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Description of Kubios HRV

Kubios HRV app uses scientifically validated heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms (used by scientists all over the world) to provide reliable information about your wellbeing and daily readiness. To make HRV measurements with the app, you need a Bluetooth heart rate (HR) sensor, such as Polar H10. Kubios HRV app has two modes of operation:

1) Readiness Measurement Mode monitors changes in your daily readiness status. By doing short (1-5 min), controlled resting HRV measurements regularly, you will receive reliable information about your physiological recovery and/or stress, how it changes from day to day, and how your HRV values compare with normal population values. Readiness monitoring is used by professional athletes in training optimization but can also be used by sports enthusiasts or anyone interested in their wellbeing, as it provides objective information about overall bodily stress as well as cardiovascular health.

2) Custom Measurement Mode, designed for researchers, health and wellbeing professionals, and sport scientists, conducts various types of HRV recordings. This measurement mode supports test-subject management, short- and longer-term measurements, live data acquisition, as well as event markers. Since the app is built with Polar mobile SDK, it can read live data from Polar sensors, including electrocardiogram (ECG) and heart beat interval (RR) data from Polar H10 sensors and live photoplethysmogram (PPG) and inter-pulse interval (PPI) data from optical Polar OH1 and Verity Sense sensors. Thus, when used together with these Polar sensors, the custom measurement mode will provide an easy-to-use, light-weight, affordable way to obtain ECG, PPG and RR/PPI recordings. Regarding RR recording, the app also supports other Bluetooth HR sensors available on the market. Kubios HRV software license, which supports this measurement mode is required to store measurement data.

HRV is a reliable measure of autonomic nervous system (ANS). It tracks the beat-to-beat changes in RR interval arising from the continuous regulation of heart rate by the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the ANS. Kubios HRV analysis algorithms have achieved gold-standard status in scientific research, and our software products are used at roughly 1200 universities in 128 countries. The main HRV parameters include the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) indexes, the computations of which have been optimized, using a large reservoir of scientific research results, to provide accurate interpretation of recovery and stress.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.1.10 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:Kubios Oy

User Reviews


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Max Eastwood 2021-02-10

KubiosHRV is nice desktop software for analysing HRV. Right now i cant use mobile app, its not enough functionality. If you want your app to become more popular in sport field please add: 1) Let stablisation period be saved in raw data for future analysis. 2) Orthostatic test (supine > standing test, configurable stab. period 1/2 and rec. duration 1/2). Or allow to set position for test with daily slot for each position. 3) Export rr recordings outside app, in addition to cloud). Thanks 👍
John P Coates 2021-03-21

This is a nice app. I use it with a Polar H10 chest strap. The app is easy to use and produces easy-to-understand results in a simple, clear format. I do hope that Kubios expands its capabilities and actively adds other features. I have been using the PC-based Kubios software for a few years, which is excellent.
Parimal Swamy 2021-01-03

One of the best like their desktop version .
Htc Uporaba 2021-02-21

Keeps giving me \"very low\" measurement quality with my Polar H7 for appareantly no good reason.
Mas Agung 2021-02-14

Best morning readiness hrv app!