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Description of Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey

"Game of the week - Krystopia combines the escape room-style puzzles found in games like The Room with some of the visual style and gameplay elements from The Witness"

- androidcentral

"Game of the week - We’re getting major The Room vibes from Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey, with perhaps a pinch of The Witness stirred in for good measure"

- TapSmart

"Best game of the week - it´s all held together with enchanting music and cute animations"

- Pocket Gamer

Follow Nova Dune, a space explorer in her adventure to find out about the unfamiliar distress signal she received aboard her ship. Determined to investigate it, she finds herself on a desolated planet where all civilization has vanished.

Solve challenging puzzles and unwrap the mystery that lies in the beautiful universe of Krystopia.

Krystopia is an escape room game that challenges and captivates you with intriguing laser puzzles, robots and hidden objects.

Your objective is to guide Nova in her search for clues. Observe, think and solve ingenious puzzles to reconstitute the story of the strange land she ́s treading upon. Investigate the causes that left the planet empty to resolve the intricate mystery of the long lost civilization.

What happened to Krystopia?


- Average playthrough: 3-4,5 hours

- No ads: enjoy your journey into Krystopia with no interruptions

- Innovative puzzles: Think in 3D and use creativity to escape the room by solving increasingly challenging puzzles in the game

- Immersive gameplay: Interact with the world, crush objects and find secrets spread around the rooms

- Exploration of a distant world: Unwind by watching the beautiful environment

- Ambient story: Learn about the disappeared civilization as you are walking through the world of Krystopia

- Voiceover narrative: Listen to Nova telling you about her findings and experience the personality of a curious Scavenger

- Difficulty level: Chapter 1: Easy, Chapter 2: Medium. Chapter 3 & 4: Hard

Note: Chapter 1 (intro) is shorter than chapter 2-4.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2020.10.15 Publish Date:2022-05-31 Developer:Antler Interactive

User Reviews


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Sasha Kozun 2020-11-21

Great game! A little on the easy side but not too easy that you lose interest. The storyline can be slightly confusing. The only thing I wish is that the chapters were longer because only the first two are free and will max take a couple hours. Overall super fun game! Puzzles and animation are very engaging! Other reviews say there are bugs but I didn\'t encounter any.
Aben Ripley 2020-11-11

If you\'ve come here hoping for a new Faraway game, it might scratch the itch a bit but a very different beast. Similar in concept and there are pots to smash - but so far that\'s my favourite bit?! There seems to be a clash of aesthetics that feels jarring. Intro feels like a Myst game, the cut scenes look like a Dark Horse comic and the main game feels like the green room for Crash Bandicoot. Interested in the puzzles but unfortunately the interface doesn\'t lock + camera swings about :(
Rachael Borden 2021-01-23

Potential. The game is neat... but it leaves much to be desired. There is a whole map but only a small number of things are selectable/interactive, and the things you can select dont entirely make sense (why are we breaking pots...?) or have weird, swingy controls. I like the premise and I think it has potential, which is why I gave it 3 stars. However, I will not be purchasing the rest.
Katrina Byrd 2021-01-31

I can\'t tell a lie: for me, this game was very interesting. I don\'t care for much reading in my games, but the story was so ambiguous at first that curiosity took over. The puzzles were best when interwoven, & I like that they got more difficult as the game went on (almost impossible). The controls were a little difficult. I eventually figured them out, so to all you out there, the game works. Some puzzles require you to be faster, unfortunately. Overall, love it! Trying the sequel now!
Eagle\'s Nest 2020-07-20

I enjoyed the game, wish there were more than 4 levels though and would love to see the second game become available in the USA. The controls are a bit finicky but the puzzles were great! Not too tough for the average player until level four, which is when the complexity turns up to 10! Still managed to find everything and finish the game in a few hours. Would have liked the purchase of the last 2 levels to be cheaper. The voice acting was soothing, the comics and art were lovely as well. 👏👏🙂
Gustavo N. 2020-06-28

Fun, captivating game! Engaging story with a compelling protagonist, lovely visuals, and a good sense of humor. It feels like a throwback to classic point-and-click adventures, but with a forward-thinking, futuristic aesthetic. Good voice acting paired with clever puzzles. Controls are precise. Minimal permissions (thank you, devs). I paid to unlock the whole game without hesitation, and have replayed it a few times. The sequel looks really good, too! Looking forward to more.
oolathurman 2020-10-27

Bought this after playing Faraway series which I enjoyed a lot, and this game\'s story feels clearer to me, which is great! I\'ve been enjoying the game so far, though I do wish there was an option to watch hints. Don\'t want to suddenly get stuck and not enjoy the work put into the game. If the camera moved at a slower pace it\'d be helpful; another user described it as difficult to manage and I agree. Would 100% recommend if hints were added.
Bryan Robertson 2020-01-14

Puzzle game that I suspect is aping the Faraway games, but with a smaller amount of longer levels rather than much more plentiful bite-sized challenges that the Faraway games go in for. Things start of pretty easy but the difficulty ramped up a good chunk, especially for the fourth and final level, to the point that I\'m still not sure how I was supposed to work out the solution to two of the puzzles. Overall decent stuff although the laser-based puzzles--which are otherwise the most satisfying aspect--were *very* fiddly to interact with.
Carolina Scaldelai 2020-12-05

Just the first 2 chapters are free. Then you have to pay. The controls are too messy and make the experience frustrating sometimes (zoom and spin are completely mixers with the actions of turn to some direction). The story is so long that I didn\'t read anything. Meh, just a fine game.
Karina Johnson 2020-11-22

I quite liked the game. It was challenging and I missed a step once or twice and needed to use the through on their Youtube channel. But there\'s absolutely no way to complete the game without paying for it and it just isn\'t worth the money. If it was free to play game then I would give it a higher rating because it claims to be but of the 4 chapters 2 are playable and the last 2 you must purchase in order to play. The mechanics need work as some movements we\'re almost impossible.