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Description of KittCat Story: Cat Avatar Maker

Kitty Cat Avatar Maker !!

Dress up your cat as you like and help your kitty find the outfits!

The ultimate Cat Dress-Up game. Create your own kitty characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits. Hundreds of dresses, shirts, hats, backgrounds and much more! After designing your cat characters, create GIF animation you can imagine! 

Strike up your favorite pose and add text bubbles with your own messages! Choose from over a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect scene! For even more fun, collect secret rare cats.

«Game Features»

* Dress up your kittens with the latest fashion! Mix and match thousands of clothes, shirts, hats, and more!

* Customize your personal look! Change your eyes, mouth, and more!

* Create your own scenes in GIF Mode!

* Custom text for your characters and choose from many different cats!

* Collect season Secret cats!

*First Cat decoration game!


- Please restart the game if you experience lag over time

-Check the wireless internet connection status.

-Must be connected to wireless internet

Thank you for playing KittCat.

Adopt to your New adorable Cat.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:OnDot

User Reviews


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lucky_the_ wolf 2020-12-04

This game is very cute and fun to play. if you like making characters and you like making cats I would suggest downloading this game.
Mackenzie Hall 2020-12-01

nice controls you have to watch adds to unlock some things but it\'s cool if you don\'t want to pay for unlocking the things all in all it\'s fun and satisfying
okie dokie 2020-06-14

It is a very fun game. I love it and would recommend it as there is much creative freedom, but I have a few suggestions for the creators. Maybe add more black cat options, put less ads on so many items, and have more feminine eye options. Other than that, the game is awesome and I believe you should get it.
AlexisNotLexi 2020-07-14

Really fun when I\'m bored. It is so easy to use. I also greatly enjoy how many save slots there are. It\'s crazy! I like making my cats that I have in real life. The only thing is that I wish they had some sphynx cat body designs that I could use. I have two hairless cats in real life, so I\'m a bit sad whenever I want to make them and I can\'t. Just a few would be nice. Maybe a pale one, a spotted one, and a grey one? Those are the typical patterns that I\'ve seen on a sphynx.
Michaelyn Phillips 2019-12-23

I absolutely love love LOVE! So adorable &so much fun. Such a beautiful experience visually &in every other possible way as well! I can\'t believe all of the choices &options there are! It is definitely something for anyone &everyone to enjoy all across the board. There is a perfect combination for every single person out there! (And then some too!) 🤗❤️
Foxy Licious 2019-12-18

Well I think it\'s a very cute idea, I mean if it actually worked for me than I\'d most likely give you a 5 star rating. Every time I go to chose an item to personalize my cat ( no matter if it\'s a watch video or free item the app shuts down). This had become very annoying and I\'m ready to just get rid of the app altogether. Please fix this problem so I can change my rating to a 5, if not then I guess I just get rid of the app and find myself another to take it\'s place. Sadly disappointing 😕
Lucky The bunny 2021-01-01

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but when I tried to get something that needs the ad they couldn\'t load the ad please fix it
Ale Bella 2020-08-29

Awesome!! There are tons of cute kawaii cats to dress up! But... a LOT of ads to watch to unlock everything. but, you can unlock everything buy purchasing No Ads for only $2.79 including tax! there are like no bugs at ALL. You can save up to 2997 dressed up cats! Wow!!
One Weeb 2020-06-11

When trying to load ads, they won\'t! You\'re sitting there with a thing saying \'loading ads\' but they don\'t. Can you fix this? Having almost of them need ads in frustrating, especially when it won\'t work. I would enjoy it so much more if it was unlocked.
Michael Chavez 2020-04-02

I really enjoy this app, it\'s super cute. I think a good idea would be to make a variety of clothes, but be able to change the color. It would help increase the customization options and I don\'t think it would be too much trouble to program into the app. Another feature that would be great is to change the size and orientation of accessories, clothing, and features. I find myself wishing for that while playing around on the app.