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Description of Kippo - Come Hang Out


Kippo is a space to hang out with friends and meet new people.


Kippo is 100% free to download and use, and we offer Kippo Infinity as an optional premium subscription.

People use Kippo for:

Hanging out with friends

Meeting new people


Terms of Use:


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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.18.4 Publish Date:2022-01-25 Developer:Covalent Inc.

User Reviews


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Scott Parker 2021-02-05

The app is great. My only gripe is that more people don\'t use it. With a lower price for premium services than most, being geared towards gamers like me, and have a visually appealing look, the fact that I\'ve run out of people to swipe on while using Infinite mode on day 2 is kind of a bummer. This is not a dig at the app, but you guys gotta advertise yourselves more or something. Get more people using this app!
Seaghan Colling 2020-10-17

The app so far seems fine but there are just a few kinks that can be resolved in an update. 1) The daily limit is a little bit too limiting. Instead of having 30 swipes for all activity it should be adjusted to 45 - 50 swipes for likes only. Losing the ability to like someone because you disliked other people is a big turn off. 2) For the cards, there should be an option for up to at least 5 or 6 so there\'s more for people to work with. 3) An increase in cards to include more games and types.
Alexander Brown 2020-11-01

So while I do agree with most people that the amount of swipes (and the fact of saying no counts) is kinda stupid, my main issue is there isn\'t really a filter for me to look at gay or bisexual men, it just puts any man on the app in, and I know this because I\'ve come across a few friends(including my best friend) whom are straight men. Great concept! Just poorly executed.
Erin Valtinson 2020-10-18

Has potential. The look is really unique, and the UI is one of the coolest I\'ve seen. But like the app itself, you are forced to pick people on an aesthetic level which is difficult for making good matches. It defeats the purpose of an app like this. Needs more information for profiles besides the bio card. Forced use of location to use the app is annoying if you have a data limit. 30 person limit is too few and clearly a money grab. I wouldn\'t invest money in an app the offers so little.
Marcus Thomas 2020-10-04

For a dating app, it\'s missing the essentials. The cards are useless and don\'t tell you anything about the person or what they\'re on the app for. This app is more reliant on you liking someone\'s profile for their looks than any other dating app because that\'s literally the only thing you really have to go on. No about me, no desired relationship type, no nothing.
Jerome Samek 2020-11-08

Solid and creative concept I thoroughly enjoy the look and feel of the app, it has a clever way of allowing you to customize your profile, without drowning visitors to your page in excessive nonsense. The only down side this app has currently is it\'s lack of users. This isn\'t necessarily a problem, because as of writing this I believe the app is still relatively new and is likely to grow quickly among the ever widening gaming community.
Kishuzu Oshiro 2020-12-12

Anyone you match with, then unmatch with has a high chance of reshowing up in your suggested matches. Which is very weird) awkward, plus taking up a space in the free use. The app is alright, I like that they have an only friends option as well, but yeah, hate that just because you wanna answer what someone says then it matches you etc. Instead of giving an option to match or not. And have a separate inbox etc etc. Aka, have a separating friend and match area maybe. That would be nice.
ady 2021-03-02

This is a really nice app. I also like that there is a Friends Only option for your profile so it\'s easy to let people know what you\'re looking for! I\'ve met some really nice and chill people so far who have already become good gaming friends. I gave it 4 stars because I only wish more people used it so the population pool on it was wider, and I hope with more advertising it gains popularity moving forward!
Nikul Vyas 2020-12-22

The app has a beautiful interface and a good prospect. There are few bugs here and there which will get eventually fixed. But to increase the authenticity and reduce dating scammers from this app having an option to sync xbox live or PS+ accounts will be amazing. In that way we can compare our level in the games that are common between the match.
Kalvin T 2021-01-22

The cards + UI is sweet, but it doesn\'t feel like a dating app, and feels more like a showcase of cool \"cards\" and fav games. The cards serves no actual purpose, as you can barely add any info about yourself on them. The profiles all end up repeating the same cards and gets boring quickly to look at because there\'s nothing authentic to see for each individual. It\'s like we\'re all showing off our rare pokemon cards, except we all have the exact same cards. It doesn\'t offer any sort of uniqueness