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Kijiji Autos: Search Local Ads for New & Used Cars APK

Kijiji Autos: Search Local Ads for New & Used Cars



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Description of Kijiji Autos: Search Local Ads for New & Used Cars

Find new cars, used cars and trucks for sale near you. Buy your next car thanks to our local ads, personalized searches and price transparency. Save time car shopping and find the best local deals with Kijiji Autos.

Honda, BMW, Ford, Audi and more! Apply custom filters and research ads for the best local deals. Find cars and compare your options with ease. Find and buy your new car or truck knowing you made the right choice.

Find and buy today - Top 5 reasons Kijiji Autos will make your car shopping journey easy:

1. Find new cars & trucks for sale using alternative search & discovery - from Ford to Honda, tailor your search to your needs.

2. Shop & buy based on dealer ratings & reviews - get clear guidance you can trust.

3. Used cars or new cars - shop from our local ads for the car that’s right for you.

4. Find car & truck history reports - practical information & price transparency on local deals before you buy.

5. Find cars you’ll love with our direct search - shop Honda, BMW, Audi and Ford and other well-known brands.

Shop BMW, Audi, Ford and much more. With Kijiji Autos you can find cars including new cars, used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles from both local owners and dealers. Whether you want to shop for a BMW, Honda, Audi, or a new truck, you’re guaranteed to find new and used cars that are right for you. Find cars and trucks through local ads and listings today.

Expand your Search:

• Learn the pros & cons of each car or truck before you get the details.

• Looking for a new family car? Get personalized suggestions that work for you.

• Save your searches and favorite vehicles to access later.

With more ways to search and practical information at your fingertips, be confident while car shopping. Enjoy seamless decision-making with Kijiji Autos.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:1.71.0 Publish Date:2021-10-26 Developer:Marktplaats B.V.

User Reviews


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MrBitterfitter 2019-05-31

I like Kijiji but the Autos app is really not very good. It seems glitchy. I don\'t find it very intuitive either. I\'m really trying to get used to it but it is just not working for me. I can\'t even give any suggestions besides copy the Autotrader app.....
Jordan Heather 2019-02-25

This App is Perfect the only downfall I noticed is that it doesnt show the date listings were posted on and maybe how many visits the ad has had it would be great if you could add that into app.
Dustin Oxenbury 2019-05-18

terrible app. messages in your inbox dont load. no connection even on 4 or 5G network and wifi. This app only works properly on a desktop or Laptop. has potential just needs a lot of work. I recommend start exchanging phone numbers with who your working with or you WILL miss out on sales! happened to me already. pissed me right off.
Petey Car 2019-06-24

it\'s a great app, fairly easy to use. I only wish it could save the type of vehicle search and not be removed when I look at other cars. overall great to use!
Ben Hinckley 2020-09-05

This is probably one of the better apps for finding used cars. Filters are great and the Kijiji price analysis is very helpful when determining if the price is fair. My big gripe with this app is concerning my saved cars. The list doesn\'t automatically remove sold cars, so I just spent the last 30 minutes removing sold cars from years ago. This would be fine if I had the ability to remove all sold cars with \"one touch\" but no. Lesson learned, I just won\'t be saving cars anymore.
Bien Agiter 2019-04-25

Update: Nice recycled change log you have going there! Can \'o spam change logs that tell me nothing. Uninspired. Very meh, nothing to see here. Doesn\'t let you search by \"key\" words. Doesn\'t have complete listing of the various manufacturers models so you are unable to search for a model that is left out. Disappointing but not surprisingly since the kijiji app is not outstanding either.
Mok542 Legit 2019-01-30

Terrible app. This app is a water down version of the complete Kijiji app. This app is made for people who do not know vehicles and do not care about details. For example if you want to look for a Mustang 5.0 there is no \"key word\" bar to search for that, you have to search through V6 and I4 Mustangs. I imagine it will be the same for other cars. This app will waste your time, keep the full Kijiji app.
Adrian Ferguson 2019-02-07

Terrible. worst change kijiji has ever made. can\'t organize by latest posted. Best match is just the most expensive cars in your area. displays info incorrectly. Its complete garbage. If they force people to use this it will be the down fall of kijiji.
Anthony Rubbertoe 2020-06-12

Good app but they need to fix a few bugs. Mainly being how much it just randomly signs me out. Also, don\'t take the \"First Cars\" tab seriously it only puts a $7000 cap on price not actually good cars for teenagers. (An RX8 is definitely NOT a good first car lol)
Tyrone Black 2020-06-22

Very good. Not great Too many people are looking to get their \"lease taken over\" As opposed to selling a new or used vehicle.. Also, there is decent amount of filters you can use to narrow down your vehicle search. But after that, it\'s very limited options you can use to sort the vehicles. But it does the job well.