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KyberSwap: Buy, Trade, Transfer Cryptocurrencies



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Description of KyberSwap: Buy, Trade, Transfer Cryptocurrencies

KyberSwap is a decentralized exchange platform based on the Ethereum Network. The app offers crypto alerts and a safe and secure way to buy, trade, and transfer over 70 cryptocurrencies. Enjoy the convenience of owning cryptocurrencies such as Ether and many other tokens.

KyberSwap as an Ethereum DEX (decentralised exchange), does not hold custody of your assets or digital currencies, so you are always in full control. In addition, with the KyberSwap app, you can create a secure Ethereum wallet that can be used to store and transact cryptocurrencies.

Enjoy forex trading but want to get into crypto as well? Don’t wait, start now on blockchain and cryptocurrencies easily with the KyberSwap DEX app! Manage your cryptocurrencies without any hassle.

- Swap over 70 tokens

A cryptocurrency decentralized exchange on your phone. Exchange ETH and over 70+ tokens including DAI, USDC, WBTC, MKR, BAT, LINK.

- Set Limit Orders

Swap at your target price, with low fees, seamless UX, and full control of your funds. KyberSwap’s Limit Order feature also allows users to create orders without depositing any funds!

- Live prices and charts

Live prices, crypto alerts, and professional TradingView charts are available for you to make the best trading decisions on your digital assets!

- Token Watchlist

Track your wallet balance and the price of your favourite tokens in a convenient watchlist.

- Price alerts

Never miss your chance to profit with our powerful Ethereum blockchain-based crypto alert.

- Send tokens easily

One-click service to transfer cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ERC20) tokens from one wallet to another. QR code scanner also available.

- E-Gift Cards / Kyber Promo Codes

Redeem electronic gift cards and claim free promo tokens with real value!

- Import / Create wallets

Import JSON wallet easily in your mobile phone. Don’t understand JSON? No worries, you can easily create a new crypto wallet.

- Secure your Crypto wallet

In case your device gets lost, you can secure your wallet and coins with just 12 words written on paper. The master phrase can restore your wallet and funds on any other device.

- Customize your profile

Create and manage your profile directly from the app to tailor to your needs and unlock all features such as price alerts.

No ads. No tracking. Always free. Always private.

Want a fast, simple, secure way to trade Ethereum tokens? Just KyberSwap.

Follow us at https://twitter.com/KyberSwap

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.1.36 Publish Date:2021-04-28 Developer:KYRD International Limited

User Reviews


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Gregory Jimenez 2020-08-08

Excellent App! Although, there is room beneath the Buy, Sell, Transfer, buttons for at least two lines where one could instantly see and perhaps, scroll to see if they have alert or alerts set up for the coin they are viewing. Just a thought. :)
Hassan Ali 2021-02-11

I updated the app and had 12,000 in my wallet after the update my wallet was wiped out to a zero balance. Update its been 4 weeks custoner support is next to nothing and no resolution. There\'s only on customer support agent. Your money isn\'t safe here and on trade they devalue your sales from what\'s listed. Better off leveraging binance, kucoin, or coinbase. ***Update zero support and money lost forever I\'m researching how to get a malicious app like this de-listed from the play store
Clint S 2020-07-14

I have only completed one swap but it was very smooth. Great App. Prices..... Hmmmm a little high but still a great product
Scott Pham 2020-05-28

Great App. Works smooth, fast and its intuitive. Functionality that I would like added. 1) Add option for adding a OTP (one time password) through E-mail / Phone when confirming Trades in case a hacker gains access to your account 2) Option to turn On / Off for biometrics sign-in. There is also some wierd glitch that requires me to sign in twice if using fingerprint biometrics. 3) Quickly be able to use go-back button on phone interface instead of touching back arrow on the kyberswap app.
ditto kiddo 2020-06-24

The app seems to work and i realize my complaint isn\'t the developer\'s fault, but gas fees are bordering on extortion. If you aren\'t moving a large sum in or out this just doesn\'t make sense.
Joshua Akramoff 2020-09-07

HALF COINS IN MAINTENANCE! The coins you trade for can go into \"maintenence\" or are \"not supported\" anymore. You CANNOT get your money back, out or even see how much its worth. Basically you can lose your money at any time without explanation or the ability to contact anyone! This is not a great app to trade crypto, try Coinbase. I put 200 in, the value of what i bought has gone up alot and I have a balance of 50$ with no way to access money. Fees are huge too.
Chris 2020-05-17

Works great. Kind of pricey for some swaps. Wish it would convert other coins to eth for gas automatically instead of having to maintain eth all the time for gas fees.
oussama benjelloun 2021-01-11

It\'s the slowest, and most expensive wallet out there, they charge so much gas fees, I have struggled so much using this wallet because of its inefficiencies. I really do not recommend it.
kryptoKing Row2x 2021-01-25

Definitely been a good experience buying swapping it\'s definitely capable of doing what it says it would do for you when by the fees might be a little bit higher hopefully they work on changing or lower them besides that great app good job
Alex Ander 2020-06-16

Whenever I try \"swapping\" it says broadcasting network and never goes through. Now I have 5 pending transactions where 4 of them have been pending for 4 days. When I try and transfer my eth out of kyber it says I can\'t because I have pending transactions. So basically your app is bugged and you\'re holding my eth hostage.