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Description of klarify: Pollen & Allergy App

Regularly log how your hay fever is affecting you to get a daily allergy alert and personalized allergy insights. Get location-based pollen count, weather and air quality data you can trust with the klarify allergy app.

GET PERSONALIZED POLLEN INSIGHTS The klarify allergy app shows the highest pollen count of the day as standard. Regularly log how your hayfever makes you feel to get personalized pollen insights based on your input.

LOCATION-BASED WEATHER AND AIR QUALITY Weather and air conditions can have an impact on your hayfever. The klarify allergy app gives you accurate, location-based air quality and weather data. Plus, details of temperature, humidity and wind. Learn how the season, the weather and air quality can affect the pollen count and how you might experience your hayfever symptoms.

YOUR ALLERGY DIARY How the pollen count affects us feels different for each person. Log how you feel every day in your pollen app to improve your hay fever insights. With the allergy tracker you can keep an eye on your allergy entries and toggle between different pollen types. That way, you can see how they’re affecting you over time.

ALLERGY QUESTIONS Try the allergy question feature in the klarify allergy app. Assess your awareness of your pollen allergy and other types of allergies. Smart allergy management can make a real difference. You can download your answers at any time to discuss with your healthcare provider.

KNOW YOUR HAY FEVER TRIGGERS Use the pollen app to find out more about the specific types of pollen that might trigger your allergy. Uncover other factors that could affect your pollen allergy symptoms, such as air quality and the weather.


- Allergy diary: Regularly log how you feel pollen is affecting your hayfever to get personalized allergy information.

- Quick, easy and accurate allergy insights: Get reliable location-based pollen, weather and air quality forecasts in your allergy app.

- Pollen alert: See the pollen count and allergy forecast in your area.-Weather and air quality: See weather and air quality data in addition to the pollen count, plus 3-day forecasts.

- Allergy calendar: Check the allergy calendar to see low and peak pollen seasons.

- Get allergy smart: Learn about pollen allergy symptoms, pollen allergy triggers, allergy diagnosis and treatment and much more.

- Daily tips: Get great tips in your pollen app on managing your allergy symptoms. Plus suggestions for daily activities based on your local current pollen conditions.


The klarify allergy app gives you the pollen count, personalized insights and relevant allergy information you can trust. With 95 years of research behind us, we know a lot about allergies. And we want to share our knowledge with you. That’s why we created our award-winning pollen allergy app - klarify. As with everything we do, klarify is backed by science.


We’d love to hear how you get on with our pollen allergy app. If you think there’s something we could do better, let us know: support-us@klarify.me. We’re here to help.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:17.2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:ALK e-com A/S

User Reviews


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A L 2020-04-26

Whilst I like the look of this app, I feel there are some improvements that would make it even better. I had to select the country I live in and now the app only displays information in that language, but I don\'t speak the language! Also, I travel frequently so would find it useful if it could provide data based on my current location rather than country I live in.
Emma Sharrock 2019-03-28

A useful and nice looking app to track pollen levels. I very much like the forecast chart so I know when to start taking my tablets again and when the tree and grass seasons overlap. However the one niggle I have with the app is that it sometimes doesn\'t give me any data, and I wish I could track the pollen levels throughout the day so I know the right times to venture outside and/or be better prepared. Nonetheless it is still a decent app and I\'ll continue using it.
Katrina Terrill 2020-06-23

I love this app. It is great as you can see the pollen weatherforcast in detail, but unfortunately, if you haven\'t filled it out on one day then you are unable to go back and edit it. I find this disappointing as not everybody is able to go on to the app everyday. It also leaves a huge white block so you are unable to see what the pollen levels actually were, even if you didn\'t mark down anything.
Al lan 2020-04-29

Don\'t really feel the app \"predicts\" what should you feel like. It works on a get to know you \"algorithm\" so you will have to log in and enter your daily \"how you feel\" input. And that is a real issue because the app does NOT let you enter or modify your \"how you feel\" any other than the day you\'re living on. So if u missed 1-2 days before or if you first felt good and then u didn\'t but forgot to modify it then. U stuck with no input or mistaken input. So how is the app supposed get to know you
Kai Schmidt 2020-05-20

This app unfortunately didn\'t do what I was expecting. I have diagnosed allergies and I already know which ones affect me the most. There is no way to enter something like this. The forecast for my location also had \"no data\". Maybe this app will be more useful for people who live in an area where Klara has useful data (apparently not SW Germany) and who still want to find out which allergies are affecting them the most. If you know about that and just need data to plan the next days... Nope
Matteo Ceriotti 2020-06-09

It must be possible to log how I feel for the day before (or indeed any day in the past). Edit: thanks to the dev for responding but the answer is not satisfactory. It does not make sense that logging at 00:01 counts for the upcoming day. At least make the new day start at 3am or some time in the night. Also, if I go in my allergy log, why do I only see the actual levels of pollen for the days when I logged? Why not show the full historical for every day? Notifications for logging don\'t work.
Courtney Sikora 2020-05-25

So far, so good. I\'ve only been using it for a week. I wish there was a way to note when I\'ve used a PM2.5 mask, because with my asthma it is the most important thing to note. I feel like my mask is helping, but I could be wrong. I really had only originally downloaded it for the breakdown of allergens in my area, but have stayed for the predictions. They seem to be relatively accurate given my daily routine in management hasn\'t changed.
Emma Ballard 2019-06-23

easy to use and understand, has been really helpful. i like the fact it includes pollution as well as other common allergy triggers. would recommend for anyone with an allergy to just have this on hand and if u fill in how ur feeling it logs it which i have found helpful, also gives excellent advice on how to combat symptoms using both medical and non medical means which i like because i domt like taking lots of medication.
Mae D 2020-04-03

Generally useful... though a little bit annoying as its asking me to submit how I feel, I choose the option that I am not at all affected today, and once I submit it keeps telling me I said I\'m a little bit affected!! Even if I try edit, still says the same.
Max Best 2020-06-14

I\'ve not been using this app for long but in general I think it is excellent and has the detailed information that you would want for the pollen count, tracking it and how it might impact you. --- The design of the app looks visually amazing - really sleek and modern design. --- I would say two elements could be improved: 1. The day should begin at 05:00 (not 00:00). --- 2. The \'low\' - \'high\' count level colours are quite difficult to see at a glance - block colours would make it easier.