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Description of LAB Escape!

Welcome little specimen!

You're the unstable... thingy captured by scientist.

Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devour all bad guys in your sight!

Every time you gain meat, you can select mutations to make your specimen stronger.

Rogue-like style running game with dynamic mutation features.

Every mutation cards can stack up to 3 times for better effects.

Collect Set of hats to enhance your specimen.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:DOOMSDAY Studio

User Reviews


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DonutGuy640 2019-11-07

i go to review this, and the first thing i see is \"is this game scary\" 🤣 anyway, i absolutely love this game, as it is hilarious in many ways... i think the \"ad devourer\" purchase is just about worth buying for the description alone! if you have a twisted sense of humor and like funny games, install this immediately! Edit: new phone, all my progress automatically restored, along with my purchase! Couldn\'t have done better!
Cat boy 2018-12-30

Cool game, it\'s really the only time waster game that I actually like, but the only downside is that I can\'t play music while i play the game, not spotify atleast. If you could allow music to be played in the background that would be really cool. That is my only complaint.
M L 2019-05-19

its a good game but whenever I get a box a and try to watch a ad it says 20 ads per day and they refresh every 24 hours I lost a lot of boxes due to this please tell me if I have to do something or its fixed because this really frustrates me
Call Me Curious 2019-05-14

This seemed like a really interesting game so i downloaded it but as soon as i open the app it just sits on a black screen.
Andrea Cutts 2020-11-12

This game is hilarious! I love how the maggot gets fat and destroys everything! The only thing I hate is the fact that you lose health over time: imagine being at 24 hp and then you\'re at 3 hp right in front of a guy with a gun. What about adding fireball mutation, when u choose it and fireballs shoot everywhere and kill humans? Amazing game GET IT NOWWWWWWWWW
Luke Stevensen 2019-07-15

i really enjoyed this game but now the ads for the boxes don\'t work anymore and thus i can\'t get any hats. it\'s been 4 days and the 24 hour ads reset still hasn\'t reset. edit: the ads for the boxes seem to work again but not the ones for the double money. (weird)
Yaseen Mustafa 2019-09-29

Pretty good game, great graphics and good controls. The only thing I didn\'t like was that the secondary heart only regained 30 health. Apart from that it\'s a great game, I would definently recommend it!
Joseph F. Raven 2020-04-13

Awsome sauce. The game is 🔥🔥! Im absolutly hooked on it. I just wish there was different boards. Or levels to travel through. Not the same loop over and over. That would put this top 5 games. Also if there was a story line that would be juicy!
manuel de santiago 2020-08-10

Here is my review: Very fun game with simple mechanics. It\'s cool that you can mutate to fight off the defenders. There are hats you can unlock from random boxes that give you power ups. This game I recommend to anyone trying to find a good offline game/another offline game.
Mark Lucas 2019-06-01

An enjoyable game, however I am unable to collect supply boxes. When attempting to watch a video it pops up a message about being able to watch up to 20 a day. I can\'t even watch one. The only option that works is \"Nope\". Seems like making it difficult to claim something free, pushing people to pay for them instead. Edit: this is after the update that says it has been fixed. On the one occasion I did manage to watch an ad, I couldn\'t leave it by clicking the x to claim the reward.