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Description of Knappily - The Knowledge App

Knappily has been featured by Google as an Editors' Choice news app and has stood the test of time in providing unbiased analysis of news and trending issues. Used across 170+ countries, Knappily uses its unique 5W1H framework to present a 360-degree view of current affairs and features on politics, sports, business, technology, philosophy, mythology, movies, TV shows, and anything that anyone will find interesting. It makes you a subject matter expert on the topics it analyzes.

Each knapp is an editorial analysis, where we anticipate your questions and answer them in a format that can easily be consumed. In a few swipes, you can go from little or zero knowledge to having a well-rounded understanding of any topic.

Whether you are appearing for an interview or a competitive exam, or you just want to be more discerning about things that are happening around you in order to have an intellectual discussion with your friends or at the dinner table, this is the app for you.

Award-winning features of Knappily:

• Complete range of news in just one app through the “Knapps”

• Complete analysis of each news item in just 6 Swipes – What, Why, When, Where, Who, How

• Search option to find your favorite knapps.

• References to the news-sources like popular national and international dailies (The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Guardian, NYT), news agencies like Reuters, ANI, AFP besides relevant Youtube video references.

• Bookmark option to read later

• Notification on newly published knapps

• Knapps arranged in Categories for better filtering

• Sharing the stories with friends made easy through various social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram.

• Offline mode to go through the Knapps even without the internet

• Night mode to have a pleasant reading experience at night

• Copy to clipboard option to get/share text from Knappily

• Zoom images based on requirement

• News feed to keep yourself updated with breaking news

• Unread section to go back and read the missed stories

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More Information Of Knappily - The Knowledge App

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:1.0.91 Publish Date:2021-08-21 Developer:Knappily

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-07-09

The concept is pretty revolutionary in the sense that covering the 5W1Hs of an incident results in highly informative news reports that are more than just opinions. However the app still has a few bugs and plenty room for improvement. Hence, the 4 stars. Honestly, I would rate it more but I\'d like to conserve that 1 star for when the app gets more polished further down the road. Kudos to the team for inventing such a useful piece of software!
Babur Sheikh 2019-04-08

Its amazing. I am a writer and this truly helps me gain perspective of topics without the hassle of long reading. This saves time which can be used in my work. So bravo to the creators who have created a knowledge app which helps me quickly get a grasp on the selected topic however complex it is.
Bhavya Gautam 2020-06-09

I only installed the app this morning and was impressed by the UI and the brief but highly informative details in which current news has been presented. My only problem with the whole thing is how some news articles are ended with the personal opinions of whoever wrote it, taking sides on the matter. Kills the essence of journalism in my opinion. Also, the developers should consider adding a read aloud option.
Paul Rohith 2019-07-18

Extremely biased like any useless news channel. This app doesn\'t let the reader build his or her own opinion. It tries to run it\'s own opinions in a poorly packaged manner. For those looking for news that is purely informational and unbiased steer clear of this app.
Ashutosh Mohle 2019-10-24

One of the best informative and educative app. I was searching for an app which could provide not only superficial but also detailed information about multisectoral issues. Knappily provides a lot of useful Historical, Political, Scientific and Economics related articles which gives us deep information about the issue. The concept of segregating the stories in what, who,when etc is really good. Kudos to the team for building such an app n more thanks for providing excellent informative articles.
Victor Samuel 2020-07-16

Very informative app. In depth analysis on current affairs. Must have app for all civil service aspirants. Thank you Kanppily.
Lisa N 2019-05-19

I saw this recommended to me when I was searching a totally different app. I downloaded it right away. Knappily is my kind of app! I read two very interesting and thought-provoking articles and got in-depth detail on them both. I usually love going to The Free Dictionary and reading their news articles - it is so fun. Your layout, night mode and tts makes this app a keeper for me!
Marlon Mehr 2019-04-04

love this app, it\'s well designed! news, tech news, plus quick random feeds, night mode.... don\'t forget to swipe left to get more info about a story (who, what, when, where, why) my issues after using it: not enough \'new\' news, only a couple additions or day, also it focuses on news from India. I\'m not biased, but it would be nice to add more news from around the world too 😉
Raghavendra Garg 2020-06-15

The app gives a whole lot of information which you may otherwise miss....the topic diversity is huge and covers many areas ranging from science to philosophy... serious crises to humour....social issues and myth busters and also cover the talk of town in a very detailed way. It also cover landmark event in history and gives a great insight on them..... The one of best things is the quotes and learning they give after every article of theirs.. Just loved the app and highly recommand it.😄😍
Bihag Dave 2018-12-24

Man, it\'s fun, sure. But I already have a million outlets with their opinions pasted on front pages rather than news. For once, I would like to find an app that is just that. Facts. Boring, really boring if need be, facts. Because not everything in this world HAS to be entertaining, some things we have to deal with being boring. Too much bias, albeit bias towards the side I lean, but bias nonetheless.