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Description of Kpop music game - Dream Tiles

🎉 Kpop Music Game 2020 is a wonderful music game that more than 10,000,000 Kpop fans have downloaded and played!

🎹 Here you can listen to the latest Kpop songs and play them on the piano.


Regular updates of high-qualith piano musics for you to access the latest Kpop songs. You can find your favorite songs here and add them to your favorite list.


Tap the tiles to follow the melody and don't miss any piece of tiles. Every time you complete a song, you will get diamonds.


Endless mode is here for you to practice your concentration and reaction speed. Challenge yourself to see how high can you get!


We have an excellent game design, changeable piano interface, and customized piano tiles. Choose your favorite one and start playing!

🌈More songs are waiting for you to discover. Try out this music game now and you will find fun in this piano game.

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More Information Of Kpop music game - Dream Tiles

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.32 Publish Date:2021-10-31 Developer:Dream Tiles Piano Game Studio

User Reviews


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farhana haque 2020-12-26

It\'s very good, I feel very happy when I am playing this game!!!! But could you please add some of the new songs such as ego, we are bulletproof:the eternal, life goes on, blue and grey, Christmas love, stay, snow flower etc. And some of the old songs such as lights,not today, run, war of hormone, anpanman, no more dream, danger etc???? And could you please add some songs from the other groups like KARD, mamamoo such as gunshot, don\'t recall, hola, ooo na na, aya, starry night, egotistic etc??
Kat Alexander 2020-10-27

So, the beat didn\'t really match up with the song. Also, there is no bar that tells you when you are supposed to hit it so it sounds somewhat like the song you are trying to play. Instead, you have to guess and hope you aren\'t hitting it to fast or too slow. I think its a great game but it\'s just not there yet. One more thing, the game name is misleading. I downloaded it to play KPOP songs not just BTS songs. I love BTS but they aren\'t the only Korean groups out there.
Min Takoyaki 2020-11-03

Wow, personally this app is the best one by far, the makers did great! And it\'s really fun! i\'m not trying to pressure the makers but i just wish, i installed it for 3 times, this is the forth, i\'m just abt to install it again because it glitched wish they\'ll fix that as well, but aside all of that it\'s enjoyable and perfect at the time of corona since it doesn\'t make you bored:)
Snowy kk 2020-06-17

I really like this, it\'s a great app! 😁 Could you maybe add some of the older songs such as No more dream, War of hormone or we are bulletproof pt2 ect? And it\'s not a big problem but when you change the style of the tiles I saw that RM\'s name is still Rap Monster. I don\'t see this as a big problem though because it doesn\'t effect the game and I still really enjoy it! 😄💜
Chin Chongloi 2019-12-17

I really like this game. This game is really good. I play it with my sister she too liked it a lot. And i\'m a big........k pop fan so i loved it but the sounds of the piano is not exactly same but though it is good. Thank you for making games on k pop. Make more on k pop please. I really enjoy it. Komawo...👍🏻
BE NICE, BE LIKE BTS 2020-06-25

This is the best piano tiles game if you are kpop or a BTS fan...💜 I love this app so much and if you will keep this app updated it will amaze you even more because they add new songs in every update..🌸😍. I\'m soo in love with this app.... Thankyou and keep it up guys...🌷🌷🌼🌼
annika garcia 2021-01-27

It\'s really nice and I love the songs there, but we can\'t search any songs so I have to scroll all the way down to pick a song. Another one is that when your playing the music it\'s a bit wonky, I don\'t know how to describe it but when you press the tile and music comes out, it sometimes sounds weird and a weird sound comes out of it. And sometimes the music comes out after you press the button so it doesn\'t sound good. (Sorry I\'m bad at explaining but hopefully you get what I mean TvT)
Thang Aung 2020-03-15

I love this game, this game is perfect for all BTS lovers out there, but the reason why I gave this a 4 star is because when I start playing a song, it sounds a bit off and something with the pitch doesn\'t sound right, but overall this is a great game for ARMY\'S to focus more and to calm down during a low mood. 💜
Pragya 2020-09-20

I\'m giving it 4 stars because somehow I\'m really disappointed. The beat exactly not seems to be like original one. 2) it should have level like if we dont complete 1st level we cannot step to the 2nd one but we have to buy . I think you should work for it. Otherwise it is really fabulous.
Vanessa Chang 2019-11-16

The music(piano) doesn\'t sound like the song at all, i like how the game looks because its BTS but the music (piano) is really not it...