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Kids Matching Games. Match Letters, Words & Shapes APK

Kids Matching Games. Match Letters, Words & Shapes



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Description of Kids Matching Games. Match Letters, Words & Shapes

Increase productivity & learning ability of kids Age with logical matching games

Toddlers matching app is an amazing addition for kids 👶 in preschool activities to increase their learning process. It includes 1000+ objects to make an intelligent matching objects game. It is not just a matching app but also expose your child to learn Basic English words 📖 and sentences with voices 📢. Kids also learn about basic alphabets by matching letters. There are a lot of matching games free for kids but this awesome children educational 🏫 game play important role to enhance their learning ability by performing hundreds of kids learning activities to increase their skills. These kids matching games are like matching puzzles 🧩, where preschooler thinks that where to place the object. Match pictures 📷 and numbers is helpful for kid’s mental growth 🤯 and it is a real fun learning activates. There are a lot of activities where they do color matching, image understanding, number recognition and so many other fun activities 😜 that your baby will love it.

Kids matching app is an educational matching games includes hundreds of matching activities. It is like different puzzle games for kids which challenge their minds and they learn faster and react great. When a kid match and connect an image, he/she becomes amazed and it is the cause for both child and parents that their child is doing something productive successfully. Pics matching is most easy way to understand and memorize thing names.

It is not only useful to use mind 💭 in finding an object but increase their strategy and fast action power 💥. Different level of games are available for toddlers, preschoolers, and early school age activities.

😃All Matching Games are Free.

Matching Games for Toddler to School Age kids

- Toddler matching games

- Preschool Educational Learning Games

- School Age Matching Games.

All learning games for 2 to 10 year old's

Toddlers Matching and Finding Objects Includes toddlers learning app and photos of animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, foods and colors. Every activity has one word and many photos and toddler has to select the photo, so they also learn words and phrases.

Preschooler Zero Learning

Learn alphabets, numbers, animal 🐕‍ and birds 🐦 advanced, colors, shapes, transport 🚌 and stationary. All these activities are educational and fun combination for preschoolers. After clearing such mind training, kids become ready for science activities.

School age Learning Game

Learn body parts 👂, positions, Simple IQ tests for school age kids, counting, basic summation and subtraction, time ⌚, traffic signals 🚦, classroom objects and more. It enhance the pace of child development by healthy brain activities.

Feature of Kids Matching game

- Simple kids learning & Easy Matching games

- Color matching game for toddlers 🎈

- Birds name learning

- Educational and fun game for your children

- Learn numbers by matching

- Best speech therapy app 🗣

- Fruits & vegetable 🍆 names

- Great mind training game 💻

Download this awesome kids learning ✏ by matching objects, numbers and colors to understand the basic things of their small world 🌐. We hope you will like it, Please share with your friends and family so their kids will also take the benefits of this great educational game. If you have any feedback to improve it then let us know at our support email. Be happy ☺

This Educational Matching-Game includes

- Animal Memory Games for kids

- Letter Matching Games

- Match Small & Capital Alphabet for all abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz letters

- Matching Alphabets with pictures

- Words and Spelling matching especially for children spelling games.

- Match Numbers

- Shape matcher

- Thinking skills

- Inspirational Letter Matching

- Matching puzzle games for kids

- kids English game

Kids just match-up the pictures and learn in all Educational Matching Games.

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User Reviews


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Kynnyadia Jones 2020-04-28

I think this app would benefit a wider range of users simply by giving a choice of how many matching options were given at time. There are too many on one page for my learning toodle. We\'ll wait till later for this one. Please consider this simple upgrade.
Sam Sadiq 2020-03-08

This is a great learning objects app. Good Categories especially IQ, Telling Time, Professions etc. You did a perfect work. Thank you for such a nice app. I love this app and I thought that my kind will love too.
Sangeetha Ramesh 2020-09-15

It\'s very good and attractive for kids. really it creates intrest in learning
M. Wood 2020-06-21

I downloaded this for my 2 year old This matching game might be ok for older kids, but not a toddler.
Sonia Vanbrunning 2020-07-08

The goal is to get kids to accidentally buy things when the full screen adds pop up.
Zunair Nawaz 2020-04-14

a good learning app for kids. many activities are just like school exercise which are good for children.
Stephy Jasmine 2020-05-17

The given picture should be big to identify the worker in matching column bcoz they couldn\'t recognize them... Also the background voice should be clear
Maria Cruz 2020-08-03

Diligent parent is needed, but good for beginners.
Majid Manzoor 2020-11-13

My kids are learning in efficient way.
Faiza Chaudary 2020-03-03

One of the best Kids learning app especially for Preschool and School age learning category is very useful, thank you for much for great matching app.