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Description of Kick the Prince: Princess Rush

Princess Rush, the immensely popular game enjoyed by a million users, returns with an exciting new look in a new season!

The Princess is still out for revenge, looking to capture the flirtatious Prince Charming - and we need your help!

Stay tuned for continuous updates and additions!

# Blow away your stress as the chase continues #

Do princess fairy tales really end with a “happily ever after”? Turns out, our Prince Charming in all the tales are actually the same guy - playing games and cheating on all the princesses. Our story begins as we chase him down for revenge - with our weapon of attack, the squeaky hammer.

# Ready for some real action! #

Tired of games where all you do is run? How about a whack on the Prince with that squeaky hammer to blow away some stress?

# Will you finish all the Quests? #

Complete each quest to capture the Prince and some gold! Let’s get started and kick the Prince!

# Various skins and mounts #

A variety of skins for princess Snow White, such as Robin Hood, Angel, Cute devil, Equestrian uniform, Sheep pajama, Cat Princess, Hanbok, Santa Claus!

A variety of skins for princess Sleeping Beauty, such as Halloween, Pajama, Cook, Santa Claus!

A variety of mounts, such as Chicky, Ragdoll, Cloudy, Death, Unicorn, Dolring, Bald Eagle, Yangban Tiger, Manekineko, Bamboo Panda, Moon Rabbit!

Match your skin and mount to decorate your favorite set!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.2.27 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Lime Society

User Reviews


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Make ME 2019-10-13

SUPER CUTE GAME!!! This princess is a bit of a physco, but it doesn\'t give up the fact that the animation is ADORABLE. The controls are absoloutely SUPER easy to control. The only thing I would suggest is that you could collect limes during runs so you could get skins a lit more easier. Again, THIS. GAME. IS. ADORABLE. Hopefully lots of other players enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you to the amazing team who made this game happen. You did a great job.
Izzy Fenty 2019-10-18

This game is cute, fun, and easy!!!!! I don\'t have anything to say about anything that\'s needs improving, but I have a suggestion: Maybe at some point you can make your own princess with her own skin color and hair? But you still have to use the accessories, mounts, and pets. I hope you maybe take this thought into consideration? Other than that there\'s nothing I need to say!!!
Magnolia German 2019-10-31

Cant download, epal, ubos data ko
peony .clwong 2019-09-29

I wonder if this app was being bought by the korean company... Cause there\'s a verson of this game release by a Taiwan game company and the game is called\"公主快跑” (which translates to princess run) The introduction of the storyline were exactly the same . I find it weird because the Taiwanese verson of the game was released during 2015 while this one was released during 2017. It\'s not like I\'m accusing the company of plagiarism but I just wanna confirm. Btw the older verson has a better graphic.
Ruefus30 2019-09-15

An absolutely wonderful time-killer. It\'s cute, the mechanics are quite simple, and the skins/pets aren\'t hard to get. An easy 9/10 for me.
AnimeWicked 2020-10-26

This game is so addictive, and adorable >w< But I would love to see more characters and story lines, maybe Cinderella as another character? Or different princes to choose from, more variety of characters in general. Just something new and interesting to do, more Updates! New things! That would be awesome if you could please add some more stuff. Also just saying a lot of other people\'s ratings also want new characters and all, or just something. PLEASE ADD SOMETHING NEW I BEG YOU 😢
Sonibbles 2017-12-12

Don\'t cheat on Snow White guys, you might end up like this prince.
A Google user 2019-01-27

It\'s addicting and in a reasonable way. The art is cute and the story is amusing. I like the mini quest in order to \"KICK THE PRINCE\" like stomping or collecting gold, it gives a more challenging atmostphere but not to the point of wanting to throwing your phone out the window or beating it down with a hammer. Overrall I think its a very decent game. !8.5/10!
Raven V 2019-03-27

Adorable and fun! My favorite feature is that you can name yourself and the prince! This game definitely helps me to relieve some pent up feelings against my boyfriend hence why the prince is named after him😂
Maya Ideta 2019-10-13

The game is simplistic, as well as the controls, when you boil it down; an endless runner where you hit the enemies in your way. The gameplay isn\'t bad, but, from the short time I played, I got bored after about 10 minutes of playtime. The graphics are fairly appealing, as well as the mounts/pets and costumes you can unlock. Overall, not a bad game, however, for me, it became boring pretty quickly.