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Description of Kuraimi Jawal Application

In the context of Al Kuraimi Bank’s vision aiming at all banking and financial services be accessible to every citizen and resident, it has developed Kuraimi Jawal Application, which facilitates and makes it easier for you to manage your bank account, so much so Al Kuraimi Bank will be right beside you.

The Application is a modern means of accessing your Al Kuraimi Bank account through your mobile phone to implement banking and financial transactions with ease and comfort thus saving you time and effort.

Your use of the Application will enable you to carry out the following:

1- Sending Kuraimi express transfers either to customers who have Momiaz numbers at the Bank or by means of keying beneficiary’s name and his/her mobile number.

2- Transfer between your accounts or to any customer having an account at Al Kuraimi Bank.

3- Settling mobile phone bills owing to all communications companies in Yemen, regardless whether the payment method is pospaid or prepaid.

4- Paying electricity bills in all Yemeni areas and water bills in most Governorates.

5- Knowing your account balance at any time at any place.

6- In addition to several other services.

In order to acquire all banking and financial solutions by using Kuraimi Jawal Application, which works currently by means of Android System, all you have to do is open a savings account at the nearest Al Kuraimi Bank branch or office, which are spread all over Yemeni Governorates and subscribing to the service to be right beside you.

Kuraimi Jawal: your Bank in your mobile phone.

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More Information Of Kuraimi Jawal Application

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:138 Publish Date:2022-01-13 Developer:Alkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank

User Reviews


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sara 2015 2020-06-19

It used to be useful before the update but after it doesn\'t log in
عصام علوان 2019-03-01

بعد التحديث الجديد.. التطبيق لا يعمل و غير قادر على الدخول بعد إدخال رقم المميز و كلمة السر
shehab ahmemd 2020-06-13

Very bad app..it does not work for some mobiles.. I could not even log in..such when i open it it appers likr fixed picture and cant do any thing..
Doctor Sam 2019-02-25

تطبيق رائع و خدمات بنكية ممتازة. اقترح اضافة خيار لارسال التغذية الراجعة (feedback) وخيار آخر لمعرفة اسعار الصرف للعملات الرئيسيةالأكثر تداولاً (دولار-يورو-سعودي)
Ibrahim Basha 2020-04-27

I tried to open the app for many times but it has showing me error 5053 ..!! so what happened ?
dia assada 2019-11-27

Only one star because there is no option for Zero star. Until you solve the problem that triggers 5011 and 5035 undescriptive and ugly error messages (randomly one of them pops up) whenever I try to log into my account. This is VERY inconvenient and extremely irritating. Please do a professional job and remove the bugs or find a fix as soon as possible. My business workflow is suffering from this. Edit: Even when I press Service points button, it throws the same *s h i t t y* error message.😠
Taha Yasseen 2019-02-12

يا جماعة التحديث من حيث الواجهة والشكل حلووو .. لكن في خدمات مش راضية تمشي ..تسديد النت ع سبيل المثال.. شوفوا حل لان صار في مشاكل كثير في التطبيق بعد التحديث الاخير ...حاولو تردوا ع التعلقيات اللي تعطيكم نقد بناء ..مش بس تردوا ع اللي يمدحوكم ..اللي يمدحكم وما يعطيكم فيدباك صادق هذا ما يخليكم تطوروا من شي ..شوفوا حلول وردوا ع التعليقات اللي تشتكي من المشاكل..
kareem shami 2019-03-16

ارجوا افداتي بالرقم خطا ٥٠٣٥ بالتطبيق الجديد لي اسبوع ومره او مرتين يشتغل فقط فماهو الحل الرجو الافاده شاكرين تعاونكم
Amr Alselwi 2020-08-27

Very bad app . It takes Long time to log into account. And it doesn\'t help the client to keep logged in the app. In addition, it has so many ads and show up suddenly. So the company must delete this app better
sally webs 2019-12-28

i really like this application . it is fast and cimfortable and easy . i can do all the transfer from home