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Description of Knife Hit

The ultimate knife challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

Can you beat all the bosses?

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More Information Of Knife Hit

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.8.12 Publish Date:2021-12-05 Developer:Ketchapp

User Reviews


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Raven Hall 2019-03-19

You know why it gets 2 stars? Because I can\'t play the game without an ad popping up in the middle of a level, AD. Bottom of the screen during the entire level? AD COVERING THE GAME. 1 or 2 ads is fine as the game is free. I understand. Covering the actual game with so many ads I can\'t even play is just absolutely bonkers. Fix this and maybe it wouldn\'t suck so bad. I have reported every single ad for covering game content. I hope they all leave you and you get no ad revenue ever again.
James Potbury 2019-04-19

To be honest, this is one of the best mobile games I have played. Although there are a lot of ads, the gameplay is unique but simple, and there is so many different bosses to fight against! and once you defeat a boss you get a unique knife for every boss. most of the game is about skill, but you can also level up upgrades, which makes for a well thought out progression scheme. Also, the updates are reasonably frequent. Overall, in my opinion the game is very well thought out and well done.
old and abandoned 2019-02-08

This app is very addicting. i especially love the designs of every knife you earn fir a soecific boss. my onlynproblem os that it is a waste to keep reapeating and reapeating from the start evrytime i lose. it desweves a solid 5 stars though. great work ketchapp :)!
Shane VDL 2020-09-04

This is one of those games that really stand out to me and I don\'t really mind the ads(not that it matters) I really like this game however instead of focusing on challenge mode could you focus on adding for knives to buy with apples and also in addition add more bosses in the game that would make it really fun as I\'m not really a fan of challenge mode and I have all the knives in the shop so there isn\'t really a reason to play anymore ... Overall it\'s a really great game 5stars all the way!!!
Matt 2019-02-04

⚠️⚠️⚠️ DO NOT INSTALL, BEWARE OF PREDATORY BUSINESS PRACTICES ⚠️⚠️⚠️: Gimmicky and predatory advert practices. Ads are timed to play a couple of milliseconds after you begin playing (Generally, you need to rapid-tap in this game) so that you are forced to click an advert as it is designed to pop up and be accidentally clicked. This is an intentional, predatory design to boost engagement and clicks per minute. Report this application, do not install.
Veronica Doynikova 2020-07-24

Personally I really love this game! Yes, of course, ads are the devil, but I really don\'t mind; there are many features to make up for it, and for such a simple game the designs and levels are so well illustrated I was impressed. The game also works offline, so when I\'m on the road I don\'t have to waste data Personally, this game is a great one and I recommended it to any friends looking for new apps to try out
Josey Wales 2019-04-14

It\'s bad enough you\'re forced to watch ads! NOW they\'re trying to force 60 ads down my throat?!! I will NEVER watch a 60 ad!! I won\'t even watch but a couple of 30 second ad\'s and since you kept showing the 30 second ad\'s, you thought I\'d just let you keep cramming em down my throat, NEVER! Greed will be the end of play store some day! Uninstall, AGAIN!
Arrowswift Audio 2020-07-24

A great little game, with a simple premise and controls. The difficulty scales up as you progress, with fun and straightforward unlocks. The ads, while fairly prevalent, can be easily and permanently disabled with a one time purchase. All told, a fun, well made game, good for anyone young and old looking to pass some time.
Tyler Delaney 2021-01-11

Overall a really nice game . I can open it up when I\'m on the go and an in the mood for some quick entertainment and collecting new knives isn\'t to hard at all . The currency used to unlock knives isn\'t hard to get and adds don\'t pop up every five seconds . If there\'s is any downside it\'s just that on occasion an add will pop up in the middle of the game causing me to mess up
Ultimate Creeper 2019-05-11

I like this app a bunch speaking Ketchap is my second favorite game developer. I used to play this game on another app as a minigame but, the graphics were terrible in that game. This game does have a lot of advertising, but I\'m kinda that guy who downloads anything they like on advertisements and TV commercials. This is also a great time killer, and addictive. I recommend this app to everyone I know. All in all this is a great app! BTW I had a whole entire asthma attack while writing this.