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Description of KQ Quiz: Korean Vocab Quiz

KQ Quiz is a quiz app to learn Korean vocabulary/ words. It’s for elementary and intermediate Korean learners all over the world.

Our app focuses on ONE thing and keeps it simple. We create high quality vocabulary quizzes to assist your learning.

❖ General

• Currently, we offer 2 categories of quizzes. One is vocabulary about food and another is vocabulary about culture.

• Each week a new quiz set consisting of 7 quizzes will be uploaded to the app.(You need to make 1 time purchase to access all new quizzes)

• All quizzes are made my Native Korean.

❖ Solving a quiz

• Pick correct answer out of 3 options

• Each quiz provides correct answer, meaning, pronunciation.

• We show fun image and useful information.

• We picked similar words as options to challenge your learning.

❖ Reviewing your progress

• The app will analyze your performance and show your correct %.

• You can review quizzes you got wrong separately.

• You can save your favorite quizzes and review them later.

If you like this app, please rate and review. Your feedback will help us improve our app.

​Please send your comments to

Email: koquiz01@gmail.com

or reach out on instagram



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More Information Of KQ Quiz: Korean Vocab Quiz

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.0 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:KQQuiz

User Reviews


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Rosy Zimmerli 2020-11-17

It\'s going really well so far! The app works smoothly and looks great. As a programmer, I\'m impressed. And as an intermediate Korean student, I think this will be a useful review tool for me. The part I struggle with the most in Korean is vocabulary, so this is legitimately great for me. Thanks!
Natalia Mi 2020-11-18

I was already ABSOLUTELY mesmerized~ with the simple yet very visually appealing yet super duper helpful and easy-to-memorize-and-learn-new-words way they presented their posts in Instagram but this app literally takes things to another galaxy level and helps me furthermore sharpen my Korean knowledge. Thank you for this tremendously efficient and enlightening way of teaching you provide us with. I was looking forward to the release of this app for so long, I\'m finally blessed. Highly recommend!
Nuzhat Ikram 2020-12-13

The app is great...The layout is simple easy to understand and most importantly useful totally recommended by me ^_^ 감사합니다!!
Isil Azizoglu 2021-01-11

Great app for beginners :) I really like that you get to see the translation of all the choices after submitting your answer, means you actually learn 3 vocab in each question. The options are closely related or around the same theme which makes it easier to memorise and learn. 감사합니다!
Gianella Blanchet 2020-11-13

Francisca Santillana Fuentes 2020-11-17

Looks great! Thank you✨
Harshi Sharma 2020-12-07

It\'s nice 👍🏻
yeochingu 2020-12-04

Simple app and easier to used... I love it
Helen Yun 2021-03-04

This is a great app to have as a review for beginners/intermediate learners who already have a korean vocabulary. I also like the audio with clear pronunciations. I had fun doing the small quizes, better then quizlet. I hope it grows in the future with perhaps making sentences or grammar quizes too. This app has a lot of potential!
Moin Khan 2021-02-03

This is an amazing Korean quiz app. Really liked it.