is the worst problem with the game by far. Yes, they are personalised, but there are too many of them, ranging around 1 per 20-30 seconds and at the end of killing buddy. 2. Glitches. Sometimes there is a possibility that you cannot load into the game and it stays at a certain amount for a long time if not, permanently. 3.Slow Progression. 4.Gets boring over time(1hr). 5/10
Flare 2020-12-23

Awesome. I enjoy being able to kick the hell out of buddy. Although, they could add a sandbox version. Also, WAY. TOO. MUCH. ADS. I tap something, ads. I grab a weapon, ads. I kill buddy, ads. I play for more than 30 seconds, guess what, ads. Every SINGLE person who has commented, has said about the ads. I play and it\'s jammed down my throat. Way too many ads. I am so bored of ads. Now let\'s see how many ads I have to watch to even look at the game... It\'s in the millions. LESS ADS PLS!!!!!!!
Crazy Games 101 2020-11-10

Generally, this game is really fun. Buuuut, there\'s just too much ads that fill up the game. Like I would kill buddy but then have to watch a 30 second ad. Idk about the graphics. I guess it\'s ok just like the gameplay. Also, when I\'m in the middle of torturing buddy, an ad just pops up and I have to wait half a minute. One more complain is one of the ads when I have to watch the entire thing and it just shows a minigame. When I play the first level, it baits me into playing the next one.
Oscar Kasiewicz 2020-12-02

It\'s a fun game but every 2 minutes it makes me watch an ad or gives me a gift were I have to watch an ad to get it and I can\'t skip it or just not take the gift. Just let me enjoy the game for 5 minutes without an ad being jammed down my throat. Other than the ads, it is a pretty fun game. I like alot of the weapons but some of them need to be paid for or you have to watch ads aswell. I feel like you need to watch ads for everything in this game. If the ads are fixed I\'d probably give 4 stars.
gam er 2020-12-24

Full of ads, as expected. I had fun until I had to watch an ad every minute or so. I don\'t mind ads that much, but please knock it down a bit. So why 2 stars? I enjoyed the game in the first few minutes and the variety of ways you can torture the buddy is fun, it\'s just annoying since some of the best items are locked behind a paywall of some sorts. Fun game, but little to no play time, since ads take up most of the time. You also have to pay to have dumb things like blood..? lol
Jason Wallin 2020-10-08

Fun to play but way too many ads, even after you buy the \"remove ads\" package. And the VIP package is way too expensive. I could see spending that or even a little more for a month renewal, not a week. Other than that it\'s a sadistic little time killer. Cool concept. Edit-stars have dropped, broke down and paid for the diamond membership, which would be good, except now I can\'t watch any videos at al. So the items you can get by watching videos and the free gold you can get won\'t work at all.
Nik Pucko 2021-02-11

It\'s a great game but the problem is that there are WAY too many ads. Every time I kill buddy there is an AD! But otherwise it is great! You have got so much weapons to choose from, and most don\'t even cost so much. And I love the Power of gods section, and I really recommend this game. Just can you please add acid rain to the Power of gods section? That would be great. But anyway, thanks for the great game!
Grim Nightstar 2020-11-14

Really an amazing game, incredibly fun even, but all the ads, they just kill the whole thing, I don\'t think I have ever seen a mobile game with as many ads as this one, please, please calm down with the ads, or atleast make it so you can buy things without needing to be connected to the internet, please, the ads are ruining an amazing game
Ariadna Coca 2021-02-25

I used to play this game when it first came out and it\'s not the same as it used to be. TOO MANY ADS. And even when you pay to remove ads, to get half of the weapons and stuff you need to watch between 5-20 ads to unlock them. I want a refund cause paying money to \"remove ads\" was misleading. Watching all these ads ruin the fun and relaxation this game is supposed to give. Honestly gives me anxiety
Ochi Salat 2021-02-18

I love this game😁 I played since I was 7 years old but my MASSIVE problem is there is too many ads I\'m talking long unskippable annoying Ads and the price of removing ads are too expensive!!, I don\'t have much money because of the pandemic. I recommend to lower the price a little bit, anyway this game is awesome 😄😀I love it!!.