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Description of Kraken Land : Platformer Adventures

Welcome to Kraken Land’s world. Incarnates a small kraken that runs, jumps and destroys its enemies. Discover the different levels that combine platformer, adventure and action. Unlocks incredible rewards to increase your power !


● Unlock amazing levels for even more adventure

● Takes up the daily challenge and receives rewards

● Uses objects for more fun

● Compare your scores with your friends online

● Play with innovative gameplay

● Up to 60 fps for ultra smooth gameplay!

● Improve your gull to fly farther

● Increase your TNT for more action

● Use nitro to pass the sound barrier

● Quests on each level

Kraken Land is a free game, a great platform game but also an incredible adventure game with more and more action. Boss are like puzzle to solve. Every time you die you lose a life, be careful ! Are you jumping far enough to the next platform ? Do you have enough space to go through this hammer ?

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More Information Of Kraken Land : Platformer Adventures

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Honikou Games

User Reviews


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Steve Winteringham 2017-10-28

Quite like this game but feel a bit ripped off after paying £1.79 to remove ads only to find that they still come up when you save your game. There is another \"remove ads\" option in the shop that costs £4.49 I think but why should I pay that on top of the £1.79 I\'ve already spent to do what I wanted it to do in the first place?! Bit naughty that. Beware people! Cool game though.
heather w. 2018-11-08

Like pretty much every game on playstore that is platformer, except swordigo, the game is boring and controls suck. This one was exspecially bad. If touch foo can make a game as good as they did for android, why can\'t others??. I thought we were in the techno age, not 1980s.
Joy Lagle 2019-04-07

my six old granddaughter and I are having so much playing this game. The controls are easy, the graphics are really nice, so far love everything about it. Brooklyn says two thumbs up!
ali alktebi 2020-07-10

Woah I Can\'t Hate On This Game! I Can Barley beat most levels in under 60 seconds! No Bug Joystick Glitch Thing I Don\'t Know What Is That Glitch Thing. But The Game Is Really Fun Try It Out!
Brent Mckenzie 2018-02-08

My 4yr old son and I love this game. He can do the easy challenges and I can do th3 hard, so it\'s perfect. When is the update coming out? We have beat it all
AntiDusk Byte 2020-07-22

Too Many Bugs! C\'mon please fix them, it\'s really messing my gameplay to enjoy the game. It\'s an awesome game but these bugs I can\'t take
Peter Woolsey 2020-01-11

A very alright platformer. The character is kinda floaty and it is extremely easy to simply bypass most enemies and obstacles in the game. There\'s a good game in here, it just needs a bit of polish. Would make the character bigger and give him a little more weight, more varied enemies, levels where you can\'t bypass most of it via jumping, a better checkpoint system so when you die mid-level, you don\'t either get sent back to the beginning or ahead of where you died.
saikumar goud 2017-08-28

Plz send update after level 16 I have been waiting for so long for next levels please send the update ,by the way awesome game loved it keep it up 😊
Mohammad Hassan 2020-07-23

Really a great game but some part of the screen from the bottom is cropped. 6.5\" screen.
nate half 2020-02-26

Looks great, controls well and the missions gave extra gameplay. After playing the whole game and getting everything (even though it didnt record my achievements) I can say its actually better than the others like this I\'ve played (Angel n Danger, maybe even Susie Cube) the only issue I had was want for cam control when looking for secret areas or judging distance but it didnt have too much effect on gameplay and maybe some story. Want some N64 platformer type gameplay? This is it! Support Devs!