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Description of Knights of Valour H5

‘Knights of Valour’ is an ARPG mobile game based on the story of the three Kingdoms. Obtained genuine authorization by IGS, inherited from arcade game!

To rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms, you need to discover and collect classic generals. Train them to fight together, awaken their powerful fighting skills, and form the strongest fighting team ever.

#Game Features#

【Massive benefits, login to send VIP privileges】

Sign in to get free VIP3, pass dungeon to get abundant rare items and ingots! Get massive rewards easily!

【Original generals, reshape classic IP】

Popular heroes and props in arcade history have been restored to the greatest extent. Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and other peerless heroes will help you sweep the Three Kingdoms. Rare artifacts such as the Qinggang Sword, the Celestial Sword, and the Seven-Star Katana are waiting for you to control!

【Automatic battle, great gains offline】

Say goodbye to tedious, no complicated operation is required. One-click allows your heroes to fight and pass the dungeons, accumulating abundant resources for you.

【National system, fighting for national honor】

Compete and get higher positions by joining the country, lead the country to fight for honor, and write your own legend.

【Cross-server gameplay makes social battles richer】

Rich cross-server gameplay, team up to clear the instance and dig the mine together, you don’t have to fight alone. Build the strongest team in troubled times with your homies!

Come, and party in the ‘Knights of Valour’!


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More Information Of Knights of Valour H5

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.3.0 Publish Date:2021-08-31 Developer:George Wells

User Reviews


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Ahmon Kempson 2020-11-13

Let me talk about the advantages first: there are many benefits, high screen restoration, and rich gameplay. Finally, the shortcomings: general operating activities
Calvin N 2021-01-05

Ok game - worth 3 stars. But I\'d doubt the developer has permission to use the original arcade game\'s graphics... so 1 star
Mathias Christiansen 2021-03-07

There are so many difficult levels to provide challenges, and it is necessary to continuously enhance combat effectiveness. On the first day, it could reach 10 million combat power.
Tristyn Sheepy 2020-11-13

Occasionally there is a delay, which is better when using an accelerometer. Hope to improve
Khairul Tarmizi 2020-10-24

Stupid cross server event. Everyday meet s1-s4. New server meet old server.
Dave Lim 2021-03-01

Pay to win with daily / weekly / monthly micro transactions every minute. Playing against whales with the same old player names and the whole community speaks Indo / malay / Tagalog everyday in the chat with their alien language. Don\'t bother and waste your $$$ on this game.
Macro Virsie 2021-03-06

There are many ways to play, and different equipment materials need to be collected. Although VIPs are more common, the overall consumption is not very expensive.
Sorcha Offa 2020-11-13

I like the overall game style very much, and I hope to restore more classic generals and storylines
D F 2021-01-14

I thought this was like an actual beat-um game like final fight... nah you\'re watching the game play... not playing it.... looks cool but boring
Dragon Tempest 2021-01-19

This game every load use to much data lol not good can u pls while entering in game to data usage close this game shut it down use many data pay to win what a, crazy game