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Description of Lady Pill Widgets

"Lady Pill Widgets" is a pack of 2 widgets that displays on your home screen all the information you need about your birth control pill.

"Lady Pill Widgets" contains the following widgets:

- "Lady Pill Cycle":

* Displays the current day of the 28 day cycle.

* Indicates if you have to take the pill in the current day.

- "Lady Pill Calendar":

* Displays a calendar telling you which days you have to take the pill, and which days you've taken it.

* You can use it to see future months predictions.

* Also you can see past months.

You can customize the colors of these widgets to integrate them into your mobile device home screen. Widgets also are shortcuts to "Lady Pill Reminder".


- To use "Lady Pill Widgets" you need to install the free app "Lady Pill Reminder".

- If you need help about how to add widgets to yout home screen, please read this:

* If you have Android 2: http://support.google.com/android/bin/answer.py?answer=168458#1166242

* If you have Android 4: http://support.google.com/android/bin/answer.py?answer=2519826

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More Information Of Lady Pill Widgets

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.2.4 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Baviux

User Reviews


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Megan Russell 2016-04-07

Fantastic! I actually didn\'t buy the widget app because I wanted the widgets. (Although the widgets are awesome too!!) I actually bought it because I wanted to support the makers of the app because the app is seriously so helpful. I use it everyday and it works perfectly. So I felt it was only fair that I support the makers in some way, even though I know it\'s just a small contribution. But really, this is a great app and I\'m super grateful!!
Paige Je 2016-11-02

Great App! I downloaded the actual free app when I first started taking bc a few months ago and I love it! I am horrible at remembering to take pills, but this great little app makes sure that I take it on time every night and even reminds me to reorder before I run out! I really don\'t even care for having the widgets, I just love the free app so much I wanted to help support the manufacturers in some way.
Heather Busjahn 2015-06-10

Great reminder This app is essential to my daily routine. I take four different pills in the morning and this app ensures that I never forget them. Good for more than just the \"lady pill.\"
Lexie 2018-12-01

Does it\'s job in a fun way. It\'s satisfying that it mimics the packs being opened on your phone. It\'s customizable and hasn\'t let me down yet.
A C 2015-11-25

It works I use this app for my daily meds... not birth control. Great app to remind me... won\'t shut up until I\'ve taken pills! Lol
Femke Geerts 2020-01-25

Perfect, simple, and all the features you truly need are free for use. Bought the widgets for support, this app has made taking the pill an easy and non-stressful affair. Thank you!
A Google user 2016-09-03

The Best! I\'ve been using this app for two years now and finally decided to buy the widgets. This app is extremly helpful and I just absolutely love it. Definitely the best out of all the apps for the pill. Thank you developers!
Christine 2019-10-21

Best period tracker app I\'ve tried so far. Even when I was skipping periods the settings were easy to adjust and I could visually match up my actual pills to the ones on the app.
Jin Jing 2019-09-26

bought it just to support the makers. thanks for the simple and functional interface.
Hannah J 2018-12-02

Very easy to use and it helped me a lot to remember to take my pills everyday