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Description of Kitchen Design: 3D Planner

Plan renovation or remodel for small kitchen and render HD pictures like an interior designer. Layout tiny or large country-style kitchen with white cabinets, or draw modern kitchen with decor. Get inspiration from picture gallery of kitchen design ideas with popular furniture.

If you want to plan or decorate your kitchen or dining room, this tool will help you do it easier. Draw your remodel idea, choose suitable colors and materials for floor and walls and render awesome realistic images.

With the application you can:

- Visualise your dream and get a better idea of what it will really look like

- Enrich your habitation with the furniture from world famous brands

- Change anything in the picture, from colors on the walls to layout of the furniture

- Share your vision with your partner, flatmates or constructors

Start from one of the existing handcrafted kitchen designs in a loft, traditional or modern style, made by the industry professionals or an empty room. Change furniture, decoration, add new items from famous brands, observe your room from different points, create photorealistic snapshots and see how your image becomes a reality.

In the FREE VERSION you can create the layout and design of your room, using about 100 pieces of furniture from online stores and make 3 realistic room photos. Hundreds of ready-made ideas of room plans and designs that created by designers are available for inspiration.

You can upgrade the app to BASIC or PRO VERSIONS, which will allow you to specify a more accurate room size, use more than a thousand pieces of furniture from top luxury brands, and create any number of realistic pictures.

PRO VERSION will additionally allow you to create realistic photos faster and at better resolution, calculate the approximate cost of room finishing and furniture, and export your designs to 3ds Max for professional use.

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User Reviews


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D A 2020-11-27

AMAZINGLY useless app. For a very bottom level basic functionality you have to buy pro version. Cannot edit dimensions. Cannot do anything. Took me exactly 10 minutes to go through all the features and options (spoiler alert: there aren\'t many). Useless. Strange. Why there are so many good reviews? Are people just happy to download it, without trying to use?
Anthony Toliver SR. 2020-06-06

Really you have to pay a monthly subscription dont waste time downloading, it takes forever.
Tim F 2020-10-05

Don\'t waste your time. Constantly nags you to upgrade to pro version, which is a $20 monthly subscription. App might be good?...couldn\'t really tell you since it doesn\'t even let you do a single thing without redirecting you to the upgrade menu.
Romi Araujo 2020-07-15

Great app! It\'s realistic and has great variety! No ads and easy to use. Only for kitchen/living- dining room, I\'d love to plan my bathroom and bedroom using it...
Andrius Baltrukenas 2020-03-29

Interesting concept, but. In free version, when changing length of the wall, it changes the angle of one wall, why? Because when you attempt to correct the angle, you are prompted to pay for pro version :) I guess it\'s a trap
Kathy Ihde 2020-03-25

This is a really fun App. It\'s more than just kitchens. I love the challenge and creativity of designing different rooms. Thank you, Sarah Richardson, for sharing this tip with a loyal and faithful \"Design Life\" viewer. I still wish HGTV (USA) would bring your shows back; you\'re the best designer they\'ve ever had.
Frank Mroz 2020-11-25

To much nagging for pro version upgrade. Didn\'t have a chance to see what this app was capable of due to frequent interruptions to pay for upgrade
J Miller 2020-04-30

Could be great but it frequently changes my wall sizes, where windows sit ect. Things that are important for layout of kitchen etc Tutorials are not working for me also.
Rea Chandler 2020-10-19

Wanted to see how planned colour scheme would work. Difficult to find right unit, didn\'t mind that, but placing washing machine on wall unit and dishwasher on sink? I deleted them. Seemed ok til it suddenly decided, in 3d view, to rotate, would not go back to useful position, so gave up. The app is a good idea, there are photos of rooms to provide inspiration. BUT not easy to use, no instructions, adverts annoying, not all options available unless you pay.
John Perez 2021-01-25

Limited cabinet size and color choices but other choices and facades allowed in pro. Takes a while to acquaint yourself with features. Good to work your ideas. Probably not for final plan.