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Description of Klover - Instant Cash Advance

Need some extra cash? Klover gives you up to $100 instant cash advance before you get paid. No credit check. No interest. No hidden fees. No payback period.

The Product:

Klover is the first cash app to give you access to your earnings early. Access a salary advance before you get paid. Sign up to earn money - even on the same day. It’s your money!

Aside from instant cash, Klover also offers innovative budgeting tools to help you stay financially stable and protect you from expensive loans, lending, and overdraft fees. We like to empower you this way.

Stop asking friends and family to borrow money. Stop waiting in long lines and dealing with employees who couldn’t care less. Borrow money from yourself instead. Buy now, pay later.

Just use Klover for all of your rainy day money needs and get money now with a cash advance - never run short on cash again.

Sign-up is as simple as downloading the cash app and logging in. No complicated paperwork, credit checks, excess fees, or hidden expenses are required. We don’t need your employer to sign up for an account, either. Buy now, pay later. We say yes when others say no - we approve more customers for a fast cash advance.

Our Mission:

It’s simple. Your data, your benefit. It’s your most valuable asset, why not use it to make money?

How do we do it? We unlock these products and services by transparently leveraging your approved data to save you time and help you earn money. Our customers have already saved hundreds of dollars a year.

We’ve revolutionized the cash advance playing field by offering an instant cash advance alongside other financial services like automated budgeting and saving tools. This is low-cost access to modern financial services that empower you.

How Klover Works:

Sign up in seconds

Simply tell us a little about you, link your bank account, and verify your wage. We will never check your credit.

Data opt-in

Your data is your asset. Opt-in to our Truth in Data agreement, and begin using Klover’s suite of financial products.

Get instant cash and tools

Whether you’re taking a cash advance or checking your budget, Klover has your back. Access tools to improve your financial wellness and get instant cash whenever you need. No questions asked.


Klover uses the highest bank-level standards for encrypting all of your information. We never share your personal data. We use Plaid to link your bank account.

Other Features:

Points: Earn points to unlock more boosts. Redeem them in seconds!*

- Scan receipts

- Save money

- Check your spending

Introducing Klover+ Plus

Credit monitoring included

See your spending habits and projected earnings with the financial dashboard

Oversee spending categories

Build saving strategies

Identify overspending areas

Contact Us:

Please reach out to info@joinklover.com with any questions or concerns.

Klover is not affiliated with Clover, Dave, Daily Pay, FloatMe, Earnin, Empower, Possible Finance, MoneyLion, Brigit, Albert, Cleo, Branch, Even, or Cash App.


Klover does not offer loans. We are NOT a payday loan, cash loan, personal loan, or app to borrow money. By validating employment you can access money you’ve already earned whenever you want to. Klover's advance service is free and doesn't have any interest or an APR. Klover's advance service does not require a minimum repayment time frame. Klover's advance service does not require a maximum repayment time frame. For example, if you request an advance of $100 your future repayment is $100. Klover's advance service is not a contracted obligation to repay a loan. For more information please see Klover's terms and conditions: https://www.klover.app/terms-and-conditions.

*Points cannot be redeemed for cash, only in-app features

Klover's Privacy Policy: https://www.klover.app/privacy-policy

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.24.6 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Klover Holdings

User Reviews


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Pharaoh Scott 2021-01-11

Couple of issues I have with the app is 1) To deposit money immediately, the transaction fee was $9.99 which I think is way too high 2) I really don\'t like that I HAVE To allow the app to have access to my location at all times. I was getting the $100 cash advance for months and paying back on time. Then I updated the app recently and now there is no option to receive $100 cash advance.
Sam & Me Z 2020-12-28

They take advantage of those in need. Compared to similar lenders: 1. Their fees to receive funds immediately plus 2. to repay are exorbitantly high. 3. Their point system is a waste of time even w/bug fixes as you do not get any substantial $ amount close to $100. (They offered $40). If my $ f/Dec is $20k, I should get $100, correct? There are other apps that just don\'t put those kinds of games to earn points. Either you\'re loaning me money or your not. It\'s Simple. Human rights is not 🚫 them
W Zinnerman 2021-01-21

This started out as a good thing. I started out with $100 advance. Matter of fact had several $100 advances. Always paid back on time. My banking has not changed. However, my advance opportunities dropped to $40. But by accruing points by taking surveys, adding friends, scanning receipts, watching videos seems the only way to increase your available boost now and even after doing all of that you still don\'t get the $100 boost, only up $70. Something changed and it isn\'t for the better.
David Tyson 2021-01-24

Easy to use app. Would give 5 stars but the app doesn\'t update quick enough. I was approved for $100 cash out but the app doesn\'t reflect it so I was only able to get $25 (only after I built up enough points within the app) and was charged $3.99 for express delivery and an optional \"tip\" as well. Got a text this morning again saying that the Boost was \"on it\'s way\" but nothing yet. If Klover keeps saying that and nothing happens I will delete the app and never use it again.
Kimberly Bembry 2020-11-04

I signed up on this app for a cash advance on my check but it didn\'t work. It linked my bank account to keep track of my spending for $2/month, which was not useful. I tried to terminate my account right after opening it, but it only allowed me to cancel the membership. Once it was cancelled, it charged $0.07 from my account in the middle of the night. $0.07 is no big deal, but my fear is being charged a higher amount after my check is deposited. I don\'t like that I can\'t delete my bank info.
Robert Carlson 2020-10-04

Looks great and cool concept but functionality is trash. Won\'t ever link card, then when does looses info so you have to redo it. Won\'t give you your points for your help in marketing by sharing it with friends. I\'m bored today so I\'m going to keep messing with it so I can see what else doesn\'t work. Really Sux cause last week I was facing an overdraft fee of 35$ or so for a small charge that dropped on me. I really , really, needed it to work. Tried all day to get it to work, had to pay the fee
Emily Guerra 2020-11-26

Pretty amazing app! It\'s been helping me out a lot. It does the budgeting for you, reminds you of bills, you can set up a rainy day fund or a big savings fund. Anytime you want to get an advance, just watch videos, answer questions, or just scan all your receipts and you earn points for larger cash advances. They take their advances back every payday and allow you access more advances so no need to stress about a low account.
Lady Lovely 2021-01-22

After the initial experience things went downhill. Payback dates are wildly inaccurate with no way to correct. Advance amount went WAY down after the first forcing you to do surveys/scan receipts to get points which are then redeemed for a higher advance amount. Surveys never work. And the worst part is if you want to pay back early or you need a day or two before pay back there\'s no way to change it. Instant transfer fees are exorbitant. I think I\'ll be canceling after this next pay back.
Daniel Kassmieh 2020-10-16

I use Chime and get paid every other week, but even though I qualify according to the parameters they set the App will not update my bank info. I qualify with what\'s there, but it won\'t update past September and won\'t allow me to get an advance and I can\'t contact anyone. I emailed them and didn\'t get a response. I gave Dave, Branch, Cleo, and MoneyLion good reviews and received advances for 3+ months from them without an issue and my bank shows I paid bank other advances without issue.
Jessica Harding 2021-03-07

I do like the app and its super helpful when you need the cash. And adding receipts to earn up to 50 pts is great. But I find it very odd that when you try to upload your Walmart receipts to earn extra points you never get more than 5 pts. I use my debit card at Walmart so the transaction immediately posts to my bank acct. But according to Klovers help line thats not the case. So that is a bit frustrating. Also don\'t understand why the boost available amount decreased from $120 to $70