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Description of Kryss - The Battle of Words

😍Kryss is the new, highly addictive game that lets two players test each other's imagination and vocabulary!😍

The turn-based game is developed from the idea of transforming the traditional crossword solution - old school Scandinavian style - into a game where you compete against each other in the same crossword puzzle.

You receive five letters each turn, then strive to place the letters in the crossword within a minute. There are several ways of out-scoring your opponent, including significant bonuses for completing words, for getting key letters right or for using all your five letters within a round.

Then again: it might just pay off to keep one of the crucial letters for later use – when the stakes are higher.

Kryss has the element of randomly awarded letters in common with other classic word games.

But Kryss is faster, and it offers a logic and gaming experience which makes it feel like no other pastime you ever engaged in. It is pure yoga for the brain, meditation for the mind, and vocabulary training in a game, all the while being so easily accessible that it is loads of fun for both young and old.

And with the chat function you can keep in touch with your favorite aunt at the same time as teasing your best friend for being the slowest player in the known Universe.

By sending challenges to your friends via social media, email or text messages you will get both more people to compete with and in-game bonuses that lets you enjoy Kryss even more!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:7.10 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Word and Sudoku Games, LLC

User Reviews


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Stephanie Feller 2020-10-31

The app has been working fine since I downloaded it a few months ago. I dont love the ads, but I do appreciate a way to play without having to spend money. However, there were updates made a few days ago, and I\'ve tried playing about 15 times today. I played about 3 rounds that I have going with friends, then the app kicked me out. Now, it keeps crashing every time I try to open. I tried restarting my phone, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It\'s still crashing. Please, fix this ASAP.
Brandyn Griffiths 2021-01-14

For the most part I love the game. Not enough to pay for it... the clues are somewhat repetitive, the strategy to winning the Quick Game mode really all comes down to which letters you\'re given. It looks and plays as it should but you don\'t get much time out of it.I have invited friends but no one is accepting so now that I\'m out of gameboards and videos so I guess I wont play... Listen to your players. Give us the ability to play so we can watch your ads and you can make money.
John Skuse 2021-01-07

It\'s a great little game. I\'ve loved playing against my friends, but the last update has unfortunately heralded the money grabbing side of the devs. Long gone is the ability to create boards by watching numerous videos. Now you are limited to 3 a day and the rest is to be bought. Ah well. I enjoyed it whilst it was good. I\'ll play no longer now.
Molly D 2020-11-28

This game is really fun. It\'s challenging and immersive and the ads are really not all that bad. But you can barely play. It has plain lies - you cannot claim it is a one-time payment and then list the amount of time that your \"one-time\" payment lasts. That\'s not how that works. Keeping boards from players is also a great way to lose the players. I have to do so much work just to get the bare minimum. Keeping the actual game from me just makes it such a bad game. Deleting after review.
Mikelo Torres 2021-02-25

The idea of the game is very nice and fun but too many ads destroy the fun. I understand that apps works with ads but this is too much. When you compare this app with other similar games, this one is very poor. Only giving you three Free Boards per day is nothing. Also to expensive for the type of game. I feel that the producer of this game should be more flexible.
Susan Howard 2020-12-04

Downloaded the app yesterday. The game itself is fun, though I\'d prefer a way to play solo. That aside, I don\'t like having to pay for more boards. Once you run out you don\'t regain them after a certain time, you must purchase more. What\'s more, I did purchase more (25 for $1.99) and now I can\'t even use the app because it won\'t load. I\'ve tried stopping it, closing it, pausing it, it won\'t load past the initial title screen and sometimes just a blank screen. Very disappointing.
Simply A Blue Rose 2021-01-07

The game itself is fine, a simple, fun word game, however you only have a certain number of games you can play. You have to use a \"game board\" in order to play one game and the only free ways to get these are by watching ads (1 ad= 1 gameboard, but you can only get 3 every 24 hours this way) by adding your Facebook account, or by getting friends to join.
Cortney Upleger 2020-11-25

The game can be quite fun, but I can\'t say I\'d encourage people to play it. I\'m of course willing to pay for an ad free game if it\'s something I like, and while almost $10 seemed a little high to was the type of game I genuinely enjoy and that would be worth it to me to play ad free. Plus the info on the app said \"one time buy\". So I decided to go for it. Cut to one month later, and I\'ve got ads again. When I reached out to ask about this, the email I got back was very rude and dismissive.
diane bridges 2021-02-28

This was an amazing game when I started playing with my daughter in 2019. But your last update is a real bummer! I have to decline so many games with my friends because you are limited to your games. I didn\'t even mind watching the videos because it meant I could get boards to continue playing games. Also, the last friend I invited to play, neither one of us got our 10 game boards. I am on SS with a fixed income and I can\'t afford to pay for boards. Please change something!!!
DK Kucher 2021-01-25

There are ads in the game, but to keep playing at all you have to either pay or voluntarily watch more ads? How does that make sense? The game itself is a great concept and fun, except people lose interest and drop off. I\'ve probably only finished half the games I\'ve started due to the other person going ghost, and i don\'t blame them. It doesnt make me want to put in effort to get more boards though! Especially after winning. I hope yall can let peope actually play!