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Description of Klaverjas HDXP

Klaverjassen is one of the most popular card games in the Netherlands, traditionally played in cafes and social clubs, as well as at home. The game is for 4 players who play in pairs, sitting opposite each other. The game has a number of variants, named after the cities where they originated: Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible in 16 hands. In competition games the players on one table will rotate so as to have had each of the other three as a partner, so playing 3 sets of 16 hands.

In each hand the object of the game is for the player (and partner) who chooses trumps to collect more than half of the available points. If they fail to do this then they score nothing at all and the opposing pair receives all of the points.

Points are collected by taking tricks containing valuable cards, and also as bonus points during the play.

This game is also know (in slightly different variants) as: Baloot, Pilotta, Belotte or Bela.

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More Information Of Klaverjas HDXP

lable: Card - Games Current Version:10.08 Publish Date:2021-08-30 Developer:Robin Knip

User Reviews


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Djurre de Jong 2020-10-24

Very complete, user friendly. Sometimes there are connection issues when playing with friends, but that\'s pretty rare
Kees Kuip 2021-01-02

Nice game. Especially the daily challenge.
Ronald Chu 2017-06-28

Beste uitvoering van klaverjassen die ik ken.
Harald Adrian 2016-03-03

Top app! Works great. Nice interface!
John Vreugdewater 2014-07-24

Great game. Nice graphics. Exactly as I used to play (with real cards). In the new version the total score disappeared. Please put it back
A Google user 2012-06-13

Fijne app Zit goed in elkaar! Alleen de popup voor troefkleur kiezen mag na 1x wel weg
Jens Lensen 2020-04-15

Tina (noord) verpest het iedere keer. Verder een hele fijne app om te klaverjassen
A Google user 2012-05-17

Love it! Just one suggestion.... Really like this game. would be nice though to increase the computers\' playing strenght on Android. On iPhone I won around 55%, but since I\'m on Android (ICS), I won 38 out of 51.
A Google user 2012-07-04

Nog lang niet foutloos Heel leuk om te spelen maar uiteindelijk gaan de fouten / blunders wel irriteren.
Boi Hoogervorst 2020-01-08

Very buggy, continuously disconnects in multiplayer games and impossible to find other players to play with.