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Description of LÜM | Home for Artists & Fans

LÜM is an app that provides artists and music creators with the tools necessary to make money and get closer to their super fans and peer creators. LÜM is a fan engagement, monetization and management tool that is built on a social media and music streaming platform. 100% free to join for artists and fans, LÜM has been recognized as one of the fastest growing music tech companies in the United States.

LÜM offers a number of ways for artists to make money through LÜM’s suite of tools and features. Artists can upload music and content for free and receive direct support from fans through LÜM’s revolutionary Virtual Gifting System. Through The Exchange, LÜM’s Marketplace, artists can buy & sell music services including beats, mixing & mastering, features and track reviews. LÜM’s latest feature, Creator Clubs, allows artists to make monthly recurring income from fan subscriptions in exchange for exclusive content, behind the scenes access, direct communication and instant updates whenever an artist posts in their Club.

LÜM for Artists:

• Upload unlimited music & content for free

• Receive virtual gifts on music, videos and photos

• Create a club and receive monthly recurring income from your super fans

• Buy & Sell music services on LÜM’s Marketplace - The Exchange

• Easily cash out the money you make on LÜM to your bank account via Stripe

• Build a sustainable fan base you can monetize throughout your career

• Collaborate with other independent artists

• Participate in exclusive competitions

LÜM for Fans:

• Join an artists club for exclusive content, early releases and instant updates

• Earn rewards & achievements for supporting artists through Virtual Gifting

• Purchase Notes to support artists

• Discover new music & artists through community-driven playlists

• Share music with friends

Also Inside:

• 100% ad-free music streaming

• Easily share music with friends

• Create playlists, customizable profiles & music libraries

• Notifications on new music & content releases from artists

• Earn free Notes by claiming your welcome bonus, daily streaks & streaming

Terms of Service: https://lum.fm/terms

Privacy Policy: https://lum.fm/privacy

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More Information Of LÜM | Home for Artists & Fans

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.3.8 Publish Date:2021-10-16 Developer:Live Undiscovered Music, Inc.

User Reviews


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David hyker 2021-02-01

If you do anything with music , there\'s no reason not to get this app. If you want unlimited streaming even when your phones screen locked. There\'s also 5 star music on here, and if you want to post music on here. Lum has got it all and probably more than what I\'ve even stated here.
FireSeed777 2021-01-07

Seems pretty awesome so far But I do have a criticism I should be able to delete my songs right after I put them up or pre listen to them before I put them up Just because a lot of artists have instrumentals and music on there And it makes it a lot easier to upload the And it makes it a lot easier to upload the Right track Also it seems to have a lag After you post a song for a while You guys are new so I am sure You\'ll fix these little things Thanks for making an awesome new platform
Young Zealous 2020-12-11

was kind of hard deleting one of my duplicate songs. needs more tutorials for it. I thought they had a live button but didn\'t. it is an awesome app really. I\'m happy to be on it period when people started following me all of a sudden at the beginning that gave me hope to continue to use this app. when it stopped I kind of lost a little motivation
BrandNeu Stadium 2021-01-23

It\'s going good so far from you guys but everytime I want to upload music on lüm.fm, it keep telling me \"invalid file support\" when it\'s a MP3 and WAV!! If this keeps happening, I don\'t know what to do but to leave LÜM alone..So please 🥺🥺 HELP!!
viamonte casas 2021-01-19

seems pretty cool , looks like you can get features from artists which is awesome ! and its got a point system and currency to get said features which is pretty cool . so far so good 👍
Sam Losinski 2020-10-16

Awesome app. I remember when the app first launched, and it has come so far. I have also never met a team of people that that believe in what they\'re working on as much as the people at LÜM. Great app if you want your music to get more exposure, or if you\'re just trying to find new music in general.
Bohemia Studios 2021-01-12

Loving the app! few cons for an android user artist account. it doesn\'t allow me to upload tracks from the app. i do it via browser. notifications never go away in my notification bar even after i check them and worst con is it logs me out from time to time. a few times i was in the middle of an action when it happened. the pros are this better than any other social app as a music lover and better than any other distributor I\'ve used as an artist! keep it up! im in exchange and excited for it!
J. Richardson 2020-12-31

Please explain what \"invalid device\" means? I can\'t claim the \"rewards\" you claim I earned because when I type my number in it says \"invalid device\". This app has other serious flaws that need addressing too, like the fact you can\'t seem to edit artwork or delete tracks if you want to. The concept of Lum is beautiful, but I want to enjoy the full experience.
Kyle Fendt 2020-11-25

This app has a lot of potential. If enough talented artists and music fans really utilize this I think it could become a top music platform that would empower both the artist and the fans. Definitely rooting for y\'all to succeed in your mission to bring some much needed innovation to the music industry!
Apply Pressure 2021-01-14

This app has gotten me more attention with my music career more than any website or app has ever did for me. Thank you for saving my life! I was almost at a point where I wanted to just give up and leave this in the past.