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Description of KOSMOS Helper App

Do you have Ubongo, Tumult Royale, Imhotep, the nominee for “Spiel des Jahres” or the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” EXIT? You want to learn how to play it but don’t have the time or desire to deal with reading through all the instructions?

Well, how about simply having all the rules explained to you via narrated animations? Learn how to set up the game and get started without reading the rules booklet. Learn other KOSMOS games without reading the manuals.

Note: This app offers additional features for the well-known games from KOSMOS.The app is usually not compatible with Chromebooks.


*** Animated Tutorial ***

With audio narrations and 3D animations, this app explains all the rules for the games in an easy, linear manner that requires little reading - including the variations for all the possible numbers of players - so that you can start playing almost immediately!

*** Additional Functions ***

For the EXIT games, you will find a timer including an atmospheric sound track.

In Ubongo, an animated assistant helps you to find the solution to any of the tasks given in the basic game.

Tumult Royale includes a timer that allows you to replace the hourglass included in the game. You can also vary the time allotted for the tax collection phase.


Questions, suggestions and feature requests?

We look forward to your suggestions!

Mail to: apps@kosmos.de


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More Information Of KOSMOS Helper App

lable: Board - Games Current Version:3.4.5 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Franckh-Kosmos Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

User Reviews


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Amy Eyers 2020-04-17

The game box said the app would have an atmospheric soundtrack but it did not. Because of this, I originally gave the game 3 stars. The developer responded that the soundtrack is integrated with the timer which explains why we didn\'t find it since we don\'t worry about timing ourselves. The game was fun without it and, now that we know, we will turn it on next time. Therefore I changed my rating to 5 stars. Enjoy!
Peter Coffey 2017-12-29

Tutorial app works ok. Bit clunky and no way to skip bits.
Joel Sparks 2018-04-28

App worked fine for an Exit game. Instruction narration was pretty bland but timer worked and included ambient sound.
Nik Radmore 2019-10-02

Disappointing. Bought the new Adventure Games, which says on the box to download the Kosmos Helper app. However, in the English section, there is no app. This is false advertising as I bought the English version of the game. Why tell me to get it if you don\'t have it implemented yet?! Very disappointed that I can\'t enjoy my game to the full. I will rate it accordingly on boardgamegeek, but I think this is very poor from Kosmos.
Rawad Khodr 2019-11-06

Great app all together but the english version is missing alot, just got catacombs of horror and I have to use the German version to time it, the app is easy enough to navigate through in a different language but it would be alot better if the english version got updated with all the new ones
Daniel Hede 2020-06-30

We purchased the abandoned cabin it was very well designed and a lot of fun . The biggest detractor was the recording from the app cuts off the first word of every paragraph of the narration. The sound effects and mood music were well done. The developer was prompt in their response to the issue.
C M 2020-12-09

This seems like a great resource but i bought the board game My City recently and it straight up advertises to learn the rules by downloading this app. The game is nowhere to be found in the app.
Jeremy Klein 2020-04-11

The exit escape games are amazing. The ap has so much potential. On the timer screen have the 10 symbols. When u solve a riddle tap the symbol and the ap reads the card we usually read. Like the chest clicks open. Add sound effects and the story. U find riddle cards.... and can turn to..... Also background themed music. You could have the whole experience.
Lewk Meader 2020-10-17

This is literally just a timer with background music. We thought this app was tracking our outcomes. We\'ve done 7 EXIT games (which we absolutely love, and have just bought be more), but we have only just now realised we have no data for what our outcomes were as we thought that was the point of this app. Without it recording your time and scores, there\'s no real point in using it.
Steve Naramor 2018-10-28

We\'ve tried a few different escape games and this series is our favorite