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Description of Kitty Powers' Speed Date

How many matches can you make in ONE MINUTE?

From the creators of ‘Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’ and ‘Kitty Powers’ Love Life’ comes a brand new, high-speed dating sim, starring the lovemonger supreme, Kitty Powers!

Make as many matches as you can in one minute, then choose the best one from your shortlist, based on the info you've gleaned during the date!

- Compete with your friends, and the rest of the world, in the leaderboards!

- Take a unique client speed dating every day in 'Client of the Day' mode!

- Take part in festivals throughout the year for extra challenges, and to win special clothing items!

- Create an avatar with more fashion items than ever before and have your friends take you speed dating!

- Compare yourself with your friends using the Love-O-Tron 3000!

- Complete missions to win lovely rewards!

- Level up and upgrade your town, building exciting new locations for your clients to visit!

Please note that the game is only in English.

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More Information Of Kitty Powers' Speed Date

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.14 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Magic Notion Ltd.

User Reviews


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Siren Song53 2020-06-17

It depends on what your expecting. If you saw the YouTube playthroughs don\'t get your hopes up. It is far less interactive and far more repetitive. They took out the actual go on a one on one matchmaker date and switched it to speed dating. But if you just find this game it is a good way to take your mind off other things. Personally I got my hopes up and got bored very quickly. Not the game I thought it was gonna be.
Posi TVt 2020-06-10

The game is really fun! I\'ve been playing it for couple of hours and it was doing well- until just now that is. I was speed dating and I had no more time, but I activated the date master thing; which made the game glitch. I was stuck in a frame where nothing was going on. All I could do was open up the options menu but that\'s it. I was doing so well too.. I had to restart the app which made me lose all the progress. The client, the game, the boosts- Please fix this :\")
Moonygloomyuniverse 2020-05-28

I\'m sure everyone else is getting this issue when ever you press cross its says you pressed tick its really annoying and I suggest you fix that pls but the game is really fun 8/10 for a free game I didnt expect anything great but it\'s really good!! <: hope to see more of your games free
Cady Lane 2020-06-10

Fun, but confusing. I don\'t understand why my combo will end if I reject a character with a trait my client hates. Other than that, this game is really fun and addicting! I\'ve really liked the Kitty Powers series ever since it came out, and I think this is a nice addition!
Nia Collins 2019-11-21

I live for this game 100% but someone needs to fix this game I\'ve spent my pearls for the ×4000 coin purse and it dosen\'t even give them to me like 😑
Leni Beight 2020-01-15

i really liked the app and i wanted to try the other games but they all cost money and i think that it really stuped
XxVioletcookiexX 2020-08-17

i have had a creepy time playing this game!D: this girl with blackhair came in she looked like the other charactors but her eyes were red and looked realistic she said she wanted a demon boy and when it came up to pick every spot was blank then a deep voice shouted at e from inside the game\"HURRY UP!\" i was so scared i threw my laptop across the room luckily my floor is made of carpet and a voice from inside it said\"pick it up and your job\"i hope this never happens to you!D:
Sarah Whatley 2020-04-09

It not as good as kitty match Macker but it\'s the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
confusedjirou 2019-08-02

Amazing! It\'s like a mini game of Kitty Powers Matchmaker
Sans Skeleton 2020-06-01

Its so fun to play. I like how u can create your character. And i like how u can match people and see there % thing.