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Description of Kunduz - Homework Help App

Kunduz is the best study app for students to get unlimited personalized homework help. Get step-by-step solutions in minutes from our expert tutors - 24/7.

Ask your questions in Math (Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, & more!), Physics, Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical), Biology, and Chemistry (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry) and get answers fast. If you’re still stuck, message tutors follow up questions to get more help when you need it!

How It Works?

1. Snap a pic of your math, science, or engineering problem and send to our tutors

2. Get your personalized step-by-solution from an expert within minutes

3. Chat with a tutor instantly if you have follow up questions or need more help

Why Kunduz?

- Personalized study help, available 24/7

- Unlimited expert Q&A, get all your questions solved / answered in minutes

- Instantly chat with tutors to get more help, ensure you understand and learn learn key concepts

- Saves you time, you can stop wasting hours endlessly searching for answers online

- Most affordable way to get immediate, unlimited, expert study help

Courses Supported:

- Math (Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, & more!)

- Physics & Engineering

- Physical Chemistry

- Organic Chemistry

- Inorganic Chemistry

- Biology

- Economics

Who Can Use Kunduz?

Anyone who needs help with high school or college-level math and science!

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More Information Of Kunduz - Homework Help App

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:5.8.0 Publish Date:2021-12-20 Developer:Kunduz INC.

User Reviews


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Ferhat Avcı 2021-03-02

Some of the teachers don\'t send precisely the correct solution. And I often waste my time uploading the image of the question. Most of the time, it sends a notification sth like \"Error during upload.\". I am not exaggerating, it takes at least half of my time. I paid and I want to recieve delightful returns.
Ramakrishna P 2019-07-07

Awesome app, I have used this app for may be 2-3 months and then reviewing this, the experience is very good, I don\'t have to struggle for my doubts just take a pic and send it, and see the solution, this is so time saving, also if I am not happy with it I can still report it and they will make another solution and send that\'s awesome in such an affordable price, believe me it\'s a comment which is the truth. I wish I had discovered this app earlier. BTW this isn\'t a paid review.
Mainak Ghosh 2021-03-06

Best doubt clearing app. But the answers by the tutors should be more vividly explained. Also sometimes the tutors give wrong answers or already explained answers on the net and many a times they take much much longer time to reply the follow up doubt regarding there answer which is awful. Sometimes when they can\'t answer they say that the question is out of curriculum although it is in IIT-JEE/AIIMS Syllabus.They also end the chat on their own when they can\'t answer properly. Rest is good.
me i 2020-12-03

This app is excellent for students doing self study but the only problem I feel is that sometimes tutors give exactly the same answers written on Google..and also we could follow back tutors only 3 times.....this should be improved.. Rest this app is excellent and tutors are so supportive and explain the answers in detail with accuracy..
Sangita Panchal 2019-06-27

Hi! There is a problem with my phone to this app. This cannot verify my phone number. I type the correct OTP but it suggests incorrect to my correct phone number and correct OTP, Why this happened?
JYOSHNA RATH 2021-01-15

This is one of the best tutors app for children. Till now all the answers that I got were all right but it needs a little bit more improvement that the answers should be given different from that of Google as some answers are same to the Google\'s.
Nilesh Gupta 2021-01-19

This is by far the most useless application I have ever encountered. It is dangerous as well. The tutors give wrong answers of questions here. Moreover, when I told one of them that it was wrong.. He started claiming that the answer was provided by top resonance faculty as if saying this will turn solution into an authentic one. I literally had to type the correct answer and then he started apologizing. If you people can\'t solve Questions correctly... Why have you started this app? Worst exp...
You Knowwhere 2021-02-28

After tutor given the solution , timer is decreased to just 20 min from 1 day , this update is disappointed and not necessary
Piyush for vines 2020-11-09

I want developers to add option of adding more than one image while asking questions as sometimes we ask questions wrt our approach then in one image it can\'t be possible also to increase word limit of comment to tutor while asking questions.
Pra 2020-12-19

This is the best app available so far. But it has few glitches. As while discussing doubts we can\'t send pictures to tutors . And there are limited no. of follow ups after answer, sometimes it ends up before the answer is solved fully. A few times they answer incorrectly too. Although it\'s an amazing startup. N I hope this will become better with time and all the answers will be correct. Still I\'d like to thanks for this app as something is better than nothing. - A premium user since Sept 16