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Have you ever wondered where on earth life is taking you? What your next move should be and how you can reach your ultimate bliss? LALUNA offers you a chance to explore the world of Astrology and Numerology to demystify your personality and future - daily.


Great app

“This app gives me everything I wanted to know about numerology. The affirmation and numeroscope are great additions.” - Ann Eye Amerro

🔮Become your own Numerology Expert🔮

If you like knowing everything you can about yourself, and the challenges and successes that are predicted for your future, LALUNA is the perfect app. Rated as the best Numerology Calculator in 2021, the unique combination of features in LALUNA is aimed at personal empowerment - so you can plan ahead and harness the energies that are impacting you at any given time. Learning the art of Astrology and Numerology through LALUNA teaches you everything you need to know about yourself to make the best choices - consistently.

LALUNA includes:

✨ Daily Horoscope:

Tells you exactly what you can expect from your day based on your zodiac sign. Get a newevery day:

♈ Aries

♉ Taurus

♊ Gemini

♋ Cancer

♌ Leo

♍ Virgo

♎ Libra

♏ Scorpio

♐ Sagittarius

♑ Capricorn

♒ Aquarius

♓ Pisces

✨ Numeroscope:

Reveals your Personal Day, Month, and Year numbers (full access on Premium). This is the perfect feature to help you plan ahead and prepare for any challenges you might face in the coming weeks and months.

Check back daily and compare your Personal Day Number with your Daily Horoscope to know exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing right now. Or have a look at the next three days, months, or years to start planning ahead!

✨ Numerology Report & Analysis:

Wondering why you keep facing the same challenges and how you can make the best of your life? Use this feature to paint a complete personality profile.

Your in-depth Numerology Report gives you access to all your numbers to answer some important questions:

Life Path Where will your life take you? How will you get there?

Personality What are you like and how do others perceive you?

Soul Urge What sets your soul on fire and makes you feel fulfilled?

Expression How do you express yourself effectively to reach inner bliss?

Life Purpose Why were you even born? What should your main focus be in life?

Day of Birth What is your personal gift? What makes you unique?

✨ Partner / Friendship / Business Compatibility:

When you know the inner workings of any type of relationship you can learn to navigate it more effectively. It makes getting along a lot easier.

With the Compatibility Calculator you can see who your best and worst matches are when it comes to choosing your significant other, friends and even business partners, colleagues or staff. Our compatibility calculator uses Numerology/Life Path and Zodiac signs - for a full compatibility profile.

✨ Daily Affirmations:

We all need a little positivity in our lives. LALUNA’s Daily Affirmations give you added inspiration that helps you make the most of your day every day.

✨ Premium Features:

You can unlock these premium features for a small fee:

✔️ Expanded Numerology Report

✔️ Full access to your Numeroscope


LALUNA gives you a platform to explore numerology and astrology in a way that other apps don’t. It’s informative and to the point - the perfect tool to help you make important decisions daily. It’s been likened to:

- Nebula

- Hint

- The DailyHoroscope

- Costar

- Astropedia

But unlike these apps, LALUNA offers more in-depth compatibility reports, and overall its content is simpler, more relevant and easier to use.

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User Reviews


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MaRsHiN MaNtis 2020-10-27

Not always, but often spot on insights for the near future somehow come thru this app. It\'s quite fascinating and even awe inspiring at times. I would absolutely recommend this app to those open minded ones that require more than the \"norm\" for their big picture philosophies of mind. Check it out, I bet you\'ll be pleasantly surprised.
Umrit Galdresange 2020-10-12

Giving you a second chance. Ok, very little content for free, which can be found elsewhere, and a steep unlock price. Not very accurate either. No 11, 22 or 33. Doesn\'t ask for other names used. English isn\'t correct all the way either, I don\'t really take this app seriously. When I leave you this time I expect my data to be deleted.
Lina Leyda 2020-09-16

awesome awesome awesome! the numbers speak to me like my twin sibling! I love all of the features and the positive reinforcements that go with each number. This app focuses on positivity which we all need! Kudos to application developer! I ended up paying to get the other features and removing ads. No annoying ads to deal with just means additional positivity for me. I haven\'t tried buying the recommended gem/stone as I\'m still contemplating on that one additional expense. Thumbs way up!
Chantalle Boyd 2020-12-13

Great app.!! Wasn\'t sure I\'d quite like it, but I am more than satisfied wit it.. Covers just about everything you\'d wanna know. For Sure,, I would recemond thiz app. to anyone else.Not a waste of space, at aLL... Found myself learning a few more New things from thiz! I give it 5 stars✨ without a doubt... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sadie Jenkins 2020-08-05

Think it\'s interesting but only thing that bothered me is I\'ve put in the date of birth and it showing as a day before my correct date so slightly confused if it\'s really interpreting the correct number, but overall most of it relates to me.
Libras Cosmic Balance 2020-10-31

Things to ask yourself where I\'m also it is good as a app to go ahead and use a generator to calculate everything that you actually need to know it is very much more detailed than I expected. The only thing I wish that it would have is more advice day today on how to interact in circumstances such as family friends and relationships. Also it would be great to know if there would be a creation that would show us how we could always use astrology definitely numerology and everyday life ⚖️♎♀️
Loneshark Graffwriter 2021-01-26

I\'ve always been interested in numbers part in spiritual life so I finally downloaded an app n I\'m glad I chose this one I even purchased the full number readings and I\'m very glad I did. it has been spot on on all of it. thx to the creator(s)
MRandMRS Longoria 2021-01-16

everything seemed spot on except the punctual part. but that gives me something to work on.
Cyriacus Ndukwu 2020-08-17

This app is exceptionally more detailed breakdown informtion about me and what I can do for my existence. I love and I want daily luck Number In my forcast.
T A 2020-06-16

Very nice app. Clear to use, no non sense like others, and no 100 ads. Thanks a lot.