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Description of Kids Balloon Pop Game

A classic balloon popping game for kids, with colorful graphics, cute animals and various backgrounds! Learn English, or practice vocabulary in 10 different languages! You can even adjust the speed and size of the balloons your baby or child's skill level.

AD-FREE: no ads are shown while playing!

There are 5 different game modes in ten languages:

• Normal. Balloon popping just for fun. Great for toddlers, as a baby game

• A - Z. Pop balloons containing letters of the alphabet, and hear the name of the letter spoken out loud.

• 1 - 20. Pop balloons containing numbers, and hear the name of the number spoken out loud.

• Colors. Pop balloons of different colors, and hear the name of the color spoken out loud.

• Shapes - Learn basic geometric shapes. Requires in-app purchase

All game modes are suitable for young kids as an educational game. The simple English for kids combined with different word categories makes this a fun English learning game for kids. The same modes are of course available in all 10 languages, which include Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Swedish.

For babies or kids with visual impairments such as CVI you can disable background images and increase the size of the balloons in order to make them easier to pop

The free version contains 4 regular balloons, 3 animals and 2 different backgrounds. The full game (unlocked via an in-app purchase) is even more fun, with 7 regular balloons, 3 special balloons, 10 animals and 3 different backgrounds!

Love it? Hate it? Please review the game and let us know.

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This app:

- Does not contain third-party ads

- Does use anonymous data collection tools

- Does contain one in-app purchase for the full version

Music: "Malt Shop Bop"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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More Information Of Kids Balloon Pop Game

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:29.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:App Family Kids - Games for boys and girls

User Reviews


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James Batten 2019-08-13

Dont waste your time! I paid for the full version of the game and it still has ads. I thought the point of paying for the game was to keep your child from ending up on some random website because an ad pops up. This is the worst purchase I have made in the google play store. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Anderson 2019-11-23

My baby brother was loving the game but was REALLY upset by the \"buy the full game for this feature\" like it\'s so cruel
ruby c-r 2019-11-02

This is a great game for children to learn there numbers, alphabet, shapes, etc. My 22month old granddaughter already plays it and enjoys it I want her to begin learning early. Thank you for this educational game for children my heart goes out to you. Blessings.
Tesa Bolling 2020-07-06

I Purchased The Full Game and Not Even A Year Later The Game Is Making Me Buy Full Version Again!! Why Am I Having To Rebuy The Game??? When I Say Restore Purchase, It Says \"No Purchase Found\"... Dont Waste The Money If You Have To Buy It Over and Over Again... If They Fix and Give Me Back The Full Game I Purchased, Ill Change My Review...
Autumn Kinard 2020-01-07

I love the app, but i wish it had a setting that made it more difficult to back out of. My granddaughter loves to play it but she\'s constantly hitting the \"back\" button & then the game stops, she cries, i have to put it back on, 10 seconds later she does it again. I bought the full version hoping that would change things but sadly, no.
Ken Reed 2020-04-06

This game seems to occupy the little one for quite a few minutes at least. But I do wish it would have another level of difficulty, such that the balloons would not pop unless they pick the one that they\'re supposed to get. Even our two year old is able to recognize almost all of her letters and numbers, and so could pick out the ones she\'s looking for from among two or three different options that were available within the game.
Sidra Ghafoor 2020-12-18

Its the best game I have found to keep my toddler engaged,without the worry of accidentally touching ads and it has a child lock in itself. Helps a child in learning colors, alphabets and numbers in a fun way. Highly recommended if you are looking for app for you toddler.
Darkmid9t D 2020-05-19

It was good but you have to pay to play the full game l mean it doesn\'t make any sense it\'s not like your going to have it forever. This what they do to attract kids into playing this to get the full game and spend the parent\'s money. I\'m saying it\'s not bad but dont get the full one!
Meg Kwan 2020-06-18

Love this game. Free version is great. Paid version is a little pricey for a kid\'s game, although it does unlock some nice features. The ads are minimal and don\'t disrupt the play. Screen locks (you need to tap the corner twice to return to the menu) so toddler doesn\'t accidentally leave the play screen. Keeps my toddler occupied while also helping him learn a little.
Kenneth Deleo 2019-05-30

This game would be great if I could purchase the full game. Every time I enter my password to verify my account it tells me it\'s the wrong password. I haven\'t changed my password in 10 years !!