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Description of Kodular Companion

Kodular is an online tool that allows any person in the world to create their own app without having to learn any coding language. Just drag and drop blocks and your app is done

Kodular Companion allows apps creators using Kodular to live test their apps, without having to export and compile the app!

Just download it, connect it with the builder and your app will be shown in this app. Save lot of time live testing your app. The app is like a mirror: if you change something in the online builder, it will automatically update the app, giving a real time preview of it

You can also check our servers status easy with Kodular Companion

Let's go, and make some Android apps!

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More Information Of Kodular Companion

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.5.3 Fenix Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Kodular

User Reviews


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Jayra Gaile Ortiz 2020-04-16

Why is it always stopping? The coder on the web is good but testing it became difficult. It is quite saddening and frustrating to see. Can your new feature include not disconnecting everytime? And your qr code scanner can it please not always redirect to playstore and connect to the app?
Realme 5 2020-06-04

Please fix the buges sometimes it doesn\'t load or take more time to load the screen and it suddenly stops between testing.
Rupak Poddar 2020-07-05

It is helpful but it disconnects quite often. Also the dark mode takes a while to apply after opening the app.
About BD 2020-04-24

This app does not work at all. Connection chance is only 3 percent. It means after 30 times trying it connects for 1 time. Connection duration is also very short time. Please fix the problem.
Vaishali Gholap 2020-12-01

Nice app i have created many apps with help of this i loved this app. I had problem first time but after it was very very very very easy
KUMARASWAMY B.G 2020-11-21

This app crashes all the time, no use!
Gyani Pakya 2020-01-14

Doesn\'t work app. Every time app is automatically close on live testing..... Please fix this issue
HakTek 2019-02-12

I found this app maker more useful than any other alternatives. This let\'s you build what you need. Thank you all for developing such a good web app.
টার্গেট বাংলা 2020-07-18

Disconnects several times while testing. Please fix the issue
John Smith 2019-02-24

Still not working after scan qr code. No testing in progress.