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Description of KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter

Online battles with millions of players from around the world! Tune your weapons, upgrade your character and win!


- Dynamic battles 5x5 team mode, with up to 10 players in the "Deathmatch" with ranks and matchmaking!

- Easy control with the ability to autoshoot (can be disabled in settings)!

- Good optimization and high FPS!

- More than 20 carefully designed and balanced maps!

- More than 50 units of different types of weapons!

- Weapon customization: sights, silencers, lasers, increased clips, compensators and much more!

- More than 100 of the skins for weapons!

- More than 45 clothes for character customization!

- Beautiful graphics, not occupying much space on your device!

- Clans with the possibility of doing clan wars!

Join the community KUBOOM! It will be hot!

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/369431510160916/

Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/3D7XZmV

The game requires connection to the Internet.

We don't have any pixel guns, only high quality models.

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More Information Of KUBOOM 3D: FPS Shooter

lable: Action - Games Current Version:7.00 Publish Date:2021-09-06 Developer:NOBODYSHOT LTD

User Reviews


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Zack Bayless 2020-06-27

Great game. It\'s a blast to play. Could be a tiny bit more generous with rewards, but it\'s still not bad by any means. Would like to see more game modes like bomb defuse or king of the hill. (Please no battle royale). Only other thing is we should be able to choose button size and opacity. Keep bringing us new updates and listen to what the players want. Awesome game though!👍🏻🔥 also would like an option to choose loadout at beginning of match and maybe also have a health bar.
Jordy Huesca 2019-08-01

Things have changed lately. You have removed almost every old map that you had in Team Deathmatch and the new ones are really just not well designed like the others. Maps such as the bridge, the Hangar and many others were much more fun to play in. So I assure you that a lot of people will love to have those maps back. I hope you get to see this NobodyShot.
Judy 2019-06-12

easily, HANDS DOWN, one of the best FPS shooters for mobile. i can\'t see why anyone would not like this game! i like it but sometimes it says internet disconnected which sucks, but the game is what is see the what the future is gonna bring us to, THIS GAME! 20 STAR RATING!
Dante Surber 2019-05-10

guns are super unbalanced didnt realize that any pistol in existence regardless of whether its a desert eagle , does more damage than a mosin sniper and a sawed off, head armor is way to o.p. , ive played in the past came back hoping you guys fixed literally anything and you just made it more pay to play with more crates, at least give higher rewards so you dont have to play for 2 and a half weeks to even dream of having saved enough for a crate just to get a weapon skin you cant equip
SaltyBoyTyler 2019-05-22

Great game highly suggested to everyone,but i use the ak-74 quite often,and its a bit of work to obtain but i did it cus i wanted it, i want it to look crazy maybe you guys can add a lava skin kinda like on the PPSH or something totally badass looking,its a gun i think that deserves a one of a kind badass looking skin,but besides the small rant , amazing game you wont regret it,PLAY IT NOW!!
A Google user 2019-07-13

This game is the best FPS game ever I have ever played. Nodyshot I am very pleased with your new updates and the best thing I like is the new GUN game. OMG it is an awesome mode where we can test our skills. NODYSHOT I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO ALSO ADD THE VOICE CHAT FEATURE IN KUBOOM LIKE IN PUBG, WE CAN VOICE CHAT WITH OUR TEAM MATES. SO I SUGGEST YOU TO ADD THE VOICE CHAT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM IN THE GAME. THANK YOU. LOVED YOUR GAME VERY VERY VERY MUCH.
Joe Staup 2020-07-22

I love the game but like every game, it has it\'s downfalls. How is it I am shooting someone long distance and all of a sudden this character disappears and reappears behind me. Can I teleport or disappear? 2 when you are playing the gun game, I appear at the beginning and so do 3 or 4 other players. Therefore you almost always die as soon as you start. Not cool. Upgrading to new weapons and levels shouldn\'t take so long. It\'s still very fun and I will continue to play.
Almond Tiger 2021-02-18

I found a bug where my kills won\'t register. This is specially the case with duel mode. I got 9 kills and 3 deaths but I still lost becuase the game didn\'t register those kills. The kills dont show up on the timer but if I press on the timer then I can see my kills. I do usually have a mild wifi problem when the bug occurs but not too serious of a problem. Please fix this bug. And also the game is still amazing.
Swastik Swayam 2019-01-12

the game is good but it had pay to win stuff. the game is very good actually but you must make sure better ways of earning 💰 money. such as make a challenges section or events. grenades also take a lot time to be thrown; decreasing it\'s effectiveness. and yeah please make a button for a silent assassination if enemy is close and let it be an instant kill button.
Xavier 2 2020-08-21

Now it feels like the developers are not focusing on this game as they used to earlier.Its very laggy and it seems like they are not doing anything about the hackers.Also now i cannot report a player as there is no option to do so.